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Nanotechnology Warfare Against Humanity Seen In Live Blood – Conversation with Dr. Sandy D. Corlett, ND, ThD, DDiv, DCC, PScD Truth, Science and Spirit Episode 18


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In this interview, Dr Corlett and I review about 300 live blood samples that come from her collection of over 100000 live blood microscopy images.  Dr Corlett confirms my live blood findings of self assembly nanotechnology that in this extreme form have not been seen by her, nor the live blood practitioners in her network -  in 30 years.

Dr. Corlett is the founder of the Diabetes Resource Center and the Center for Nutritional Medicine; as well as Center for Nutritional Microscopy Association; wherein all research has taken place.  She holds many other doctorates besides being a Naturopath and is also the founder and director of multiple ministries.  Dr. Corlett’s work primarily includes health education and Live & Dried Blood Microscopy Training with 30 years’ experience.  She has a group of Practitioners and Researchers worldwide that she has trained and others, working in collaboration observing and documenting these anomalies. 

If interested in:

Live & Dried Blood Analysis Training and Microscopes contact:

Dr. Sandy Corlett, ND, PScD

Center for Nutritional Medicine

& Center for Nutritional Microscopy Association, Int’l

email: (new)

770-277-3337 and 678-481-0577 m.

Here are some impressive images of C19 injected live blood. Advanced nanotechnology filament growth and construction sites, with extensive rouleaux formation

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