The NASA War Document, circa 2000 (STOPTHECRIME.NET) was an official USAF presentation on future warfare. I have personally spoken with two now retired USAF colonels who recall being at that presentation (if you goggle it, chances are you will read that it is - dare i say it? - A CONSPIRACY THEORY) Several times the author uses the phrase "no pixie dust" meaning that the things discussed - PROPOSED - were in existence when this paper was written some twenty three years ago! In this paper it talks about aerosol operations of swarms of smart dust PRE-PROGRAMMED FOR BIOLOGICAL MISSIONS.. it also speaks of co--opted insects (something I have cataloged since two thousand nine). Remember folks, they HAVE to tell us what they are up to.. and they have..but so few care enough to learn about it... As far as being at war, I would suggest that "they" are indeed at war with WE THE PEOPLE.. and have been for a very long time...

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Learned from someone on YT a few years ago who worked as insider that this all relates to CERN and piercing the veil to open up other levels of dimensions. This is dark. I saved on YT playlist somewhere.

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Decades of video games have made the new military think this is "cool."

How do we combat this?

By using the nanotech God gave us:


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.....somewhat surprised you DIDN'T make reference to ELANA's in 'Under An Ionized Sky', and the Israeli military's (though almost certainly NOT solely possessing such HORRORS) weaponization of 'smart dust / powder' called 'D.I.M.E.' - which as I understand it, allows for their collective DETONATION, vaporizing of tissue once SUFFICIENTLY internalized.....just VICIOUS, utterly-SAVAGE devices : (

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Dr. Ana, it would be interesting to hear if you know anything about BACTERIOPHAGES'? I have just learnt about them while looking at the website of Russian pharmaceutical company "Microgen", where among other products, I noticed a very unusual product that looks exactly like a NANOBOT but apparently is a virus (???) "Microgen" describes it as an "antimicrobial preparation containing a complex of natural antibacterial agents". After quick research, I feel even more confused. Apparently, "bacteriophages are among the most common and diverse entities in the biosphere", including in a human body – scientists refer to them as “the viral dark matter” of the human GI tract. The official story of their discovery is short and repeated word by word in Russian and English sources - some bizarre account of how in 1896, someone reported that "something in the waters of the Ganges river in India had a marked antibacterial action against cholera". I've also learnt that bacteriophages have been widely used in the former Soviet Union and Central Europe since late 20th century as an alternative to antibiotics (???) I do not understand how I have never heard of them until today and I find it mindboggling - how a virus can look so man-made??? And if you read how it 'works' in a body, this is where it gets really spooky - it "uses a hypodermic syringe-like motion to inject their genetic material into the cell".


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This is absolutely true , they have been spraying over the Town of Milton Massachusetts for years . People are being targeted as hosts to this technology .

Treason should be the charges for the evil ones .

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Spooky 2 Rife generators have a program for silicone smart dust, described in the program as follows:

Silicone Smart Dust 50 for Contact on Generator X

By Newport of curezone


Smart Dust + Silicone Detox - Silicone 'Smart Dust' material in the Chemtrails is a powdered Silicone material that you breath into your lungs.

Title: Smart Dust + Silicone Detox

NOTE: Silicone 'Smart Dust' material in the Chemtrails is a powdered Silicone material that you breath into your lungs.

Inside the gel are small fibers they self replicate in your body to form long threads.

The fibers attach to the center of the cells and causes Anemia and deprives the body of Oxygen.

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Nov 30, 2023·edited Nov 30, 2023

50 million people died in 1918 because the globalists had recognised the potential to disseminate mass government propaganda via global radio networks. These deaths had to be covered up so the globalists told everyone it was because of a virus.

It was a global pandemic with deaths on every continent. What they didn't mention was these people had started to die before the ships supposedly carrying the virus had even reached their shores.

Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D. hypothesizes that Coronavirus may be history repeating itself and caused by 5G. Discusses the link between viral epidemics and the development of electro-magnetic technologies going back to 1917... https://odysee.com/@psychoNWO:9/Coronavirus-Caused-By-5G:4?r=GHBM5vePehvivDbgyGcgGJ6drCThcmjD

The 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic - the global introduction of radiation wave technology (radio waves). Why are the same families and institutions who controlled the Radio Wave narrative after the Spanish Flu pandemic also controlling the 5G narrative in 2020?... https://odysee.com/@psychoNWO:9/Covid-19...-5G...-Spanish-Flu---The-Usual-Suspects:9?r=HajHjd85wuBp6XK5WagxPrTPM8z5AMdT&sunset=lbrytv

Smart dust is the latest weapon being used in the project to electrify the Earth.

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Julian Assange warned of this years ago in an interview.

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Nov 29, 2023·edited Nov 29, 2023

FDA Knows DNA Fragments in Vaccines Poses Health Risks — So Why Isn’t It Concerned About mRNA COVID Shots? ■ The U.S. Food and Drug Administration acknowledges the possibility that fragments of DNA left over by the vaccine manufacturing process can be incorporated into a patient’s own DNA, to potentially cause cancer, yet the agency maintains it “stands behind its findings of quality, safety, and efficacy for the mRNA vaccines.”



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Thank you ■ Evidence that the budget is too high that such a project is necessary; really. It appears to be more job and sales related than security. M

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Something is fishy with this stuff:


Enhanced radiation sensitivity and radiation recall dermatitis (RRD) after hypericin therapy -- case report and review of literature

Kurt Putnik et al. Radiat Oncol. 2006.


COVID-19 Vaccine-Induced Radiation Recall Phenomenon


Proton and alpha radiation‐induced

mutational profiles in human cells


A number of bodies with interests in radiation protection have highlighted the need to explore the effects of combined exposures to radiation and other agents. These include MELODI1 and UNSCEAR2.


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Great 👍🏻

Molecular Computing. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer; 2004. P. 23-35. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-540-24635-0-2



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Received 07.06.2023

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CoVid Vaccines Based on Graphene, Nanonetwork and Internet of NanoThings (IoNT)

Details of circuit to convert TS-OOK


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