Fantastic article!

I no longer believe the mRNA-spike protein model. My research brings me to believe we have been directly poisoned with electromagnetic nano-bots, via graphene and other heavy metals.

Hook up with 5G as a directed energy weapon would explain the need for graphene and heavy metals in the jabs.

Once 'graphene-ated' a human becomes a 'wetware' antenna, one that can emit biometric data as well as receive deadly non ionizing radiation. Read this:


The most frightening thing is that these jabs appear to be self-spreading even to the non-jabbed. From your recent post where you describe your own experience as well as that of an Israeli researcher:


Welcome to 5G Zombie Apocalypse? ..

Marc Mullie MD


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Very interesting and hopeful article!

Although..we were made in the image of God perfectly, blessed with gifts and talents all on a spiritual journey to perfection, that is in body, mind and soul, for the glory of God our creator.. when He said, faith the size of a mustard seed could move mountains this tells me...maybe It’s not so much what the outside world can do to us but what we are capable of doing within ourselves that really matters?...but nevertheless faith and trust are just some of the gifts from the Holy Spirit in which we are given that need to be honed and sharpened so the fruits therein will manifest Gods mercy...I don’t mean to diminish a scientific approach for healing, for many good fruits have come from good people blessed by God ...but often times as history tends to repeat itself...mankind or at least those in control allow pride to set in and its a slippery slope from there...My prayer is through this horror that is unveiling before our eyes many will awaken to what is really important..as my mother so aptly has said...” was have you invested in your spiritual 401k”

Thank Dr. Ana for your quest of healing🙏 God’s Speed!

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Thanks & God bless you for all your good work. Fighting for humanity!

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That's a bit over my head..but get the general idea. Entanglement the question is this an ever going spike factory the vaxx people have become?

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"Whence magnetism in vaxed persons? — WIMPs and biological nuclear reaction in the human body"


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Your work blows my mind every time!

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