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Watched video of hacker's accessing real time data of those injected with Sputnik jab; these people are now connected with the internet of things. Their data being mined constantly. Remember when sicko Harari said "humans are now hackable"

They've done it with these injections!

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Hello Dr. Ana. I’m in perfect health and have not taken the injection. My blood was analyzed under the microscope in early June. The Red blood cells were perfectly rounded and spaced. The white blood cells were sized correctly and perfect. I have since got back with my boosted girlfriend. Stupid, I know. I am going in today for a electron microscopy exam and see if there has been a change at the cellular level. I will keep you posted on the results. I have pictures of my first visit documented.

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I am not a medical professional but have held First Aid tickets since 15, the last being a Level 3 First Responder with a Spinal Endorsement. I started taking pictures of Jabbed and un-jabbed blood four months ago. I have posted some of the pictures taken with a medical microscope and digital camera on my site: karlsplace.co. I am seeing the same constructs in jabbed and un-jabbed smears that people around the world are seeing. The preferred jab here (West coast Canada) seems to be Moderna. Being un-jabbed I do believe I am walking proof of 'vaccine shedding' as my smears show direct similarities to the jabbed, although at a somewhat lower occurrence. Self-spreading vaccines are already here and operational it appears...

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I am a retired Registered Nurse from England where senicide is rife. What worries me is you refering to these jabs as vaccines, thus giving them credence, when they are NOT vaccines.

They are technically, gene modifying injections. Pfizer & ilk called the 'vaccines' to get people to accept being jabbed with poisons. These experimental injections disables/destroys the immune system in order to install AutoImmuneDeficiencySysndrome 'bombs'.

I hear the latest news is that 5G signals damages blood cells post injections.....if you can avoid 5G masts, then you should do so.

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You will soon understand the purpose of these entities.

Beware the 5G towers.

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Another researcher, a Spanish Professor of Chemistry and Physics from the University of Almeria has done extensive research, along with the team of La Quinta Columna, into the content of the Pfizer and other pharma "vaccine" vials.

Download the technical report in English: Not On The Beeb


For an explanation of the microtechnology and its purpose YOU MUST READ Mik Andersen (pseudonym) mirrored at


This material, Graphene Oxide, is not only what makes the vaccine highly toxic, but also embodies properties that initiate and activate electrical conductivity between molecules within body cells and between the cells themselves and serves to make possible an intra-body nano-nework that can link to the 5G satellite network.

By Mik Andersen: "The properties of graphene are exceptional from the physical point of view, but also thermodynamic, electronic, mechanical and magnetic. Its characteristics allow its use as a superconductor, electromagnetic wave absorbing material (microwave EM), emitter, signal receiver, quantum antenna, which makes it possible to create advanced electronics on a nano and micrometric scale. Such is the case, that it is the fundamental nanomaterial for the development of nano-biomedicine [...]

However, all the benefits aside, the scientific literature is very clear regarding the health implications for the human body. It is well known that graphene (G), graphene oxide (GO) and other derivatives such as carbon nanotubes (CNT) are toxic in almost all their forms, causing mutagenesis, cell death (apoptosis), release of free radicals, lung toxicity , bilateral pneumonia, genotoxicity or DNA damage, inflammation, immunosuppression, damage to the nervous system, the circulatory, endocrine, reproductive, and urinary systems, which can cause anaphylactic death and multi-organ dysfunction, see page “Damages and toxicity of graphene oxide” and from “Damage and toxicity of carbon-graphene nanotubes“.

Here is a link to the intra-body intra-brain nanonetwork system:


Look up the work of Josep Miquel Jornet and Rafa Yusté (was 'Obama's lead neuroscientist' on his InBrain project.

My same name gab account has more. Please give me feedback on this Ana, and thank you for this illuminating post.

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Thoughts on the covid swab tests containing nanoparticles?

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I would like to see the vile content subjected to EMF frequencies for a possible response/reaction to show they may become 'activated'. This would determine that any self-assembling elements or molecules would be acting under instruction and at different frequencies.

In my mind, the EMF waves from 'rapidly installed' 5G towers possibly work in conjunction with, or under the influence of, instructions from varying frequency band widths and strength.

Oxygen at 60ghz loses electrons, that frequency EMF beam directed at a person would cause the oxygen outside them and inside them to become ineffective and suffocate the target, i.e. pass out or die within 7 - 14 seconds.

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I want to share my experience, my husband passed away recently.

He was unvaccinated like me, he stared not feeling well and loosing weigh but not red flags at the moment that we went to his doctor and everything pointed something simple as an ulcers and thyroid problems. He took his treatment and got worse and worse and in 3 months he died of an aggressive myeloma cancer and amyloids, by the moment that the doctors figure out was too late, only took 3 months to got worse and worse. I didn't want to believe about shedding even though we tried to not expose our selfs with vaccinated people but at work was hard to not expose. Based on all the information that Dr. Anna is posted I believed he died of the shedding and I share with all of you to be aware and take care. We have to fight to stop vaccines immediately!!!!

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It's absolutely shocking what these billionaire hoaxers have done to the world . I've not took any of their poison vaccines , as I knew from start they kill and seriously injury people, but now I'm told they even pass terrible things from vaccinated to unvaccinated , looks like they are trying to kill us all .

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The billionaires behind this hoax must be held accountable soon. Its crimes against humanity, they should be given the death penalty

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My wife, Son, Daughter in-law and our two grand kids are unvac and will stay that way.

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We need to start calling this "The 4th Reich" because that's exactly what it is.

If you dig into WEF's Klaus Schwab you can easily find out about his ties to Hitler. It's taken 50 years, and it's not the "Fourth Industrial Revolution", it's the continuation of Hitler's 3rd Reich.

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The only thing anyone can really do is help mother nature reverse the damage that has been done. How? Stop putting into the body food/substances that harm it and put ONLY food (as fuel) that it was designed to run on. This way your body will detox itself, regain the balance it needs and keep you healthy and strong. Research these:

rawfigs.com Dr. Robert Morse

Loren Lockman on youtube

John Rose on youtube - The ideal diet for humans

Eli Martyr on youtube

"And the Truth will set you free" Jesus Christ

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Something horribleis going on with these toxic jabs. I am a firm believer in tbat .

However I am not willing at this point to make a story around it.

So many findings are subject to interpretation.

Dr Ana....

Do u do follow-up appointments with patients who's blood is abnormal, get your treatment and blood returns to normal?

If so, at what intervals do you recheck their blood? This is very important information to know long term results of your treatments.

Thank you

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