I am very grateful for Dr Ana's substack. I have commented a few times on other posts re my own experience in what i figured must be successful chelation - it was using seaweed. In today's post Dr Ana mentions why she sticks with EDTA, successful in removing multiple categories of toxicants. But has there been similar study re sea veg? I had a quick browse around the internet and quickly found several studies that indicate chelation success with various seaweed or seaweed extracts (I did not look in depth at all, however). This begs for urgent serious testing by pros like Dr Ana. Perhaps as adjunct to EDTA therapy, etc.

In Canada where I am, "Health" Canada banned years ago a favourite seaweed, hijiki, due to accumulation of inorganic metals. I feel this is wrongful, as I believe the net effect of eating even relatively metal-laden hijiki would be to remove more from the eater's body, not to mention other benefit in mineral provision etc. Not to be cavalier about metal ingestion in this manner going through one's alimentary tract, but this should not be hard to research, too.

I dwell on this seaweed thing because it is easier to imagine successful very widespread dietary detox this way than as many booking doctor office intravenous interventions.

I believe the non-biodegradables such as metals and whatever the mass injection campaign increased exposures to, have their particular toxicity in re the list of ailments solved by chelation, due to e-effects. The mad vax campaign, one should think coupled with new e-infrastructure output, has primary ill effect electromagnetically. This I have felt and conclusively figured, as stated in prior comments, from self-experimentation around injectees, and even regarding 2nd hand exposures via a non-injie. The latter I theorize could perhaps make good use of the topical EDTA suggested by the doctor here, which may relate to other skin-level issues. (I recall in one interview S Yanowitz theorizing about transfer of toxic effects via skin as well.)

I would hope to hear that chelation therapy is accompanied by strong advice re avoidance of albeit ubiquitous manmade e-pollution from devices and infrastructure.(that I was involved in intense advocacy against for some years, years ago - it is this advocacy work which had me have much contact with public health departments and in governments at all levels; all that had me not surprised at all that public health are playing stooges for nefarious perpetrations.)

I so look forward to further posts and sharings from Dr Ana.

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In the mid-1980's I read a Harpers and Queen Magazine health section article by Dianne and Leslie Kenton, and it said that sunbathing increases the rate of expulsion of all types of toxins from the body by 20-40 times, so just sunbathing, and obviously having a quick rinse off in the shower every few hours, gets rid of a lot of toxins including heavy metals, same goes for if you decide to have your amalgam silver mercury metal fillings replaced, do that in the summer while you can sunbathe so as to avoid heavily overburdening toxicity that can result in reactions like oral lichen planus, that can cause gum tissue to shrink away and dentine teeth tissue to become exposed, in fact, if you have a lot of mercury fillings, like a dozen or so, space having them out removed over several years so as not to stress your system, speaking from experience. Ayurveda has answers too, Dr Vasant Lad's ayurvedic research is good, teas made with turmeric for instance help with safe detoxification, and several other herbs can be added to the tea that help too which he mentions.

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Would chelation help someone with Parkinson? We believe parkinson's set in after jabs. Please help if possible

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I am conflicted. I have ordered some of the EDTA cream because I and my children are ill and suffering. BUT I am seriously CREEPED OUT by the name of the company, Soma.

Was this an intentional naming? It must be. We are to take "soma" to escape our pain? The same drug that kept all the citizens in A. Huxley's, Brave New World happy? The same drug that let them accept their genetically modified bodies, their govt conditioning from birth, the absence of any and all freedom of thought and bodily autonomy?

It makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck to know we have arrived at such a horrid dystopia. Can we not rewrite the ending just a bit? Or is that as hopeless as Oedipus trying to avoid his fate?

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Is it true that people with amalgans cannot receive EDTA?

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The interview on Epoch is behind a paywall... :(

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I’m hypersensitive to mercury, aluminium and titanium. I’ve had to have two spinal implants removed due to the bad reaction. I still do have tiny fragments of metal peppered through my back. I’m also suffering from the toxins in PMMA bone cement. Bone cement was used to plug a hole in my vertebrae that was gushing blood. So the bone cement is in physical contact with the blood supply in my vertebra and causes a toxic reaction if I speed up my metabolism with vitamins or exercise. I can’t tolerate vegetables and get anaphylaxis from them. I have to keep my vitamin c levels below normal range as if I bring them into normal range the symptoms are worse and I get very bad organ pain. Anything that causes the body to detox just moves the toxins around my body more and more. Apart from getting the bone cement removed there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do. I don’t know anything about edta and am worried about how I would react to it. Because there is a permanent source of toxins in my spine. I doubt anything would be safe for me for detox unless the bone cement and metal fragments were removed first. I had bad reactions to vaccines between the ages of 14-30. The hepb vaccine was the first one I reacted badly to at 14. Any with mercury cause me chronic fatigue type symptoms. Any with aluminium cause neurological injury/toxicity. I would hear old memories and have elevated emotions. Organisation and planning skills were badly affected. My first spinal titanium alloy spinal implant at the age of 33 also had a galvanic reaction with my amalgam fillings so they had to be removed too. I react to titanium dioxide in foods and medications and dental work. I’ve even reacted to clothing that was impregnated with titanium dioxide in the past. I was in contact for 3 years with professor Vera Stejskal from 2006-2008 and she taught me a lot about type 4 allergy to metals. From my multiple experiences throughout my life I’ve become a bit of a resource for other patient’s suffering implant allergy too. From my long term observations I believe metal antigens in particular are responsible for most disease. They are what sets the disease process off. I believe we all have our own personal antigen tolerance limit and once we exceed that limit the body malfunctions and disease occurs. I believe 95% of disease could be prevented very easily if our biological responses to metals was taken seriously. You may enjoy this Substack I wrote which describes what has been happening in this area. You may even identify with one of the roles discussed


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Can you help me locate chelation services in the state of Florida? How can I purchase the cream that you referenced? Will it help with long covid? Thank you

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 My favorite deodorant is loaded with aluminum, can it penetrate the skin? 

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I've been on food grade diatomaceous earth (dietary clay) for 7 years... so I am relatively free of toxic heavy metals... I am also Morgellon's positive person too. There are creepy micro & nano biosynthetic organisms (called Micro-Electronic Mechanical Sensors) contaminating my body, sucking up the iron in my blood cells and increasing my function as an unwilling human antennae. Lucky me I do not have lesions or wires growing out of me with numbers on them or resembling gargoyles and insects. Morgellon's Life could be worse.

[I am un-injected and contaminated. I really suffer from musculoskeletal disorders when around C19 injected people - especially if their last injection was recent or they are contaminated from being around a lot of injected people.]

Anyway, I was inspired by Dr. Ana. to try Detoxamin suppository EDTA chelation - and dios mio! I have started to feel like I did before I found out I was contaminated with MEMS. The positive effects were almost immediate. I'm mostly heavy metal detoxed - so I believe the benefits I am getting are from getting rid of the creepy MEMS and the contamination from being around the injected. I am happy beyond description. Thank you Dr. Ana.!!!

I red pilled the folks at Detoxamin about all of it. When they freaked out, I offered to stop recommending their product on the blogs.... but they didn't respond on that so I'll keep mentioning them - and they are a bit cheaper.:)))

Probably learning about MEMS, the C19 injection MEMS, CarnicomInstitute.org, home sampling for Morgellons, etc. is going to take a while for them to process:))))))))

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Dr. Ana, can I use the EDTA creme for my grandchildren? Aged 2 1/2 yrs. and 8 mos.

To my horror, my son got them vaccinated recently with the covid vaxxs. Can I also use for example Ivermectin and some other supplements to help get this garbage out of their little bodies?

Any input is appreciated as I am so upset that they did this to their children.

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Absolutely & the good news is > after my initial chelation rounds in 2017, my recent 5 yr follow-up Labs show very little, if any metal build-up.

The more concerning news via latest Labs show excessive mtbe marker > Naturopath says they've been seeing this exposure widespread globally beg approx 3-4 yrs ago.

Not sure what the best, most effective way to detox from mtbe is?

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Any thoughts on using DMSO to a particular spot on the body to open absorption before applying the EDTA cream?

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Hi Dr. Ana! Thank you for all that you do. I purchased some bulk Calcium Disodium EDTA and would like to know your thoughts on using it via enema for chelation? I am no doctor, but it would seem to be a possible option for those that cannot IV Chelation or the expensive cream? I am attaching a link of a protocol I found. We have got to get these metals OUT of us. There are many EDTA suppositories on the market but they can cause irritation. I have done all the layman type research I can and would greatly appreciate your thoughts on EDTA enema. I am posting a link and also a link for the inexpensive bulk EDTA. Under $25 for a pound. Thank you and may you have many blessings this New Year! You are a LIGHT to many and we love you!



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