so how many of these "unvaccinated " allowed a fake PCR test to be shoved up their noses? That certainly delivered some sort of bioweapon payload as well...

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Those pictures of that unjabbed patient makes me look like a healthy "pure blood" that doesn't exist anymore. Despite being jabbed twice with Murderna, I haven't been sick since 2018. Even my unjabbed colleagues are getting sick quite often recently. So far I'm the only one at my company who performs frequent detoxification with IV CaNa2EDTA chelation, Vit. C infusions, supplements such as NAC, Zn, Quercetine, Nattokinase, Serrapeptase etc. I also would like to add proton and carbon NMR (at least 500 MHz spectrometer) as probably the best non-destructive analytical technique.

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I may have some information that might help understanding what’s going on with the water related to Aquaporins. I’ve been looking at the issue with lack of water in Parkinson’s. I have a presentation I can share with you on molecular mimicry and autoimmune antibodies to aquaporins, cardiolipin and alpha crystalline.

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How to desolve these clots is the question?

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I told my family not to get tested because I didnt trust anything they had to shove that far up your nose. I never did, but I am alone on that one.

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Dr. Bryan Ardis claims a simple nicotine patch worn for 3 days cured all long COVID SYMPTONS.... Intel courtesy of #Agentdoctorfeelgood

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Does this mean that we folks that weren't vaxed may also have these clots forming? How does the shedding do that so easily? I would think the substance needs to be injected.

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Thank you Dr. Ana for sharing this important information with all of us. You are heroic in your dedication to humanity. So grateful to hear what you are doing as you are doing it, so that I can share your progress with others. I support you and have bought your book as well. Love and many blessings to you.

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Couple things, Ana. Depletion of mythyl essentially B12 and Halogen another group of vitamins: fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine. Next thought is if the bugs take the above, if we replenish suspect the bugs and us hosts may benefit, causing a cancel problem.

The plastic skin observation links into the rather new plastic surgery that many aging ladies are opting. I suspect the bugs are in fillers with huge numbers. All the women look alike, skin is smooth, but all look alien, insect like. Madonna's work is a poster child.

If above is close to truth, my point is that Pharma Nazis are using the same bugs in several experiments, at different bug rates, with one line a fake vaccine: placebo. I think Sasha hit upon the different pharma test groups early on. I'll link her work here, it's a couple of years old but priceless.


Another thought. Lakhovsky, old timer, The Secret of Life, I think you pointed out this book, thx, Laky shows that our body cells operate in extreme low level frequency. I suspect the bugs are dormant UNTIL they receive the right frequency then grow. This ties into Mercola's EMF work pointing out the dangers of 5g.

You and Carnicom probably have tested even lower frequencies than used here; it would be interesting to not the exact level of frequency for growth then, if possible, read the frequency of a clean cell or a cleaned cell.

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To find out if shielding is working. Always use FREE APP PHYPHOX.ORG APP

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Mark Williams prayer

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Question is the shedding from exchange of body fluids?? Like drinking after someone or eating

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On A Positive Note:

The Establishment Is Terrified.

They Are Terrified Of You.

They Are Terrified Of Me.

They Are Terrified Of Their Own Shadows.

To A Person, They Are Insecure.

- And It Humiliates Them.

So Use It.

Use That.

That's How This Gets Done.


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Can the vaccine clots be physically pulled out of a live vaccinated person ... without injuring the live vaccinated person?

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Fascinating research! Thank you for sharing it.

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I am not jabbed or swabbed. I have multiple examples of nanotech that I discovered under my microscope. Photos and videos of perfect matches to published patents and peer reviewed literature:



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Blood is becoming rubbery hydrogel without water? Skin tissue is becoming plastiky or simply plastic again without water? And the former synthesize while the bodies of the latter have morgellons and reject it?

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