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Your work is incredible and shocking. Thank you for your transparency and search for truth. I am a critical care neuro nurse and I was fired because I discovered that through a process of analysis on neuro patients who were vaccinated for COVID19, that patients who received the bioweapon on the same date, were being hospitalized 180-780 days later on the same date into the same neuro critical care unit with the same LOT/BATCH number. This made me think that 5G or some type of lethal frequency was involved. I then began analyzing the Medicare death data available on the HHS website and discovered that many people of all ages were dying on the same date many months after being injected on the same date sometimes states apart. Your work is inspiring and I wish I could do here in ohio what you're doing to help facilitate analysis of data. Good luck to you.

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This is way more science than my ancient college courses left in my memory banks however it appears to me that the world population is being thinned by the elimination of its natural mechanisms for using the available oxygen in the air for the life force. Since we are all exposed to these hydrogels from everywhere, it seems as if we must do what we can to counteract the GO effects. I for one take IODINE very seriously and have found it to be extremely 'safe and effective' (sorry about that pun). I use 3-4 times a week a product recommended in a book The Iodine Crisis by Lynne Farrow. Read this book about 8 years ago and it really made a lot of sense that we are not getting ENOUGH of this precious element and Big Pharma has done a good job of de-educating doctors of its importance. IODINE was a major 'medication' way back before the synthetic nostrums of the Rockefellers decided that anything their labs could make from petroleum sources was better than anything natural. Suffice it to say, until I read more on EDTA, I'll hold off on its use. I already use decent amounts of Vit C daily (not intravenously) but I KNOW from personal experience the increased use of the TRI-IODINE capsule has worked with me. I am my own 'lab rat' and I very much appreciate what Dr Ana's findings are saying.

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Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy sounds related to the treatments pioneered by Royal Raymond Rife.

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Thank you Dr. Ana. I just ran a crude experiment with double Berkey filtered water and CDS, taking resistance readings with a simple multimeter with the probes at a constant distance.

1. Double Berkey filtered tap water 65 degrees F: Resistance 550 k Ohms.

2. The same water as 1 above at 30 PPM CDS: Resistance 50 k Ohms.

This crude experiment indicates that CDS reduces resistance and raises conductivity in water. It was not done with blood. Others, and I, feel a charge of positive energy after taking CDS. Some of this might be due to increased oxygen levels as measured with a pulse oximeter. But an increase in electrical conductivity might be another reason?

Perhaps one can assume that CDS will increase conductivity in blood too? Please offer comments, criticisms, etc. I invite others to run their own experiments and report what they find.

Thank you.

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The Digital Microbiome,

your genes are being changed with probiotics into a new species( like animal "order") ..let me show you..this is a war and you better get real if you think its not going to affect your microbiome and your kids future forever. Recombinant gmlab spores.


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If the nanotechnology in the vaccine is spreading throughout the population, what is protecting the "elites" from having their own blood contaminated, complications from 5G, eventual transition to "humanoids" or biosynthetic beings? Sorry if this is naive.

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Thanks for preaching in the desert!

When Russia announced in March 2018 that they had developed hypersonic missiles with Mach 9-28 speeds (i.e up to 28X the speed of sound!!!), I thought that the Pentagon would panic and start scrambling for an antidote. They did not even understand the meaning of what the Russians were talking about.

After Russia used Khinzal hypersonic missiles (Mach 9-12) to destroy 5 Patriot air defence systems (PAC-3) in Kiev in May 2023, they finally realized that the world had changed. You can't intercept hypersonic missiles using a Patriot (PAC-3) that uses subsonic missiles. The most sophisticated NATO defence system was helpless and destroyed ($2 Billion in 2 minutes)!

What was the reaction of the US? It's really funny:

The US Congress sends a stern message to Putin asking him to send samples of all his hypersonic missiles to the US for “inspection”.

Answer from Moscow: Avangard (Mach 28 glider - nuclear) and Sarmat (nuclear hypersonic ICBM) samples will reach Washington D.C on their own, bypassing all US air defence systems!

This is not to discourage Dr Ana, but to show how dangerous the situation is - the country is run by morons and you shouldn't rely on this Kleptocracy for anything.

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So if what was injected into the global population is connected to 5G and metallic(think the magnetism here) would it not make sense to disable the program by electrical override unless they have surge protection built in?

As far as the blood thickening, why not at least try a lecithin to counteract this issue?

They use lecithin to thin chocolate and chocolate is thicker than blood.

Sorry if this sounds too simple, but it may be this easy.

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A uncompromising view of what is happening, many thanks to you !

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Dr. Ana - or any other reader that might care to comment and knows the answer. I have been following this fascinating (and terrifying) series on your studies on unjabbed blood, but I may have missed the context (or it's just my forgetful mind!) on the source of this unjabbed blood. Are the unjabbed individuals living with the jabbed? Are these random samples of unknown origin? Or is the blood coming all from die-hard pure-bloods living with unjabbed people, and exposed through the environment (workplace, grocery store, a mall, a bar or restaurant...). And, as a follow up question, is chelation the only way to reverse this, or some of the current "detox" methods (intermittent fasting; nattokinase; NAC and other antioxidants...) are helpful? Hopefully I'm adding constructively to the discussion.

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It's very concerning, the lower O2 availability will be contributing to the Turbo cancers and other diseases. At least we know the variations on how the Nano tech powers itself now. Just need to confirm an off switch, if possible. I think it's a combination, light therapy, EDTA, Naturopathic chelation, diet and nutraceuticals. Oh of course reducing EMF exposures and getting rid of the spraying and healing the environment.

Double concerning that it's affecting mitochondria and the chlorophyll of plants, reducing plant energy and the ability to make O2 from CO2.

Dr Ana, I look forward to your and Clifford Carnicom's next paper.

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Thank you for your wonderful contributions Dr Ana! Here's a short summary on the role of Zeta potential via A Midwestern doctor:



Things to help increase the zeta potential of cells:

+ infrared

+ sunshine

+ proper grounding (or SCENAR devices if grounding not available)


+ DDW aka deuterium-depleted water (body makes this by itself on a ketogenic diet when fasting)

+ 4th phase of water (from inside low carb organic vegetables, like cucumber)

+ soaked chia seeds (unground, not chewed, drunk whole as a chia slime in DDW)

+ cobalamin

+ citrates (calcium, magnesium, potassium)

+ sulfates (sodium)

+ plenty of sleep

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It looks hopeless to me unless the players are taken out of the game.

I've tried to have faith, didn't get the vax, sick of all the vitamins & supplements I take, I rarely go out and yet I got lung cancer last year, breast cancer now, and had a huge, rare tumor which required an hysterectomy. I'm zapped of all energy and everything hurts. Until now, I kept saying someone vaxxed me while I was sleeping. They've been spraying us for many years (there are whistleblowers), the food, organic or not is grown in the sprayed soil, mRNA has already been in our pork for years and coming soon to livestock, hydrogels are in many products, including dental anesthetics, and who knows what else. I don't think even the Amish could have avoided it (the soil). We're talking about several different substances at play.. the spray that creates Morghellons, hydrogels, mRNA, Spike, GMO's, plastics, graphene, and then we have EMF's...we can't hide from this and if we do get detoxed, we'll get it right back. Our politicians are ignorant on much of what's been done to us as are even the best of our doctors. Sorry, I don't see a way of stopping this. It's too late. Praying for humanity. 🙏

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It may be that God is talking about our DNA and frequencies{and motb} You will have to research endtimespropheticmessengers144k. These are PROFOUND messages that are also blunt and simple. I just watched an old video and DNA and frequencies are alluded to.

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This kinda validated a theory that I recently came up with... There was this one day where I for some reason got curious about the so called "variants" to the "virus".. cuz I do know that Delta the name of a frequency so I went ahead and looked them all up.. And low and behold ALL the variants are actually frequencies!! So naturally I came to the conclusion that there is no virus so there are no variants BUT what if the "variants" that are supposedly making people sick, are actually frequency waves being emitted to certain areas to make people in that area sick so that they could push their garbage "vaccine on all the unsuspecting populace??? Makes sense to me..🤷🏼‍♀️

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The Chlorine Dioxide can be used topically. There are a lot of different protocols on this.

But, I drink mine. If sick it is to used once every hour for 8 hours. I start with 3 drops and built up from there. You just mix 3 drops of chlorine dioxide with 3 drops of the activator with 4 oz of distilled or purified water. Yes,it smells like pool water, but has no taste.

For now I’m using 10ml of CDS in my water to sip on throughout the day. For good information look up Jim Humble and Andreas Kalcker online. Both provide a wealth of information, much more than I could give.

There is also a site on Telegram listed as Chlorine Dioxide testimonies, which has a lot of information and peoples trials and errors using it.

CDS is chlorine dioxide saturated in distilled water. It’s the same thing, yet for many much gentler on the stomach.

Hope this was helpful!

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