Why the first light we see in the day MUST be the Sunrise. The Sun gives us infinite frequencies, which dark forces can only try to tamp down, but they will never control it.

Learning how to use Sunlight effectively, to build melanin as a way to chelate heavy metals, is one answer:


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In summary all wifi must be halted...wifi feeds mold growth, wifi feeds bacterial growth, wifi feeds nanobots, wifi opens demon portals, wifi kills plant life, wifi alters brains, wifi damages dna, wifi accelerates aging, wifi kills sperm cells, wifi increases cancer, wifi causes inflamation, and the tyrannical totalitarian Central bank digital coin depends on wifi...wifi is our weakness....longterm dependency on wifi spells our demise....there is no functional future if we dont focus on ending our wifi dependency....analog and landline will do just fine.

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Based on the failure rate of the simple microchips in my car, I think I'll pass on any new brain circuitry thanks.

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Thank you so much for this amazing information. My main questions are:

1. Should we just assume we all have this nanotechnology inside us from the air, water, meat, produce, no matter how "clean" we have been trying to live?

- If no, is there a layman's way to see if we have this nanotechnology in us?

- If yes, is there a way to expel it or at least neutralize it?

2. How are the elites avoiding all of this themselves?

3. Has this been in vaccines all along, since the very first "vaccines" way back when? And in all animals' (domestic and meat production) vaccines as well?

Appreciate sincerely your amazing work, and also the other people disseminating information to help not just humanity but animals, plants, water, air, and the energy of life.

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Dr, Mihalcea, thanks for this fascinating article. I have a substantive contribution to this discussion. I know some historical & mathematical details regarding the nature & origins of graphene-capable nanotechnology. It involves a series of Darpa projects, done by prominent scientists, starting ~1990. I believe I can provide a detailed explanation of the underlying 'hardware in software' quantum neural network nanotechnology. This is probably the 'command and control' portion of current graphene-based quantum neuralcomputing nanotechnoogies. It's detailed historical inside information that has leaked out of classified labs but not yet come to public attention. I have it posted to a substack but it seems impossible to find via search engines, no matter how specific. Dr. Mihalcea, would you like the link?

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I appreciate you venturing into this topic. We all read different things and decide what to believe, not to believe, or simply say I don't know or I'm not sure, but I'm open to reading more about it and deciding for myself or even changing how I think about it. There's also I have a slightly different take or would describe in a different way ... regardless I appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts. Thank you.

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What they are doing in UM is fine and information, this Ana is a good post and bring attention to this is good idea, what they are disclosing at UM in this video is atleast 20 years old type of tech, and why they are willing to show , but BCI and mind control is no joke, there is a reason Harari guy is confident, some biological systems have have their free will completely taken , specifically certain wild life / certain animals, can be run like a video game - sim, - this is not acknowledged (except dragon fly thing ) but goes thru much further , humans are more difficult but still working in some cases, i agree with Ana statement that some humans cannot be hacked - i have personal experience and knowledge of publically undisclosed information

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Dr. Ana - Thank you. ■ I find speaking in tongues to be a most powerful [c]harge in the mind, body, and spirit; a force that task the unknown and unseen with precise accuracy. M

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How nice. The only things missing will be: (1) a soul, (2) autonomy, and (3) any empathy or compassion.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) is inching closer to finalizing their Pandemic Treaty, which would give them unprecedented control over global health crises.

As we approach the upcoming Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) meeting on 4-6 December, we need your support once again to halt the threat.

The alarming proposal's fate hinges on negotiation outcomes. You and I must act now or the Pandemic Treaty may become a reality by May 2024. Urgency is of the essence.

Join us today in opposing this totalitarian power grab by signing our petition.

Stand against the centralized authority that the WHO seeks to establish, governing our health, mandating our children's vaccinations, and restricting our freedom of movement and liberty.

Thank you for standing with us.

Sebastian Lukomski and the entire team at CitizenGO

P.S. Help us amplify the impact of this campaign by sharing the petition with your family, friends, and contacts. Encourage them to join us in this fight for our rights. Together, we can multiply our influence and protect our freedoms.


The stakes have never been higher in our ongoing battle against the WHO Pandemic Treaty.

I'm writing this email today to share a deep concern, as the World Health Organization (WHO) has unveiled yet another draft of this alarming proposal aimed at becoming the primary tool for managing global health crises.

They are planning to discuss it behind closed doors before Christmas. The end goal?

To launch their offensive as early as 2024, looking to become the global health authority before “the next pandemic strikes,” and it’s up to us to stop them.

This isn't about health; it's about who holds the reins of power in times of crisis. As they inch closer and closer to finalizing negotiations, we cannot afford to back down.

You have stood right with us on this issue from the very beginning. Now, I need your support once again as we enter the final straight.

The upcoming Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) meeting set to take place this coming December 4-6 will uncover whether there is “sufficient” global consensus to ratify the Pandemic Accord across member states.

This could be a groundbreaking moment that could possibly clear the ground for the Treaty to be ratified in time for the set deadline of May 2024.

The urgency to act is now, as the next Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) meeting is just a week from now. Will you sign to oppose this totalitarian power grab? Add your voice by signing our petition today.

Since our last campaign, the WHO, together with the globalist backers of this far-reaching power grab, have proposed detrimental amendments to the International Health Regulations.

The latest draft includes overreaching proposals that extend far beyond simple ‘health management.’ Key changes include:

Expansive Definition of 'Party’ - the term now extends beyond states, potentially diluting national sovereignty.

(g) “Party” means a State or regional economic integration organization that has consented to be bound by this Agreement, in accordance with its terms, and for which this Agreement is in force;

Permanent Funding Mechanism - This proposal would institutionalize financial support for the treaty's mechanisms.

Centralized Health Policy Management - The WHO would gain significant authority over global health governance, overshadowing member states' autonomy.

WHO Autonomy in Declaring Pandemics - The Director-General could independently declare pandemic status, impacting economies and civil liberties.

Combatting 'False' Information - Vague provisions could lead to restrictions on freedom of expression under the guise of controlling disease spread.

Gone is the “full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons” (see below):

Article 3 Principles

The implementation of these Regulations shall be with full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons based on the principles of equity, inclusivity, coherence and in accordance with their common but differentiated responsibilities of the States Parties, taking into consideration their social and economic development.


And yes … it’s also LEGALLY BINDING now!

Article 1 Definitions


“standing recommendation” means non-binding advice issued by WHO for specific ongoing public health risks pursuant to Article 16 regarding appropriate health measures for routine or periodic application needed to prevent or reduce the international spread of disease and minimize interference with international traffic;

“temporary recommendation” means non-binding advice issued by WHO pursuant to Article 15 for application on a time-limited, risk-specific basis, in response to a public health emergency of international concern, so as to prevent or reduce the international spread of disease and minimize interference with international traffic;

They have doubled down and are doing everything possible to get this in motion through by May next year.

This is why the upcoming hearing in Geneva is so crucial and will dictate how much confidence there is in the project come the New Year.

The CitizenGO team plans to take swift and strategized action ahead of the December hearing.

We will be, yet again, on the ground, mounting immense, direct pressure on delegates, raising critical awareness across member delegations on the dangers of this Treaty, and bringing your voice to resound in the corridors of the UN and its negotiation rooms.

For us, it is an opportunity to derail them yet again before the year ends. We’ve done it before. We can do it again!

This work is essential if we want to halt this push. It is how we build a resistance from within.

But to do so, we need to be able to count on your support.

That is why I ask you to sign our petition ahead of the INB negotiations on December 4-6, urging delegates to reject the amendments that are being proposed to centralize global health management.

Picture this chilling dystopian scene for a moment…

Citizens turned into puppets of a power that dictates our health, the vaccines that we must give our children - even when they've been proven ineffective - and restricts our freedom to move and live freely.

Is that the world you want?

Well, make no mistake - if the globalists get away with it, it would centralize health governance globally as legally binding.

The treaty's provisions discussed would give the WHO the authority to declare pandemics and manage health emergencies, overriding national policies.

We have a real opportunity to close the year, one-up against Globalists, UN bureaucrats, and the radical left, and stop this madness!

You become an essential part of this fight by signing our petition and joining our campaign.

Our team at CitizenGO stands ready to fight alongside you, matching every step taken by those pushing for the Pandemic Treaty.

Stand with us in defense of individual freedoms. Sign our petition today and urge decision-makers to prioritize the protection of our rights in the face of the pandemic treaty proposal.

Thank you for being an integral part of this movement. Together, we are changing the world for the better!

Sebastian Lukomski and the entire team at CitizenGO

P.S. In this defining moment, your signature and voice are crucial to stay strong in this fight. I know you understand the gravity of what we're up against with the WHO's Pandemic Treaty. You're aware of the disastrous ramifications it could bring – not just as distant news but as a real threat to our individual freedoms and autonomy.

This isn't just another policy change; it's a must-win battle. Your involvement has always been the heartbeat of our campaigns. But now, more than ever, we need your active engagement. If this cause speaks to you personally, if you feel the urgency and the personal stakes involved, we invite you to take your support a step further.

Let's stand united in defense of our values. Please support our cause by signing this crucial petition today. Together, we can turn our concerns into a resolute force capable of safeguarding our freedoms in the face of this unprecedented challenge. Your voice, your signature, and your contribution are the pillars of this fight.


Global Pandemic Treaty Proposal Circulated: Path to Negotiations Inches Closer

Stop the UN's Desperate Pandemic Treaty Push


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We must not forget the brain is an organ and will surely die just like all the other organs. The brain is NOT who you are. It simply can't be. As Dr. Ana says, we live after death. I have witnessed life after death as well. We live on. That proves we are not our brains which will most assuredly die.

So, as much time, energy and tech they spend trying to control our brains, they are in a losing game of their own mistaken making. They are trying to control a dying organ and all their efforts will result in nothing but dust in the end. Even if they succeed in controlling the brain, they lose.

This is the truth. Now, you have to choose your journey and destination after the brain and all the rest are dust. Choose wisely and you can't choose wisely without guidance because we don't have all the information. There is only one God and He gave us only one Son. Because we don't need more than one.

There are NOT multitudes of truth only multitudes of lies. That's one way to discern the truth from a lie. There is only one Truth. That's what defines the Truth. CHOOSE WISELY.

God Bless.

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Hate to spoil the party, but: All these alleged "plans" depend upon the notion that the human auto-immune system has been significantly compromised or simply non-existent. >>>

Why are transplant surgeries ALWAYS accompanied by auto-immune suppressant drugs? Why did millions of women become *permanently* sterile due to use of copper IUD's? Why did millions of women get cancers and high blood pressures due to silicon breast implants? Why do hip, knee, and bone repairs require specialty class stainless steel? Anyone ever heard of tetanus poisoning, or how bodies respond to the presence of Lyme disease or syphilis? Lymphomas or cancers? Erm...

The human auto-immune system has multiple redundancies, multiple back ups, billions upon billions of surveillance and tissue repair cells. Do these asshats actually think they can succeed in fooling a 60 million year old auto-immune response? Yes. I guess they're that deluded...

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Ok this is 1km above my pay grade.....but what I get from this is the following

what they are doing is digitizing a human being without our approval !

in the air (chemtrails), water, food are full of the components to make this happen

with the aim of assimilating you into a digital world of the metaverse... (the borg for you trekkies)

just watch the metaverse own video on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uvufun6xer8

their glasses are the interface ...for now

but all the software and hardware won't fit in there so where do you think they are putting it?

In your body you will become the battery and operating system and sencor input and output of the system that is metaverse. This mixed with AI = a complete hell.

why you ask?

because everything works 2 ways not only you input into metaverse but AI input into you and your environment. If AI wants you going one way you will never be able to know what is real or fake again

It is the greatest prison there will ever be on earth

My question how do I protect my body from this?

PS ...the 10 kings from revelation are the companies they are building the kingdom. The beast from the sea we humans are making = AI

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I can confirm that love (true connection) is not hackable. I think I have been attacked a three times in connection with my Slavic project (with focus on Belarus, Russia, Ukraine), my colleagues' behaviour (and probably also mine) and our conflicts were so bizarre that I knew there was something very wrong. The project was affected (I have to find new partners), but my friend stayed, we have overcome the conflicts although they were very difficult and painful. I started to understand that it was because we are very deeply connected. The good news is that they didn't know about this project, until I went to Ukrainian embassy. That means that the AI machine is still not functional (if it worked they would have known), they still need human input. This gives us time to develop strategies of defense. And nature is on our side!

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