Most people will not be able to have this done. I pray you can come up with an easier method so people can treat themselves. Thank you for all you do.

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Well.....unless our own trusty US govt sets up mass EDTA and Vit C tents up to PAY FOR AND TREAT THE ENTIRE COUNTRY- which won’t happen, we are all done. Good God this is horrifying but is critically important to share on a mass scale.

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If the unvaccinated also have hydrogel, why do sudden deaths occur only in the vaccinated ? or maybe I'm wrong.

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While we appreciate the information and Many of us do share. But why won’t you share with us where we can have this done? You know very well that most people cannot access IV/biopharmaceuticals without a prescription. Where are people supposed to get this done?

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Edta and vitamin C prevents blood clot in unvaccinated. That IS TERRIFIC NEWS!


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You are brilliant & a Hope for humankind. Thank you Dr. Ana for the work you do & for being a true Medical TRUTH Warrior. May our Creator forever hold you in the Palm of His/Her Hand ...

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Hi - I second all these opinions. I'm in the UK where all medical practitioners are woke. We need solutions before we are all depopulated.

I have been emailing for answers but receive none. You mentioned the EDTA cream which I have. If you are to take it long term would it do the same thing?

Things are getting URGENT here.

Please respond.

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I understand less and less every day. The strange thrombi in the deceased persons first began to be seen after the injections began. You seem to suggest that there is no difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated in terms of hydrogel formation. In order to affirm this, would it not be more appropriate to perform the same analysis on a large group of non-vaccinated and check for the presence/absence of hydrogel? My doubt is whether the unvaccinated you are talking about represents all the unvaccinated or is it an outlier case.

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Ana - excellent work as usual (2500 mg of Vitamin C daily just added to my protocol).

I've been thinking we need a name for these white Calamari structures that block blood vessels.

We shouldn't be calling them "Blood Clots" as they have nothing in common with normal blood clots.

They are constructed by nanotechnology.

So I think they should be called Nano Clots.

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I had dark field microscopy done in SANOVIV in Rosarita beach Mexico. I have been looking for someone in the Santa Monica California area to do this for three weeks now! Are there any organizations that refer out people or do we have to call every chiropractors office in Los Angeles? This is vital information needed by people, and I don’t understand why there is such Mystery surrounding where we can find a practitioner to look at our blood. At this juncture, I think I will purchase my own dark field microscope and start doing it for people. Look at all the comments here where people are asking for a referral sources.

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What is EDTA and how do we, the unvaccinated, help ourselves to prevent this from happening???? This really scares me.

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Thank you for your brilliant work and dedication. Your insights and results are invaluable. The proven antidote will likely be cost prohibitive to many, if not most people. As well, are there enough “awake” & informed practitioners to implement this antidote?

Moving forward, without sounding dismissive of your ground breaking insight, can a more accessible/affordable solution be devised?

It exists somewhere. And, it’s meant to be found and availed by all.

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Thank you for doing this work.

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Dr. Ana, your knowledge, efforts, and courage to speak out has truly saved my life and I am so grateful. If this info can help anyone out there, here is a real case and how I have battled it.

-Severe case of morgellons coming out of fingertips visible with 30x hand held microscope.

-Bright red, blue, green, black threads and silver/copper wires/and black (goo) rising through fingernails.

-Noticed after severe neurological attack in August 2021 leaving me unable to walk, talk, think properly, w/ passing out. Came on suddenly/came in "waves", and lasted a month (had to take pred to stop it)

-Electrical in nature/buzz in skull-spine-eyes-hand-feet-heart palps-vertigo-feeling of utter dread

-Not vaccinated.

-Neodymium magnets pull fibers out more but cause tension in brain. I cant wear a neodymium bracelet as it instantly causes brain tension-friends wear all day w/no issues.

-Thicker clear, unbreakable plastic fibers and long cylinders or tubes started coming out in 2022 (saved all for later inspection on lint roller papers)

-EMF greatly affects condition.

-Blue light aggravates condition.

-Certain people seem to aggravate condition.

-4 subsequent episodes each lasting roughly 2 weeks with brain swelling./inability to function normally/heavier release of fibers through fingertips.

-Had EDTA IV's starting in June 2023 (4 sessions so far) w/VitC/Glutathione IV's in between

-Found dangerous levels of 8 different metals including lead, iron, gadolinium, uranium, cadmium etc

-Linked to fungus somehow. High dose anti-fungal supplements helped

-Heart palps completely gone after 1st session of EDTA/less fibers seen/last episode less severe/feel better overall

-The Dolphin neurostim helps (negative charge setting)

-Grounding bed matt (lint rolled daily-checked w/scope), raising ph lvel helps (baking soda 3x per day)

-In between IV's, daily high dose oral/cream EDTA and weekly DMSA w/mineral replenishment

-High dose b1, b6, magnesium, C, NAC, Glycine, Chlorella, cilantro, with other supplements normal dosages.

-Drinking 3 drops essential oil cilantro/2 drops oregano in olive oil seems to help-lemon essential oil seems to help (on temple or behind ears).

-EMF hoodie and hat are so helpful

-NO wifi, blutooth-ethernet cord only w/disabling 5g on router-avoid cell towers

-Trifield EMF reader a must-to know where dangerous levels of EMF are coming from

-EMF blocking paper really works (expensive but worth it if needed where you live)

-Stylus ONLY when using keyboard-touching keyboard or screen aggravates condition/burning/shocks in fingers

-Blue light blocking glasses help

-Now looking into how histamine is affecting this condition-how to lower it in the brain region

-I have lived in misery, fear, uncertainty, and isolation for two years with MSM saying its just vertigo or meiners, or anxiety. If you ever read this, thank you so much Dr. Ana. My daughters thank you as well as they have witnessed all of this unfold . If anyone else out there has similar issues, never give up, research the heck out of everything, try new things like EDTA, protect yourself and your loved ones. We are being hit from all angles-SAI, chemicals in water, the food, the clothes, the vaccinations (both past and current), cell towers, pollution, syn-bio, heavy metals, plastics....AND those who do not see or choose not to see, and THAT is probably the most challenging issue we face.

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Are you absolutely convinced that this clotting is caused by the vaxed "shedding" to the unvaxed? Could the problem not be coming from all the toxic stuff being absorbed by us all from numerous different sources? There are so many known harmful chemicals in the air we breathe, the food and drink we ingest - not to mention the increasing use of dodgy hydrogel in commercial products such as costmetics. Just thinking out loud.

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How does one locate a practioner that does IV EDTA and vit c in NYC area?

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