it's interesting that we don't hear about many/any passengers collapsing during flight.

Maybe because more electronics in the cockpit?

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I agree 100%. Pilots and cabin crew are also at higher risks of cancer, from greater exposure to cosmic radiation, communication EMF, flying closer to satellite sourced EMF, and as you pointed out the increased atmospheric voltage increases by altitude, I learn something new every day.

It's a recipe for disaster.

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Has anyone tried using "grounding" or "earthing products"? These are supposed to ground the body (via the ground socket in a three-socket electrical outlet) which supposedly supplies a negative charge to the body that supposedly acts as an anti-oxidant, as well as detoxing and/or protecting from EMF radiation and electrical fields from appliances. I'm looking at bed pads and sheets from Earthing.com (not selling it, just asking about it), and its related Earthing Institute for more info.

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Hi Ana

As usual, nice work. You're an inspiration to everyone thats actually curious.



I emailed one to David Nixon but he only asked if I had more video(2) and one was too long to email.

I'm behind on uploading our blood work but if you want a look you're welcome to it.


No sure how i use the edta intravenously here in Australia, the cream is only in Amazon that I can see. Is there another source?

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Makes sense. Pressure changes from altitude can affect BP heart rate and blood flow. Any jab induced blockage would be potentially catastrophic. Worse if electric currents accelerates the formation of these fibrous and metal based clots.

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Or could it be magnetic waves? LPNs have many novel anomalies pertaining to magnetic properties. Ferromagnetic, antiferromagnetic, paramagnetic, diamagnetic, ferrimagnetic! The reason these particles are coated in PEG’s is to control the spin and keep them from heating up. 😵‍💫

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It wouldn't surprise me one bit and I agree 100% with Dr. Ana's Summary. You couldn't get me on a plane now.

And on top of all of that, the average flight staff spends 800 hours high in the Fukushima radiated atmosphere per year. The Wigner Effect (radiation deteriorates the crystalline structures in airplane metals) is going on too.

I took a $20.00 Chinese geiger counter with me the last two years I was travelling domestically. It measured the radiation in Sieverts, and it had a little weird tutorial on it that said .52 Sieverts was the limit for safety. On the flights that made it to 35,000+ feet, I measured 1.60 Sieverts. Under that altitude (on the Regional Jets) it stayed around .4 - .6 Sieverts. Nobody I sat next to ever wanted to know what I was doing.

You will not believe the movie Metro Goldwyn Mayer just came out with. Dios Mio! It's called "On a Wing and a Prayer" starring a facially puffed Dennis Quaid. It features Fort Myers, FL, a getting more famous by the minute, heavily polluted, and fully 5G city on the SWFL coast where cancer patient harvesting began in 2017 -- 5 years after the smart grid went in... right on schedule... and the shore birds are mostly gone now.

But whining aside, this movie is some kind of bizarre psyop. Dennis's character loses multiple family members, the pilot dies and Dennis has to fly the plane, little kids follow the whole thing to inspire future pilot replacements, at a couple of points, you wonder why the wife doesn't just fly the f-ing thing. At some points, it was almost like a tutorial on flying a plane. And they even had homeless people squeezed in there to show that this a normal thing that exists in normal societies...

I watched it in a state of near dis-belief. Curiosity about what other psyop they were going to squeeze in there kept me going. And since when has Metro-Goldwyn Mayer financed religious movies? I feel like I missed something on that...:)))))))))))))) I'm sure you all will be just as appalled as I was....:)))))))) LOL

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The air in the cockpit and the cabin is not so clean. I know. I am a retired airline pilot and what you will read here is true. Jet Blue Flight Attendant Kate Speaks Out -The Impact of Fume Events

¨Please listen to Kate, a ‘Jet Blue’ Flight Attendant from the USA, explain the impact of Fume Events »

The Transport Workers Union (TWU) USA, November 2019, on the subject:

‘What Are Toxic Fumes? Cabin crew and airline passengers are being exposed to toxic fumes which can cause severe health effects, including brain damage, cancer, and loss of motor function. Passengers are often unaware that the air they breathe on board is circulated through a series of mechanical processes to “bleed” air from around the engines. When these processes malfunction, toxic fumes can seep into the cabin air, releasing gasified engine oil, hydraulic fuel, and other aircraft fluids which can become potent nerve agents.

These nerve agents can be absorbed through inhalation and through the skin. Repeated or prolonged exposure to these – such as the daily exposure flight attendants and pilots endure – may result in the same effects as acute exposure. Some TWU members have become completely disabled from exposure to these chemicals.’ Read More and petition.



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.....been WANTING since your latest interview with Maria Zeee to comment about a concern which is almost NEVER communicated, Ana - this wholly-ERRONEOUS conclusion of SOME New Agedly-inclined healers, that MORE electrical charge / potential, MUST be a GOOD thing for health but, TOO much unquestionably DEvitalizes (eliminates ability to function) dermal media, other tissue as if there had been ELECTROCUTION (something the CUMULATIVE effect of ALL needles, injections have, I believe - given MULTIPLE types of organic materials with piezoelectric pressure / stress capacities - wireless radiation exposures, WORST contributing factor).....though I'm NOT certain if Dr. Michael Levin at Tufts (now) following in pioneer Dr. Robert Becker's (author of groundbreaking 1990 book 'Cross Currents') footsteps would embrace conclusions like these HIMSELF, he as WELL as Professor Gerard Pollack have BOTH confirmed a range of - 40 to - 90 millivolts (or, 400 - 900 negatively-charged MICROvolts) crossing associated ion channels for MITOSIS / cytological replication to commence, while as I may have previously noted, a March 2019 Nature comparative graph demonstrates that 'viruses' so generate over FIVE times the higher limit value; certainly ENOUGH to sufficiently CORRUPT such metabolic processes, and INCREASINGLY promote ONCOGENIC conditions.....here's a link to Levin's FASCINATING experimentation.....


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What can we do?

I am vegan, and I have no idea how to cleanse of these alien toxin tech bio bars.

I want to get out of jail, but sadly, after they let me out in 2007the first time, I saw the world they released me to was merely a different jail.

We all need to get outta jail, free....

And I need to know that what I use is vegan....which is definitely not true of the Harmacide scamdemic injextions.

Being vegan means do no harm, neither to my self

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Dr Ana I have been using chlorella and coriandolo for a year for heavy metal cleansing. My memory is soooo much better now.

I also use nattokinase and serrapeptase for blood clots and fibrin and stinging nettles as a blood tonic.

I have a lot More energy since doing the above. I would like my blood tested to see if my protocols are helping. Can you advise me where to go pls? ...I’m in the U.K. thank you for all of your workxxx

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Yes.. and dont forget 5G...activated by HAARP ..Plus the ionisphere radiation used in weather control ...

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Interesting idea.

Somewhat related question -- are you and your colleagues interested in placenta samples from a Morgellons patient?

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How often should we have live blood testing? I’m trying to figure out how to come up with a game plan.

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And what about soccer fields and other sports venues?

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