Thank you, Ana, for all the valuable information.

Would you be able to check out the bone marrow, too? That might provide sorely-needed details about the spread.


If spectography of MRI slices is not feasible, would it be at least possible to set up a clinical hypothesis that could later on be verified?

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Dr. Mihalcea:

I am a US Veteran and I know of first hand in late 2020 and especially early 2021, the VA were giving flu/covid combo shots. A lot of people were getting them including employees of the VA without their knowledge. I had come by passing of such an individual who when looked at his paper work noticed: C-19 annotated on his flu shot paperwork. When asked was told by the clinician; they were doing “combos”. This was early January 2021. Your patients say they are unvaccinated; but question is; were they never vaccinated ever with anything at all? Or did they have flu shots and were not aware that they getting the c-19 bio-injection combined without their knowledge as many at the VA had?

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Dear Ana, some thoughts:

1. Where does that plastic come from? Is it just microplastics from pollution or maybe they are adding microplastics in food/water on purpose?


For those unaware of the extermination agenda:


2. Engineer Diego Barrientos proved that an unvaxxed person was emitting Bluetooth Low Energy AFTER being swabbed. Same with magnetized people.

This makes sense since many weird elements were found in the swabs including radioactive technetium, para-magnetic microcarbon nanotubes, etc.

Also, the spit test was not invasive, cheaper and more effective, yet not accepted by the colonized countries.

Could you please tell us if your unvaxxed patients were swabbed or had any other needle intervention (dentist anesthesia, hospital IV, etc.)? We need to identify all sources of bio-hacking!

Please warn the world about the global government plans:


16 laws we need to exit Prison Planet


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"Raman Analysis shows high density polyethylene, dacron, acrylin, cottons and polyesters."


I realize these "general plastics," may be forming, within blood, via shot's adjuvants.

For what it's worth:

About 8 years ago, I had a warm sweatshirt that I wore all the time, especially while working outside, due to its insulative properties.

I then developed respiratory distress when wearing it. Nothing major, but it was progressive, with each subsequent wearing.

The dryer's lint catcher would become filled, with drying this specific garment.

It was composed of 100% synthetic(s). I don't remember exact percentages of probably 3 synthetic components.

I threw it away & symptoms abated immediately.

I read somewhere (perhaps a Consumer Reports article), about particulate matter generated from our synthetic clothing, & that shedding was rather ubiquitous, due to our plastic (whole, or in part blended-constituent) garments.

I may have heard or read, about how chest (pulmonary) radiologists were finding a "generalized increase in a diffuse = [that is, appearance was distributed throughout lung fields] ground glass appearance, in many standard chest radiographs." [And maybe chest CT, as that modality would be even more sensitive].

"Ground glass appearance" is a general [non-specific for etiology] radiographic "phraseology" to describe "a hazy appearance" of lung interstitium.

(If you have a polished piece of glass or crystal bric-a-brac, sometimes the base of it, which sits upon the table, is unpolished. That hazy, less clear appearance, is ground glass).

The lung interstitium are spaces between the air-filled spaces (alveoli), that blood & lymph vessels are situated.

Ground glass appearance often is related to low-grade inflammation, of the interstitium.

So perhaps, some of these components are coming from our clothing.

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Oct 14, 2023·edited Oct 14, 2023

Retreat at home since September 2020 ■ I have not come in contact with hand sanitizer, packaged sandwiches/burgers, and environmental chemical sanitation. My stance was based on how people were behaving, and I rather risk my heart and mind, than to tolerate the abuse that was becoming common in Virginia. Yet, my heart beats, and my mind knows just how terrible this is. Ugly has gotton more ugly, even if it is the same picture taken years ago. Chemtrails are my number one contamination and living within one mile of a county air runway, jet fuel is an unwelcomed aresole. Airports not having 5g within 2.5 miles makes it a conformation why God has kept me at our home we bought as young twenty year olds. Jonathon Otto has a group for October 23, 2023 for about eight days concerning health and synthetic venom, a free download book available now; go to his site if you wish.

I need to see this multifaceted problem in comparison to synthetic venoms. I understand frequencies do cause changes. I realize that when people do not know what to do with waste, they repackage it. We are told repeatedly that plastics are in high levels of the body. Since about five years, I read that plastics are being collected and the citizens are not being told the plastic is not being recycled. That cost are too high to convert it into another product. So, where is it? Did they nano the waste and dust the sky? We know how they manage the Flouride waste pile! And who were the one's in white jackets? The Dential profession. Perhaps the same now. M


Whitelist our email address, by adding jonathan@healthsecret.com to your contacts list. Click here to see instructions on how to whitelist an email address.

Lookout for our email sharing the link to our very first episode which goes LIVE on 23rd October 2023.

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I had a business partner 15 years ago that developed "skin issues" and started making the rounds with quacks, like she always did for herself, family, and pets!

She could kill a dog in just 6 years, and Death by Medicine.

Anyway, that is when I discovered Morgellons which my fiend/partner instantly rejected as a possibility and continued on with fake science exploration...

And, now...I'd really like an answer!

For the last 3 years, I've stopped swimming in pools (since I don't have my own)

I'm not getting into a relationship with someone who's been vaxxed in order to not swap fluids. Is there any point?

As always, I've been proactive about this transmission (shedding is something that old-fashioned vaccines used to do) the whole time - I'm shored up on D3, and taking regular doses of ivermectin paste sublingually, glutathione and more as well.

Chelation with my usual Essiac Tea which is documentable with blood pressure.

Have been an advocate of EDTA since the 80's, and have IV at the top of my Bucket List if the medbeds aren't out before then.

Also looked into the newer less expensive form of EDTA but it seems to involve "hydrogel" and I'm wary of that. I'd welcome any input on either subject. Thanks

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Oct 15, 2023·edited Oct 15, 2023

Dr Ana, THANK YOU‼️ 🙏 for this. “For people with low body weight, or high sensitivity to supplements the topical cream can be an alternative.” I am unvaccinated, don’t have any symptoms, weigh between 95-97lbs, and have been using the cream, wondering if it is enough. I do take some, but NOT ALL of your other recommended supplements (plus some others) and NOT in the HIGH DOSES that you recommend. But maybe 🤔 that’s OK too! (Given my low body weight:) Would love to know‼️But I will keep it up! THANK YOU AGAIN for ALL of YOUR INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT WORK‼️

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Thanks from France....I read your work for a year and transmit it towards resistant leaders...nobody do that here and we're living the same nightmare....

they are sleeping ...or looking dna plasmids....


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Oct 14, 2023·edited Oct 15, 2023

Always a wealth of excellent information. You often mention what you use in your "protocols", but it seems to be more in passing (unless somehow I've missed a detailed, enumerated plan or protocol, that clearly spells out and suggests which supplements to take when/how, esp for those who lack access to IV EDTA chelation services. Do you have such a document that lists supplements, dosages, timing, etc of your recommendations? Or is this info available to obtain via a telehealth or other consultation with you to obtain a specified list of recommended supplements and schedule/protocol/regimen for implementing the use of said supplements. (Noticed that there have been references made to thevuse of topical EDTA and/or an enteric capsule system EDTA, but a definitive protocol was not really spelled out in either case; and the websites that carry these products don't really address other components you often recommend.) Noticed reference was made to coffee enemas, and to chlorine dioxide enemas (no ppm [or schedule] mentioned on chlorine dioxide enema use); but that was listed in the context of what patients have incorporated, and not necessarily your recommendation. With so many options and mentions of supplements and drugs (including Ivermectin), I don't recall seeing an outlined protocol of what to take when, or which options should, or can, be included in a protocol. Please advise, if possible, as to the best source for clarification, including if that would be a telehealth consult, (if that's something you provide). It would be amazing if a whole "kit" or package of ALL the most promising/helpful supplements (with an outline or suggestions for usage) was offered for purchase (like a one-stop, get-it-all package) -- hint, hint -- since we know you're not busy and have all kinds of time. 😉 ((satire)) Seriously, though, if someone has put together a "package" that incorporates the products you're finding helpful, please advise. (You could call it the MicHEALTHcea Protocol. 😁)

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Great work Dr Anna, you’re a gem.

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It looks like the same thing you’re showing in the blood now but this was 15 years ago!

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The Vicious Cycle of Plastics In Our Oceans and Our Health ■ https://zonia.com/the-vicious-cycle-of-plastics-in-our-oceans-and-our-health

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I have doing LBM since 2004. Those long structures on the first two images are protoplast. I have been observing it in 2004 (when I started doing LBM). I was taught LBM ( Hemaview) by Metagenics and protoplast apparently mean undigested proteins and toxicity . I treat both: covid vaccinated and unvaccinated patients and do LBM for all of them and I did not find a correlation between vaccination and presence of the protoplast . However sometimes I see something in the blood (of both vaccinated and unvaccinated people) that nobody who does LBM can explain them.

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Bless you Dr. Ana for your work. This is so crazy. And a crime against humanity.

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Have a doctor friend who recently went through the TSA screening at the airport and his testicles were glowing so the examiner made him go back through again to make sure he hadn't sewed a live grenade in his scrotum. TSA examiners are real patriots.

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I applaud your work and the detail you put into it.

I would like to respectfully add a fact that has been overlooked.

We are now aware of the masses of microplastics we have added to our environment, but no-one has mentioned the microfibre contamination of our environment from man made FABRICS.

By now the planet is pretty well saturated with all the synthetic fibres produced for FABRICS and other uses.

Nearly all the polymer types you have found I recognise mostly as being used in the past 90 years for industrial and domestic use.

How many billions of tons of this stuff have we dumped into our environment?

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