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What I ask myself over and over and over and over again.... the "cockroaches" "self chosen and sel named elite" schwab, gates, harari WEF in general etc ARE exposed LIKE US to shedding, so excluding a continuous and time consuming EDTA detox (which I wouldn't think they would be willing to do knowing their sociopathic and arrognat personality it would eel degrading to them to do all this regularly for something shed by people they consider beasts without souls in their evil creed) WHAT are they doing to avoid all this???? What have THEIR SCIENTISTS found (an injection you just have to do once?) to make them avoid the shedding problem???? The million dollar question

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EMP BLAST to kill the NANO TECH... There is ALWAYS a Antidote for Every Bio Weapon produced in tandem to make sure the people who created do not get infected .. I'm just saying.

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Dear Dr. Ana. I appreciate your incredible work for all of humanity to find the answers to this travesty. I posted this link here before, and was hoping you might address whether magnets help in your opinion.


After I went to the dentist and got a needle injection in my gum, a short while later I had symptoms I’d not had before—nightly a scary crawling feeling on different parts of my body, and very extreme Insomnia. I then happened across that link about Morgellons, and bought and used magnets, and magnet bracelets, and the awful crawling sensations and insomnia stopped. Recently I was on a several hour car trip with my daughter and her nine year old who are both vaxxed, then afterward again felt the crawling sensation, used the magnets and magnet bracelets again, and it went away very soon. My question: Do you think magnets help in your opinion? They seemed to help me.

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‪Did you know if your in an accident and need a blood transfusion, hospitals get paid to pump you full of mRNA poisoned blood? Wanna lower your risk of cancer or death? Sign up (even if your vaxxed), find a compatible unvaxxed blood donor and be prepared. UnjectedBlood.com.‬

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We’re all being infiltrated with this nanotechnology in one way or another and have been for much longer than we know. Vaccination is just the most direct and effective method. It insures the cabal that people are getting the amount they need, in the time-frame that they need it done. We all know by now that they have a deadline for their agenda.

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As stated in this and previous articles, these "clots" are self assembling bio-plastics - and are not bacteria perse. The ghouls designing these types of "life" forms are insane and dangerous. They need to be stuffed into isolated rubber rooms and taught basket weaving... Here's an example of their "work". >

Coding for hydrogel organization through signal guided self-assembly

From the journal: Soft Matter

Issue 3, 2014


“Complex structured soft matter may have important applications in the field of tissue engineering and biomedicine. However, the discovery of facile methods to exquisitely manipulate the structure of soft matter remains a challenge. In this report, a multilayer hydrogel is fabricated from the stimuli-responsive amino polysaccharide chitosan by using spatially localized and temporally controlled sequences of electrical signals. By programming the imposed cathodic input signals, chitosan hydrogels with varying layer number and thickness can be fabricated. The inputs of electrical signals induce the formation of hydrogel layers while short interruptions create interfaces between each layer. The thickness of each layer is controlled by the charge transfer (Q = ∫idt) during the individual deposition step and the number of multilayers is controlled by the number of interruptions. Scanning electron micrographs (SEMs) reveal organized fibrous structures within each layer that are demarcated by compact orthogonal interlayer structures. This work demonstrates for the first time that an imposed sequence of electrical inputs can trigger the self-assembly of multilayered hydrogels and thus suggests the broader potential for creating an electrical “code” to generate complex structures in soft matter.”

Corresponding authors

Kun Yan, Fuyuan Ding, Hongbing Deng, Yumin Du, Xiao-Wen Shi

School of Resource and Environmental Science

Hubei Biomass-Resource Chemistry and Environmental Biotechnology

Key Laboratory, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China

William E. Bentley

Gregory F. Payne

Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research

Fischell Department of Bioengineering, University of Maryland at College Park

College Park, MD 20742, USA


Note the date of the Abstract. They have names, faces, and addresses. Any questions?

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Please give this some considered time. We are all in this together and we know they want us to fight and be distracted. THIS HAS MERIT.

The whole tobacco scam is blown out of the water by Japan. The incidence of lung cancer in this smoking community is very low. Their cigarettes do not have additives by law. In other countries there are up to 500 additives allowed , all have been tested for carcinogens BUT not tested burnt! The history of tobacco as a HEALTH product, especially an antiparasitic one, is very long and was well documented but try and find it now .

Could the reason that NO other researchers will check out what Ardis is sharing be the same as a horse being afraid of an electric fence, or is it snobbery?

I very much appreciate all the unpaid, extremely criticised, and by default dangerous work many are doing.

PREMIERE: Watch The Water 2: Closing Chapter


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Some vaccinated appear normal; time is a factor. Ana, your point is that if all have the nanos, they make the hydrogel; nanos are dropped also by chemtrails. And you've not sorted a solution for hydrogel.

I think I have the frame. If so, everyone is in deep crap with possible exception of the very few that seem to deal with the hydragel. If we have a small population may have the key, of part of the key.

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Ok. So everyone has the fibers, NOT everyone (the non vax) have the 'hydrogel' ... as that had to be injected. The rest of the contamination is able to pass from one person to another excepting the hydro gels? Oh, and EDTA IV is suppose to help? That's what I'm getting out of all of this... and keep your prophylaxes up and running ...

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Hello, Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD;

Thank you for doing & openly sharing such unique results of your research. Provided I understand correctly the hydrogel polymers mainly circulate/reside in our circulatory (blood) system. I want to mention the work of one Israel medical doctor who treated his drug addict patients using (relatively cheap) kidney dialysis machine. He come up with the new filter to clarify their blood from drug metabolites. After 3 days of treatment, 92% never wanted to use again. Maybe you should look at this direction. Best.

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Here is a link to the only public video in existence of the Mysterious Clot Creature moving inside the leg of a 17-year-old vaccinated child. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/Dr0ZcAeEfaU images courtesy of Paul Middleton is a vascular imaging expert from Perth, Australia. He specializes in identifying vascular clots and other inclusions

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These photos of blood are superb. Thankyou

Ana Mihalcea .

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Wow. More and more evidence of vaccine injuries are coming forward in the public domain. It is time for more honesty from officials. The products are not safe and effective. The public need to become more informed of how their current and future health conditions could be related to the vaccine. First and foremost, people need stand up and put their foot down. We are no longer playing your games.

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Can DMSO dissolve hydrogels?

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Thank you Ana for your research. I will take a slower look at it.

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Very Scary...is EDTA? the only way?

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