This treatment sounds incredible and beneficial for good health all around. How does anyone get the epithalon infusions?

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Is epithalon and GHK copper bioavailable sublingual or even through the gut?

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Is lowest dose of MB (1 drop of 1% solution - 0.5 mg) safe to combine with low dose duloxetine (60 mg/ day)?

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How did you adminstred the Methylene Blue to the pacient? Thank you for all your work!

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After reading Dr. Anas articles and these testimonies, I find myself in a predicament

My girlfriend, Who is a nurse, has been vaccinated twice with one booster shot. I am unvaccinated

I take a plethora of 25 different supplements including vitamin C, D, NAC, Quercetin, ivermectin, etc

We both have had Covid twice. I am 66 and she is 60. I don’t feel unhealthy when I am around her which makes me sometimes think she was administered a saline placebo. Wishful thinking?

What makes matters worse is that she is gaslit. She just doesn’t believe what is in the VAX.

Dr. Anna is there any hope for me?? I am in Minnesota. Where are these clinics that are not part of the CDC, where I can get proper medical testing?

This is a great forum and I appreciate everybody’s responses!!❤️🤗

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