Excellent article!

It looks like the actual "vaccinations" have become a side show, because there are many other delivery systems now, including "test" swabs, aerosolized nano-tech, and GMO mosquitoes.

On the other hand, I strongly doubt that genetic manipulation in humans is taking place. GMO mosquitoes, yes, they exists, but human development will need more test subjects, which will probably take place in the "Green Zones," once deportations start during the food/energy riots.

Still, messing with the human genetic code will be probably the demise of the technocrats, too, because they don't know what their quantum-nanotech graphene-based "super AI" that is running the worldwide simulation is doing, but its recommendations have been working out perfectly in the process of herding the masses towards their own extinction:


The simulation would need about 200 thousand years of the history of the human DNA in order to be able to formulate a working paradigm for genetic manipulation. The technocrats are conceited and impatient, so there is a good chance that their "genetic move" will be more devastating than a nuclear world war, an "alien attack" (that will also come on TV and in a few false flags), and a number of more devastating mass poisonings that emulate the appearance of a "pandemic" could ever accomplish.

mRNA seems to be a fad:


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Fortunately, Harari is homosexual and therefore the last of of the "Harari" lineage - what a blessing.

And Sapiens, the sociopathic midget is not. Anthropologists will have to invent some new strangely underdeveloped species when the jar containing the formolised ugly remains of this vicious goblin will be discovered in an ancient latrine.

What is happening all over the world is a desperate revolt of the NPCs. They don't understand "soul" for they don't have one, they are simple components of this game, trying to prevent the players from switching off the reality aggregator from the other side, which is unreachable and incomprehensible to them. They are trying to build their own reality and break it away from this one, while keeping it "alive" and self-contained somehow.

This is the real purpose of fringe technologies and occult research like the LHC at CERN, and they are failing. They cannot interfere with the true players - the spirits - so their new tactic is to keep the diver's suits we use to interact with this environment (called bodies) anchored to it by all means and hope this will keep the manufactured reality from collapsing when the players disconnect from it.

They have the same chances of success as any cartoon character on your tv screen trying to stop you from pressing the "off" button on your remote, but their revenge is in making our experience as unpleasant as possible, for as long as we and the game's complex algorithm allow them to do so.

Enjoy the ride ツ

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Thanks for the last 3 lines especially. F'harari.

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Songs are the original computer programs

I wrote one long ago, one of my first ,mostly abandoned,but a great refrain ...

Sitting trapped in the flesh,

Spirit s got to sing....

Cartwheels ...

May gets a rewrite ?...


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Nicely said Ana! I would have little to add to your commentary, at least at this time. This is truly new information spelled out in an understandable way. We humans are at a crossroad, unfortunately there are so many ways "they" can act against us, we must be aware. Thank you for the realization of the up coming war. We can pray!

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Fascinating information.

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Wow. Excellent! I Absolutely LOVE this!! One of the best articles I have read!! Thank you Dr. Ana, and thank for your honest account of your experience during the interview with Dr. Len. I was very touched by it. I prayed that you would heal completely from it, as I too can relate. I have been targeted as well. Different experience, but same bat-channel, and mine is ongoing. Looking back, I believe mine started sometime prior to end of 2019. And by the beginning of the so-called-virus in 2020, and then, by the time of the arm-boops to follow, I "knew" that it was all somehow all connected, and connected to what was happening to me, or, should I say, being done to me. (I couldn't even imagine what the connection could be at the time, as I am a salesperson by trade, and by no means a scientist in any regard - I am limited to one biology class in high school.) But as time went on, I kept reading and researching, and things just became clearer and clearer to me as I have listened and read many, many, many experts (in various fields) along the way. If nothing else, I am comforted by your work, so thank you.

"Because as spiritual beings we are ONE, this internal change creates a ripple effect in the world."

Makes me think of it this way: Jesus is the head, and His people are "the Body." Makes perfect sense. I am praying for your protection throughout this battle.

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Love reading Dr. Ana's info. Like many others, it is a welcome source of what makes sense to a living man or woman who already acknowledges God the Creator. I left my position as a med tech in a major hospital as the tsunami of MKUltra programming overwhelmed the place. I need the input from Dr. Ana to keep me grounded. As a worker in an alternative healing center in NJ there are often many opportunities to share thoughts with coworkers and clients which reinforce the idea we are what we eat and also WHAT WE THINK. We employ PEMF, yoga, Reiki, Harmonic Egg, and other methods. It has, however, become ever more clear to me personally how we also "can move mountains" to help people heal by convincing them they have the soul to do the same. Thank you Dr. Ana.

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Regarding your statement that there is nothing in the Bible when humans become economically (or in general) passe.....I beg to differ. In fact, the Bible has already told us that the "beast system" is coming, and to not be deceived by it. If people had read their Bible, they probably would not have taken the shot, knowing what the truth is as led by the Holy Spirit, and also, an investigative nature. In my opinion, the "shot" IS the mark of the beast, and God tells us we are not supposed to take it, if we want to be raptured (harpazo) and avoid the Tribulation which is to follow. We also know that Satan (Harari, et al) has ALREADY been defeated at the cross, so, they can talk a good game, but in the final analysis, they will not achieve their goals, except, perhaps to take many people along with themselves to hell. Seek HIM while you may. The harvest is in full operation.....to separate the wheat from the tares, so that he can take his sheathes to the barn. You have no idea what kind of spiritual warfare in which we are truly engaged. Read the Bible and find out, the WHOLE truth. John 10: 1-2 Verily, Verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber. But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep.

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Apologies, due to popular request, I have updated the reasons why mRNA is unlikely to be used in public:


I left out gaslighting sites like Mercola's that further substantiates my conjecturing.

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I just wish this stayed theory. Lol. How creepy, however, it makes total sense. The pushing of these things in the face of all the data showing harm pretty much solidifies it.

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come on admit it, you are taking the piss, aren't you?

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