Dear Dr. Ana. This might be useful for you, therefore I wanna keep myself short. I'm a chemist who has working experience in the pharmaceutical industry. After receiving two doses of Spikevax Moderna in 2021 I quickly developed piercing chest pain, my worst and still ongoing "side effect". The cardiologist couldn't find anything using only echocardiography and ECG. Luckily I didn't do an MRI (gadolinium!).

Treatments I tried: 1. ozone infusion (10 sessions), 2. Calcium disodium edetate (CaNa2EDTA) infusion (3 sessions), 3. Acetylglutathione+vit. C infusion (1000 mg only).

Beside ozone infusion, CaNa2EDTA was the best way to clear out these foreign graphene ribbons. I still found one under dark field microscopy that literally bursted one of my erythrocytes, but I felt an immediate mental clarity after the first EDTA infusion session! The chest pain still remains, but was lowered by approx. 10 %. Before I got my first EDTA infusion, the membranes of my erythrocytes were very thin and barely visible. Huge graphene ribbons were clearly visible.

But the craziest part were my results for the heavy metals measured via IPC-MS. I had 4 times higher value of gadolinium even though I never received an MRI!?! Gadolinium was also found in these shots.

I can share some screenshots of my blood analysis as well as the results of my heavy metal test after the first EDTA infusion. Edit: Click on my profile to see the pictures of my live blood analysis.

Toxicity of graphene oxide depends on the following factors: dose, lateral size, and surface charge.

An article named "Endoperoxides Revealed as Origin of the Toxicity of Graphene Oxide" stated that EDTA does not influence the endoperoxides induced by GO, but an oligonucleotide linked with a fluorescein derivative significantly decreased the reactivity. Edit (@readers): You can find the full article I'm referencing if you paste this DOI (without") "DOI: 10.1002/anie.201507070" into Sci-Hub.

I was also found 2 papers that use kaolin as an "antidote" for GO.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.estlett.8b00135

DOI: 10.1039/C8MD00633D

For your readers: Regarding supplements I take NAC, quercetine, Zn, nattokinase, serrapeptase, cats claw, vit. C, vit. D3 and bunch of others occasionally.

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God bless you, Dr. Ana. Ever since the start of the pandemic, I have stopped going to hospitals. I don't trust hospitals anymore. I want to help my family members who are vaccinated. Where can people get EDTA Chelation, Vitamin C infusions, and where can people purchase Epithalon? God bless you!!!

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Dr Ana, I have forwarded this to everyone i know . Not a lot of places offer EDTA Chelation.

I have seen it work for many other things.

Keep up the beautiful work you are doing.

Thank you.

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Twenty years ago I booked my diabetic dad in for IV chelation yet his doctor convinced him otherwise to have 'angioplasty'. The errr... 'medical professional' performing the op. went into the arteries of his legs not once but three times... tragic Papa survived the barbarism just ten days! His GP actually said '...if I could cure you that easily, I wouldn't be sat here' and '...if you want that, you'll probably have to fly to Melbourne' - from Sydney, NSW.

Like many other comments here, I try to take responsibility for my own health, and I have entirely disconnected myself from all doctor$ and hospital$!

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Dr. Ana, I realize you are rapidly evolving your therapy.

Just to be clear, in an earlier post you wrote that one day after clearing people's blood with EDTA, it was contaminated again.

Does this post today mean that the second EDTA chelation (along with 20,000 mg. vitamin C) worked well enough that only monthly EDTA treatments were necessary? And what then is the role of daily EDTA cream?

In a post later than the first mentioned post above, you mentioned IV vitamin C, IV glutathione, NAC, humic and fulvic acid, and a host of other supplements. Do you use those too or have you found them unnecessary? I am asking for everyone who can't get your treatments or can't get to someone who can give similar treatments and want to do what we can for ourselves. Thank you!

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Dr. Ana, seems you work hella hard. And your work is helping me sort this out, seeing all this damage and repair, and sorting out my own previous confusions as to the cause of disease. You might try Burdock root tea as an adjunct food, I think it (with inulin and quercitin) cleaned up my blood back in late 2019, and got me right again. Thanks so

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Amazing work!! 💯

I am confused.

You know you have detractors, one Substack has research showing EDTA IV Chelation causes death, yet you haven't seen that in thousands of cases, in fact just the opposite!

Geoff Paine PhD is highly critical and is another researcher who denies what you have documented (and I have seen!) so convincingly:


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Thank you for these AMAZING before and after pictures!! You are a true hero. Thank you for helping so many people!!

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For all of those doing these treatments, you should know that you are flying in the face of those who want to reduce the world population by 95%! I trust we can all do this under the radar, and support anyone providing these services.

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Please be safe. I’m worried for your safety because you are into something so monumental it will screw up their plans.

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Dr. Ana, you are a blessing to these people that have damage to their blood from whatever source and are unable to function at an acceptable level.

I think we are all carrying this type of damage within us because that is part of the global plan. The problem I see is that it is not sustainable to have treatments monthly for the remainder of our lives. We have the cost and the distance to travel to obtain them. It is criminal of these people to put us in this position.

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Fantastic work...we thank you. Difficult to find this treatment and very pricey when you do...but yes, let's visualize these clinics on every street...

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For everyone looking for somewhere to get EDTA chelation - check out your local Naturopathic Doctor! They will be able to point you in the right direction - your MD will likely be clueless to this type of treatment.

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How long does the clean blood last for?

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Hi Dr. Ana, I was wondering if the oral form of EDTA is effective as well, for those who may not be able to get to an IV clinic? Thank you so much!

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My experience with nattokinase and serrapeptase: My doctor recommended Dr.'s Best Natto-Serra, each capsule containing 2000 f.u., so two capsules twice daily was prescribed. Took it for six months and nothing. So I upped the dose using another brand that contained 4 times the amount per capsule and have been using it 4 times daily. The serrapeptase came separately and was a very big dose. Now I'm seeing results and hope I can wean myself off the HIV drug maraviroc, which I have been on for more than a year for systemic vascular inflammation and which over time has wasted my body mass and driven my triglycerides through the roof and done alot of other damage which I hope isn't permanent.

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