Have you looked at your own blood yet Ana? If not, is there a reason you aren't looking? I'm really curious about non-vaxxed blood showing up with these materials. It makes me think it is already being distributed by the food supply and other supplements/medications, and shedding of course.

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Nov 23, 2022Liked by Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

Ana, you are an incredible human being! I "discovered" you only recently - watched your interviews with Stew Peters - and I was so happy to learn about a PhD scientist who writes books about Light medicine and who is searching for methods how to heal millions (or possibly even billions) of people injured by vaxx or through shedding. I watched the Died Suddenly documentary yesterday and cried my eyes out thinking about all those who have already died or are living now in agony and those who are about to die... You and other good-hearted scientists with integrity give us all hope!!!

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Dr. Ana,

Thanks for all your information. In your video you expressed a need that more doctors know about the EDTA and use it to treat patients.

I am Thomas Kasperek, Practice Manager for Dr. Lily David Institute of Health & Healing, Inc., and we have successfully treated over 2,400 COVID-related cases. We follow the FLCCC protocols and becoming National Practice Partners with Dr. Simone Gold's GoldCare. Dr. Daphne Kasperek, my wife, is our physician provider, and we are both interested in fighting spike protein toxicity and the long-term effects of the disease/bioweapon.

I am contacting you because we want to immediately begin administering the EDTA chelation therapy along with IV treatments of other nutrients and supplements.

We would appreciate having a conversation or Zoom with you to consult and to source the treatments to administer in our practice. Please advise.


Rev. Thomas Kasperek, Practice Manager

Dr. Lily David Institute

(202) 957-8454



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Dr Ana you wrote to me advising me to do Chelation therapy for the graphine and other issues I was having. I sent you a microscope slide of my live blood after it sat on my microscope a few days. I have had 6 IV Chelation and see less graphine and metal particles in my blood. Thanks so much for that advice. Patti Wooldridge RN BSN

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I can guarantee that after 17 months of looking at live blood I have seen graphine like particles and ribbons in blood of non vaxed, non covid and in the blood of patients who had covid who knew it and didn't know it. I haven't found anyone yet that didn't have it so far. Some people have rouloux so bad that they need to have a DDimer test.

Patti RN BSN

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Dr.Ana, I recently purchased my first jars of EDTA cream. I understand I am supposed to take daily mineral supplementation, which is my norm anyway.

Are you recommending any particular mineral blends or brands? Also, what type of detox symptoms might I bexperience initially?

I am very grateful to have discovered you. 

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I have been so interested in live blood analysis and your findings of the ribbons that I got a dark field microscope so I could check our blood and anyone else who would like to have their blood checked. My husband and I are unvaccinated and had covid over a year ago. It's not an expensive one, under $500 but when I checked out blood, I saw a couple of ribbons just like you have pictures of. I am going to a naturepathic Dr to get EDTA chelation treatment. Thanks for all you do.

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Well, I found that fascinating. Suppository route... I also have a good friend who likes doing that, he also has weird taste in 80's music, more so then me.

I've always used nutrition to my advantage grew up with Mediterranean diet, after Army I found I've knack for autodidact so I studied Nutrition, Herbalism, Nutraceuticals, quantum physics, spiritualism, biodynamics and lots of stuff. After I discovered a really nasty allopathic medicine a Dr had prescribed me, was for anti fungal, was also anti parasitic, I felt better after one of those nasty pills, BOOM light bulb, wasn't too comfortable with deformed Sperm , see nasty pill. So I searched out natural parasitic cleansing and heavy metal detox, which was all via oral route. I learned to use my flushes by experimenting on myself.

No more trackers, no more rashes. Always use to get it traveling on planes after jabs, no more.

Haven't listen to these guys in awhile they are on a role.


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I pray that we are successful with this project.

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Nov 25, 2022·edited Nov 25, 2022

Is the suppositories from Detoxamin Edta chelation equivalent to the IV route? Considering this for my vax sons, I have apprehensions about ETDA risks and complexities.

My sons are already taking humic acid, NAC, Natto, Serrapeptase, and Noni (for Nitric Oxide production). With hesperidin and Lumbrokinase on alternative months. Mostly advice from dr. Ana.

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Amazing what good can come out of the darkest of evil.

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I note that non vaxed people have the same issues in blood with heavy metals and graphene and black sliver like structures that I see with my microscope. Wet mount slides show these things better than blood drawn across a slide by another slide. Non vaxed has rouloux just like the vaxed but it may or may not be as severe as the vaxed. I do see strings forming up in vaxed blood on a fresh slide that I don't see with the unvaxed I've been looking at blood for 2 years now my own included. I sent Dr Ana a picture of mine a long time ago and followed her recommendations and some of my own and it helped.

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Can chelation therapy be done on people with titanium implants?

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Thank you so much, I was really waiting for this kind of informations to appear and you kindly offered it to the world ! I am in such gratitude, I thank you guys for keeping searching for truth and solutions and being so kind and so dedicated. Bless you, and take good care. I'll continue to follow your amazing work. :))))

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Dr. Ardis disclosed this also. He said 5 mM completely inhibits.

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