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Thank you Dr. Ana..... I have such respect for you and Maria and incredible admiration for Celeste

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It's not that bad. Does an ant war against a tank? of course not.

Loserfer, the other fallen angels, and all the demons et al are the ants.

Guess who the tank squadron is? No worries, Jesus The Christ has this.


Renounce Repent Receive

Luciferians, Satanists (or other name you go by)

Lucifer/Satan is a liar

He WILL NOT be able to defeat Almighty God

Serving Satan sentences you to damnation

that is approaching you very rapidly.

If you don't believe me then summon Satan

and every fallen angel and demon that exists

and send them against me at the same time.

You will learn that their powers combined

can do NOTHING to me and I Am a mere human.

You may avoid your fate of damnation by

renouncing Satan, repenting for your sins and

receiving Jesus The Christ's free gift of salvation.

Renounce Satan, Repent Sins, Receive Salvation.

To your awareness.. ~Mark The AntiSatan


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Thanks for posting this. Celeste mentions that the evils ones are doing "directed evolution" (which is exactly what that Pfizer director Jordon Trishton Walker told Project Veritas a few short months ago. We've also been told that the evil ones were trying out lots of different elements in the injections (the patents describe a myriad of 'embodiments' that could be in any of them) and when I saw the graphs Team Enigma made with the VAERS data my first thought was that it looked like scientists were conducting an LD50 experiment (when 50% of a population will die). This is worse that even I thought and I knew it was bad from the beginning. Rudolf Steiner told us that the evils ones were going to try to kill us off with injections and disconnect humanity from our Creator by doing so. Celeste said she was warned by her father that "the next genocide would be on her watch"...and many of us in these forums know we spiritually chose to be here at this time. As Maria Zeee says, "buckle up"! I don't think praying is enough...get out there and PREACH people. And Blessings to all in this amazing circle.

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Morgellons is/ was a test drive with the artificial intelligence invading the body. Very painful and initially frightening. A heavy metal detox & on my knees repentance ( for looking into new age reiki etc for relief) helped tremendously.

Thank you for sharing this video here. Looking forward to it.

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Even if…if a person has received Jesus Christ as their savior then the Holy Spirit is in literal residence in their spirit. There is nothing that man or demon can do to take that person out of the hand of God. There is nothing that evil itself can do to control the mind of a juman that is under the control and infilling of The Spirit of God Almighty. At the very most, this brings about the second coming of Jesus.

So, make sure that you have asked Jesus to be your savior so your eternity can be with him and not with the others. If you need info or help just holler. In the mean time, God is on the throne and is in control! Even if things looks bad to our very short sighted human eyes, HE knows what HE is doing.

Love and peace above all to everyone.

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Thank you Dr. Ana.....I totally agree the Celeste and Maria are amazing women.

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Thank you Dr. Ana for all you do. I watch and read all of your work.

I watched Stew Peters interview with Mat Taylor. He examined under microscope dental anesthetics and found the same Nanotech in them as in the jabs. Also, he asked the dentist to give him older anesthetics and the older ones did not have the nanotech in them: https://rumble.com/v2m8fye-report-nanotech-found-in-dental-anesthetics-nanotech-found-in-vaxx-also-obs.html

I am unjabbed. Months ago I chipped a front tooth, my dentist gave me a needle in the area to numb before repairing the tooth. A short while later, I started having some symptoms I’d never had before: extreme insomnia, and then a crawling feeling on different parts of my body, which was very disturbing! I then happened across the article linked below which relates Morgellons to what’s occurring now to much of the population. Just as you Dr. Ana have said Morgellons is similar or the same thing, tho given a different name.

A quote from article linked below: “Through experimentation on myself I have determined that this is a magnetic problem. This is nanotechnology which is electrically based which can be affected by magnetism. This microscopic circuitry can be slowed down or destroyed by subjecting the body to a strong magnetic field.”

I already take vitamins and supplements, am not one to try too many unusual other things I’m not sure about...so the only one thing different I did after reading the below link was ordered two magnetic bracelets. They helped very much. No more insomnia, or crawling sensations. Passing this along in case using magnets does indeed work to help in some way. Perhaps Dr. Ana can check into this.


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Boy, that’s a lot to take in. I’ll do some research and follow Celeste too. I already follow Maria.

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WEll, this sounds so very very cheery. Typical Solum..."Celeste Solum"..man, genius that...fear porn. Perfect time to put her up, full moon eclipse, shadow players time.

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Just to clarify ... ‘the new humans will come forth from vaccinated parents’ and ‘all reproduction will be artificial in pods’.... these two statements don’t mesh. Which is true?

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I woke up this morning and knew that someone ( looks like me) must inform and warn the tribal people in North America. It is unconsienceable that they will be the victims of another extinction event. It was reported in 2021 that native people had some of the highest COVID death rates in America, They then targeted tribal people to get vaccinated. Today I will reach out to my neighbors the Seminole elders as well as the Dine Nation in New Mexico.

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You are one gutsy lady...And, though all seems so far-out; IT'S ALL REAL.

Keep swinging Dr. Mihalcea and maybe find a moment to put your feet

up and take a break. 🎯🙏🏻

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Is there a way to share this video? I’d like to send it to a few people that I don’t have emails for.

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Nano cars started in 1998, same as the DARPA initiative. Plus they're using electron microscopes.

"“This is the beginning of our ability to demonstrate nanoscale manipulation with control around obstacles and speed and will pave the way for much faster paces and eventually for carrying cargo and doing bottom-up assembly."

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Finally yay you got Celest Solum to put her vast amount of research with yours to come to the full picture! I think I had been mentioning you doing interviews but not sure if you saw those. Anyway, I know it’s really scary stuff, hard to hear, but we need to piece it all together. I remember Celeste talking about project ADAM, and the rabbit hole went scary deep, but the dots sooo connected...thanks for showing this!:)

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This is such a powerful video!!! And so is the one you did with Major Prather. THESE ARE MUST SEE VIDEOS!!!! I wish your book was on Audible...

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