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Thank you Dr. Ana for speaking up when many doctors are cowards. The Vaccinated are definitely shedding as Dr. Thorpe showed. If they are giving these poisons to babies, what else would they do? We have to focus on our individual health. Eat organic, take NAC, get sunshine, have a good positive attitude and have no fear.

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Thank you Dr. Ana. I am going to inquire tomorrow about Chelation Therapy for my wife and I. We are currently living under a commercial flight path, I'm sure we are vulnerable to the Chemtrails, GO through shedding as well. There are so many ways one could come to have these toxins get into our systems and cause trouble. Thank you for brining this treatment modality to mind. Not to mention I have CHD.

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Is a physician required for EDTA chelation therapy and is there a directory of places that provide this service?

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according to a NIST summary about graphene and its oxides compounds, one of its main rchemical educers is actually HYDROGEN PEROXIDE(H2O2). With that, I'd have a question, posted in few places, with no response so far, unfortunately. Does anyone do ear cleaning with H2O2, and if so, does anyone find a black powder coming out of own ears after 1-2 days??? It is NOT a joke.

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This is so disheartening, I see those chem trails everywhere.

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HI Ana

I am a student in RSE and live in Spain. I have planes to go to USA and work, Have now got my green Card. Do you sell EDTA Chelation? I am not sure where i will live yet, maybe not in Yelm in the beginning.



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I’d hug you IF I COULD. I have been tracking our skies for well over 13 years.

Fell into a rabbit hole on weather wars.

Saw Dimming. See how our natural blue

Skies at 11 am get smeared by chem trails

To a murky gray white sky. Total war on US and I show people, few ever grasp what is happening. I know the war is on

Has been for quite some time.

I’ll reread your solution. Nice to know

You know. I know most just stare at their

Screens. I am on the road most days so

I see clearly that this is happening and I

Want it to stop yesterday.

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