Keep on, keeping on! I've been sharing every show your on, like a mad woman!!!

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With Bidens Executive order, the U.S. Govt will know; When you get paid, how much, when you buy something, it's cost, where, and if you are allowed to have it.

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The majority of the discussion fails to define the actual issues. The use of EDTA therapies will not resolve wide spread dispersal of aerosolised metals into the atmosphere. Geoengineering patents describing these metallic compounds can be found here: > https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/links-to-geoengineering-patents/

See Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) addressing the health consequences of prolonged exposures to these materials...

There have been published peer reviewed articles describing biological warfare methods for nearly 60 years. Attempting to "chelate" these materials out of our polluted environmental systems, is pure fantasy. You may have some success with an individuals health regime, but as soon as that individual ventures outside or ingests contaminated food or water, they are re-contaminated. It is fantasy.

The use of electromagnetic broadcast in civilian and military communications is a only TINY part of the electromagnetic hijacking of human souls. HAARP and SBX radar hacking of the ionosphere, has decimated ALL of Earth's natural environments. Contrary to the populist propaganda, Ozone depletion has become a major driver of species loss world wide.

Light energy use? Hello? Anyone understand the psycho-effective use of LED street lighting? LED computer screens? The use of LED illumination in automotive applications? The use of unnatural light products grows daily. Then see this: >http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photophosphorylation

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I have been watching Jonathan Otto's New Hope series in which he presents quite the line-up of doctors who've successfully treated patients with jab injuries. I'm pretty sure there will be a replay of all the videos this weekend. Today's episode is about how to holistically restore health https://newhopeseries.com/episode-9-live/.

The substack vaxxfacts.info lists a number of helpful resources for people seeking to heal from the gene therapy, as well.

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And NOBODY is addressing it in Congress, left or right! Our “ vaunted elected representatives”. WHO and what do they represent? Globalist Kleptocorporate multinational monopolisistic megalomaniacal psychopathic technocrats.

One side pretends to “ care” about saving the Earth from “ Climate Change” by robbing us of every creature comfort and using us as lab rats, scream about diversity , women’s healthcare and reproductive rights… and forced unsafe mRNA poison darts, and sending our children to die in foreign wars.

The other side claims to be “ pro-life”,because every fertilized egg is an unborn child, pro-freedom,religious liberty , right to privacy,small government, free speech yet confuse the Constitution with their fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible and sends those “ precious lives” to fight foreign wars.

Screaming about “ Losing Our Democracy” but rigging elections, not allowing pragmatic, independent voices and forcing us to choose between awful and lethal.We lost our democracy years ago and now we have lost our sovereign republic As the duplicitous, duopolous bastards steal our souls.Shutting down Tucker was a whole of UniParty effort.If anybody wonders why nobody is ever held accountable, it because the corrosive criminality is bipartisan.

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Thanks for the tip. I used to take PubMed seriously, but see below comment.

Despite the thousands of studies, testimonials and published papers on the benefits of EDTA, online sites such as PubMed, will not support EDTA therapy or benefits.


Anything that will cut into the profits of ludicrously expensive medical treatments (like bypass surgery) will be condemned by the same media outlets they control (pretty much everything online and on the news).

---Dr. Michael Roth

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Watch here about EDTA chelation:


Best detoxification available to human body is raw high water fruit to clean your lymph system where most of the heavy metals are. What you see in the blood is only part of the picture.

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Ana, you must not trust any pharmaceutical product at this time knowing the evil plan to contaminate everything. Don't prescribe any phalsemaceutical drug to the people. Trust the natural products, they are many times more powerful and trustworthy.

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God's Word -- The Truth. Matt. 10:28 “And fear not them which kill the body, but are NOT ABLE TO KILL THE SOUL: but rather fear Him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” His word is Spirit to spirit. Flesh can not understand nor abide in it. That's why so many are fearing wicked men. It will be to their own demise. The answer -- the only answer -- is to walk/abide in Truth. Yeshua/Jesus IS Truth itself.

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After years of looking videos of the topic, I have the following equatioin describing the Bioweapon that came into the hand(through the arm by the vax) and into the forehead (through the nose by the pcr swab) as was predicted in the bible. Bioweapon = Graphene+luciferase+5G. From these, the identification component(mark) is the luciferase, the control valve is the graphene, and the power source is 5G

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Can you think of a better way to stop this agenda than to produce a small, pocket sized device consumers can take into stores to check for the synthetic biology?

What frequency was it? What kind of device captures this frequency? an audible spectrum analyzer? I don't see how.

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Great interview. For a video that will blow you away watch "NASA War Document vs. Humanity Found on NASA Site" on Rumble. Totally backs up Dr. Ana's findings.

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Hello. I want to buy the product EDTA, but I can't from Belgium - your system is only intended for American users. How can I get this product?

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All souls belong to Jesus and NO, no entities or anything else can take control of souls away from Him.

-- Years ago I heard a witch make the exact same claim, that they could capture people's souls, that is a lie straight from Satan.

-- Jesus said to fear He Who could DESTROY both body AND SOUL, which He could not do righteously / legally if they didn't belong to Him, the same as one cannot righteously / legally destroy anything that doesn't belong to them.

THEY WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO CAPTURE OR OTHERWISE CONTROL SOULS because they'd have to overpower Jesus which is absolutely impossible.

And it's very counter-productive to pass on this old and totally false claim of witches.

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