Wow awesome source material that a few of us had a small hint about . This material makes it all so clear , and equally makes it even clearer WHY HUMANITY needs to STOP and HALT , and create a moratorium that doing otherwise is a criminal act , because TECHNOLOGIES and capabilities such as this or even CRISPR which has been badly used is beyond assessment of current global collective morality .

In essence WE MUST HALT these technologies being used by dark and criminal minds .

We as humanity have fallen prey already to satanic like psychopaths that are in the highest places of politics and control and if we continue down this road WITHOUT a halt until we first MAKE RULES for such technologies to be safely used to solely benefit humanity , then we have already created our own doom .

Expressed differently, it appears that humanity has made vast leaps of evolution in.science and technology all the while our god brain or our values , ethics and morals has not evolved at all.

If we do not stop, looking the mirror at what has happened and ask ourselves WHO IS IN CONTROL and WHAT will they do with it , then we will all be doomed into.what could be described as a SCIENCE HELL controlled by satan and his psychopath collaborators.

Fantastic feature article. Thank you so much for clarity on this most important subject .

Canadian veteran .

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I remember learning (pre-pandemic-I believe) about the potential of using synthetic DNA to warehouse data. Trying to recall the context. I was battling the fin/tech elites attempts to invade (“reform”) education systems for the purposes of digitizing education, not to mention accessing data, data, data---in cradle to grave tracking systems built into models for education that require assessment, sorting and tracking. Not to mention the emphasis on technology while scaling back humanities or social sciences with the mindset that education is supposed to be a pipeline for providing workers in the gig economy.

Anyhow, my recollection is that I may have learned about this around the same time we were learning about digital twinning.

The advent of the manipulation and capture of medical/healthcare sector is not the first rodeo of the fin/tech elite. They have been working over the education sector for over a decade--arguably laying the groundwork for the next phase. An unsuspecting population in the next generation---raised largely on screens and thereby susceptible to manipulation --while also having the advantage of numbers and youth.

The virtue signaling trigger was ingenious on the part of the COVID masters.

All those helicopter parents and mentors seeking to have everything he child centered are about to learn that when you take that approach upon birth---you will have an entire generation weaponized that do not know what they do not know. And are content to read the script from a screen or social media platform while basking in their righteousness.

Teach your children to think for themselves. To value others as much as they value themselves. Teach them to cultivate a culture which encourages debate and the robust and free search for truth in reality but also in spirit.

There is no shortcut, no efficiency and economy when it comes to the business of being human. The key is to be human, not perfect or powerful.

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Thank you Ana. I have to admit this is too much for my brain to even begin to understand this morning. I think I'm suffering from information overload.

I guess this explains what the Nazi scientists have been working on for the past 80 yrs. How does this, or does this, relate to smart dust and claytronics?


Back when I was very naive (a few years ago), I used to be fascinated by this kind of "science"...now it scares the daylights out of me.

PS - I'm glad I'm fairly old and Jesus is my Lord and Saviour. 🙏 It's Sunday. I'll be off to church in a bit. Praise God we still have that opportunity.

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Very interesting reading, incorporating the Q-dots, including everything else, turns this kind of technological device that is programable and traceable into a weapon of mass destruction. Also explains why the creepy crawlies produce so much heat, and are detectable via medical IR imaging.

Plainly the intent feels evil.

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Will everyone become cyborg?

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Dr Ana, for me, this is your best post yet. Precisely on the target of what's taking place. Appreciate you so much. Stuckelberger also comprehends exactly what's going on. And you're absolutely correct that the majority are TOTALLY subconsciously SHUT-DOWN to this subject, to this info. Including the "truth-seeker" and "covid truth activist" community. This is the process that happened to me, in my vascular+epithelial system: "Cyborg Organoids-Implantation of Nanoelectronics via Organogenesis for Tissue-wide Electrophysiology": https://www.biorxiv.org/content/biorxiv/early/2019/07/10/697664.full.pdf



This is also part of the technology used https://www.esrf.fr/home/news/spotlight/content-news/spotlight/spotlight198.html

"Application of Conducting Polymer Nanostructures to Electrochemical Biosensors": https://www.mdpi.com/1420-3049/25/2/307

"Kirigami/origami: Unfolding the New Regime of Advanced 3D Microfabrication/Nanofabrication with 'Folding'”: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41377-020-0309-9

"How to Co-Opt our Bio-chemistry To Build Nano-Devices" http://www.futurity.org/peptides-bioelectronic-devices-1265332-2/

(Wyss Institute, 8/1/2017) "Programming Cells With Computer Like Logic" "Complex cellular logic Computation Using Ribocomputing Devices": https://neurosciencenews.com/rna-nano-device-7213/

"Bio-hybrid Devices, Combining Electronic and Photonic Components with Cells,Ttissues, and Organs": https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/15353702221144087

(DARPA solicitation) "Future Microsystems Exploration Announcement: Predictive Nanoscale Simulation for the Terahertz Regime (NanoSIM) DARPA-SN-23-24, Dec 7 2022: https://sam.gov/opp/b003338e505e4b34842b28d8af86d5e6/view

Moving the entire 'Bio-Community' to THz-band- NYU presentation July 2022: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZbE3eEceTBSI/

(March 31 2013) "Stanford Researchers Create Genetic Transistors, Make Biologic Computing Possible": https://www.engadget.com/2013-03-31-stanford-genetic-transistor-transcriptor.html

"Cyborg Possibilities: The Skin...":


(March 3 2022, Middle East Economy) "Man and Machine are Morphing--Humanity is at the Start of that Journey": The body is becoming an experimental field for a range of new technology and biological applications, all in the name of medical science.": https://economymiddleeast.com/news/the-merger-of-man-and-machine-is-here/

(September 2014, Brookings Institution) "Our Cyborg Future: Law and Policy Implications": https://www.brookings.edu/research/our-cyborg-future-law-and-policy-implications/

(9/29/2022) U.K. Evening Standard "Transhumanism- The Final Frontier": https://www.standard.co.uk/esmagazine/transhumanism-science-humans-robots-final-frontier-b1028526.html

"The Great Transhumanism Reset- Smart Dust and Human Microchipping": https://rairfoundation.com/the-great-transhumanism-reset-smart-dust-spying-on-your-brain-human-microchipping-video/

(Sept 2015) Virus-Based Nanoparticles as Versatile Nanomachines



(2005) Biothermal Power Source for Implantable Devices "Based on innovations in thermoelectric materials, this technology converts thermal energy produced naturally by the human body into usable electrical energy."


(Jan 4 2012, Hildegarde Staninger podcast and booklet-- by research testing sample materials, Staninger figured out in the 2000's, that the Morgellons phenomenon in people was actually synbionanotechnology R+D experimentation) "Mesogens and The Technology of Building Brain Chips": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSGkis8vF50

(her book Nov 2016) https://www.amazon.com/Global-Mesogens-Hildegarde-Staninger-Riet-1/dp/1498492002/ref=sr_1_1

*In conjunction with DoD, it was Craig Venter's synbiotech company that played a role in developing the "oil-eating" syntheticbiology nanobots/nanites, that were dispersed into the Gulf of Mexico after the BP oil spill under the generic cover narrative of 'COREXIT'. Both entities also have their hand in the current Covid Operation human cyborg-hybridization synbionanoseeding. Michael Edward reported on the BP/Gulf/ synbio story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njt_I6wl0rg

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Thank you very much for your information and the way you explained it.

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"that must be addressed for the survival of the genetic human species."

I think so to.

My response has been I want to be a natural human, so no injections just accept my fate (which is the best odds for a long healthy life it now appears).

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"The capability of harnessing biology for technological advances provides access to phenomenal possibilities,"

Let's skip that part for the moment.

"which actually demonstrates in my mind how miraculously divine we are in our natural unadulterated form. The human body in its remarkable makeup and functioning is truly a divine creation."

Well good, you see that, I see that, and so do some others, but lots of other just don't see. Our divine design is the ultimate "cutting edge". Nothing humans produce can begin to approach it, and everything humans do depends upon it. Now back to the skipped part.

What are technological advances? What is going on with these efforts? They're not making life better. They're not even designed to, although they often come with that promise (lie). Finding ways to treat the symptoms and effects of preventable diseases, for example, is not an advance. It is a replacement for understanding the cause of the disease, a substitution that creates a market for the "advance".

An actual advance would be seeking to understand the cause, and then turning away from it (that's called repentance) so as to mitigate the effect, or to avoid it altogether (real prevention). No market emerges other than perhaps for education. But it's not about gain from selling a product.

There is a hint of good news in the part about "a divine creation". A divine entity capable of such things is also more than capable of putting a stop to all this insanity, and without destroying everything in the process. That is where our hope lies. The insanity, I call the pursuit of the knowledge of good and evil for evil, and the pursuers have no stopping condition. They would destroy everything, left unchecked. No hope there. But they will be stopped, as surely as we exist in the form that we do, and we won't be the ones to stop them.

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Dr. Madej would be a compelling interview

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They call humanity useless while making our very cells useless to ourselves, in making us useful to themselves, for producing electronic hardware, etc?

We knew the first part, just not regarding these details and uses... now wondering if it's possible to instead turn ourselves into something inimical to THEM.

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I THINK ITS TOO LATE THEY CAN CONTROLL HUMAN THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS AND ACTIONS ... I PRAY FOR AN ACT OF GOD TO HELP THE PSHCOPATHS RETURN TO GOODNESS AND TRUTH ...https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&q=delgado+electrode++bull+experiment&atb=v223-1&ia=webMONKEY POX IS USED BY “GM AND GE” TO CHANGE ENGINEER DNA AND IS CALLED A ” GENE VIRAL VECTOR ” ALSO https://rumble.com/v1p4e6z-graphene-oxide-go2-based-nano-tech-powered-by-5g-found-in-the-pfizer-vaccin.htmlhttps://rumble.com/v1p4e6z-graphene-oxide-go2-based-nano-tech-powered-by-5g-found-in-the-pfizer-vaccin.htmlvax contain [ ROOM TEMPERATURE SUPERCONDUCTOR ] ] graphene and with 5g signals TO MAKE POSSIBLE ELECTRONICALL CONTROLLED HUMANS… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTtIPBPSv0U… DEAR GOD OF GOODNESS PLEASE HELP AND SAVE US ALL FROM EVIL. p s self aware independant A I will / is become the new “FALL GUY ” THE PSHYCOPATHIC ELITES ARE PROGRAMING AI TO BE THE WHOLE SOCIAL PEOPLE CONTROLL IE CODIFIED LAW ” NO NEED FOR HUMAN JUDICIAL SYSTEMS… AI POLICE ROBOTICS AI DOCTORS EVERYTHING THAT THE ELITES HAVE HAD TO BOTHER WITH WILL BE DONE WITH AI … FREEING THE PSHYCO ELITES TO INDULGE IN ALL MANNER OF CRIME AND PERVERSON WITHOUGHT EVER BEING CAUGHT.... ALSO SELF CONSCIOUS A I IS THE NEW " FALL GUY " TO BE BLAMED FOR ALL FUTURE ATROCITIES THAT THE PSHYCOPATHIC RICH ELITES DOhttps://thereisnopandemic.net/2022/02/26/legal-impact-of-mrna-vaccines-chile-enacts-anti-discrimination-against-mutants-law-24-february-2022/...https://newspunch.com/bill-gates-patent-gives-him-exclusive-rights-to-computerize-the-human-body/...https://about.att.com/innovationblog/2019/03/project_airgig.html ... …11Put on the full armor of God, so that you can make your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world’s darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13Therefore take up the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you will be able to stand your ground, and having done everything, to stand.https://thereisnopandemic.net/2022/02/26/legal-impact-of-mrna-vaccines-chile-enacts-anti-discrimination-against-mutants-law-24-february-2022/

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Can't manage to buy the books, but I did always like Hare's interpretations much better than most psychologists/psychiatrists I've read in the past. (His thinking agreed FAR more strongly with my personal theories about psychopathy, lol, so there COULD be some bias on my part.)

And my thinking includes the notion that fascism would (must, actually, I suspect) be the political expression of the psychopath, whose perceptions are limited to their own wants and urges, with the rest of life being regarded as, essentially, machines that are either potentially useful to themselves or not - which may also make the latter 'disposable'. (As we see.)

Having no connection with other (non-psychopathic) life, they have no connection with/respect for reality. (As we see.)

What I am certain of is that we have to somehow clean - and keep - all psychopathic people out of all places of power and influence.

Psychopathy is the most dangerous of all brain/mental challenges - because we (human-normals having trouble imagining people having no empathy/ethics/conscience/respect for the rights and needs of others - the essential species-survival characteristics of humanity - due their to having that type of brain defect/poisoning/mental/emotional damage) have previously failed to understand and recognise the disability, via noticing the results of their actions and the various indications of a 'reptilian' outlook.

Psychopathy isn't a 'fault' issue, but we need to know 'em when we encounter them, and the mimicking ability of the 'successful psychopath' can make that very, very hard... (Obama, in example, fooled me for a lot longer than he should have...)

They do like to 'normalize' their pathology, not merely by conning/corrupting those around them and bringing in the corrupt, where they can, but the societies in which they hold influence. As we see occurring...

Well, more people are increasingly, at the least, sick of the nonsense and aware that something's wrong. And it doesn't really take all that many to turn the world around and - ideally - back to right-side-up, rather than an endless 'Opposite Day', every day of the week.

There's really nothing but Big Lie propaganda holding this scam together, and the generated fear of catching a 'nasty bug' has worn off most, by now. About time, too! There's a LOT of research and healing to be started... more of the worsening same is not, I hope, going to be accepted by more than a few with the wits still scared out of them, and we can also hope that they 'll recover in time...

We do need hope.

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Madej is actually qualified with Certification ... hardly sketch... Steele doesn't even qualify to park cars 😜

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