The skies are heavily sprayed on a nightly and daily basis. I’m sure that’s spreading all kinds of who knows what into everything!

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Hi Dr Ana

My name is Jane Huber and I'm one of the producers at TNTRADIO.

I would love to invite you on in the New Year to discuss this article. Please advise at your earliest convenience.

My email is jane@tntradio.live

Kind regards

Jane Huber


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Burdock root tea cleans the blood, I drink a pint a day. Quercitn and Inulin + 100 other constituents.

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Dec 22, 2022·edited Dec 22, 2022

Well, this is what we all feared. I have Factor V Leiden, chronic venous insufficiency from a DVT many years ago and am perplexed how to proceed.

I’m unjabbed, still double N-95 mask out in public and already use and do EVERYTHING recommended, even alternating daily between the enzymes Nattokinase and Lumbrokinase.

What more can we mere mortals do against this evil bioweapon and poison?

Nonetheless I pray constantly for an end to this nightmare. I’m off now to listen to the podcast “Getting to Know Your Bible.” It’s the only source of good news that’ll help me want to live to fight another day, if you know what I mean.

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To the person who sent Ana the story: Firstly, thank you for sharing and with photos, what you encountered. It's useful info to hear about firsthand, so really appreciate that you shared with us. I hope you're able to find a good natural anticoagulant solution that corrects this scary/dicey discovery of what's happening in your body. (maybe go with one that is primarily enzyme-based, with herbs) Well, just to contribute as like in a survey: I also did not take the Covid injections and just like you, am not really around people much except for the grocery store, etc.,same as you, but I do believe that I got slammed with hardcore "Covid" syndrome, via shedding/off-gassing from Covid-vaxxed food establishment employees. Ever since that experience, I have definitely noticed that my blood flow is markedly "dried up" / "dry", then it ever has been historically throughout my life prior to that Covid slam. When I've had "skin break" incidents, the blood doesnt really "flow out" as previously. Very strangely dried up flow. So your account definitely rings true to my mind / I can totally see that being the case. I guess I better get on natural blood thinning nutraceuticals too. lol. Wish you recovery and wellness! And thanks Dr Ana for featuring this subscriber's story as one of your posts.

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"The dissolution time of hydrogel reduced with the increase of the concentrations of l-cysteine or GSH, and the hydrogel could be dissolved within 1 min by adding the l-cysteine or GSH at a concentration of 600 μmol/mL.Dec 29, 2018"


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Yes. The unjabbed have these clots too.

Ask Dr. Beate Jaeger who runs the HELP aphaesis center in Mulheim, Germany.

IF the long covid sufferers were taken seriously, not gaslit and dismissed, you'd all KNOW this already.

The long haulers had the answers inside them all along.

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Dear Dr. Ana, this is why I have done tremendous research regarding NAC.

In my opinion (based on research and experience) there are 2 big problems with these injections (also with Covid, but there are some differences):

the nanotechnology used (graphene, etc.) causes.

1. oxidative stress

2. formation of amyloid plaques (using nanotechnology and peptides)

NAC dissolves both: amyloid plaque formations and blood clots.

Some people have approached me with these symptoms of blood clots or amyloid, but because they started using NAC (and other antioxidants), they are alive and able to function. Some were dying, literally. They were certain they would not survive. Even so, when they stop taking them, their condition begins to deteriorate.

But when they take them, they can function and live.

I wrote a bit about it here: https://outraged.substack.com/p/problem-and-solution

I will try to write more about these findings.

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These clots look more like "normal" clots than the whitish amyloid-protein structures being pulled from cadavers. Did the technician attempt to break up the clots to see if there was material in them besides clotted blood? The question is "why are clots forming"? Spikes trigger clots via several mechanisms, but picking some up from shedding by the vaxxed would not be anywhere near the number of spikes endogenously produced by a vaxxed person, which amounts to billions-to-trillions. Until she can get to the bottom of this, the best advice would be to take supplements that reduce abnormal clotting, besides the enzymes: vitamins C and D, magnesium, Omega 3 fish oil, mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols, and NAC. And throw in some melatonin, Alpha lipoic acid, and quercetin for good measure!

Also, she should NOT be taking any calcium supplements!

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I've been waiting for reports like this to show up. Though this is not confirmed, I believe this isn't the first nor last case. This isn't a coincidence IMO.

Shedding has been confirmed to infect wildlife and domestic mammals worldwide but few studies seem to have ever been reported on actual symptoms, only stating the occasional culling of infected animals due to positive tests. Remember when they used to test drugs &💉on animals first? I think all that's changed is how they define test animals. We all qualify now as such... 🐑💉🐑💉🐑💉 and damn the consequences⚰️

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Dec 22, 2022·edited Dec 22, 2022

Get all these blood tests done: d-dimer, CBC with Diff, complete metabolic panel, C reactive protein - high sensitivity, IgE (mast cell activation), Sed rate, Fibrinogen, PT/PTT, also Vitamin D3 hydroxy and test for Factor V Leiden as a good start. In addition, add black seed oil at least one teaspoon daily.

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Dec 22, 2022·edited Dec 22, 2022

One has to wonder about a synthetic parasite such as a Plasmodium species that is out there.

They produced and released GMO mosquitoes already. Antiparasitic medications seem to have good results against the disease for some reason. Severe Malaria has similar outcomes with amyloidosis and blood clotting and chronic fatigue and brain fog symptoms, is anyone looking for a new synthetic parasite? Not on the radar.

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Well there goes the need for unvaccinated blood banks! Had this person had COVID I wonder? If yes, it could the spike protein that is causing the clots.

Or, we’ve all been surreptitiously vaccinated...


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If these metals are in the blood .. imagine what our brains look like

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Does anyone know the time limit an unjabbed person can spend with a jabbed person to avoid shedding?

For instance, what about the dental hygienist who is jabbed and cleaning my teeth? She is wearing a mask and a face shield.

What about the woman who cuts my hair which only takes about 30 minutes?

What about sitting in a plane for 8 hours say going to and from Europe?

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And it really can't be all that hard to analyze these things.

Although the one who does will be on the gov'ts hit list.

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