Dear Dr Ann, Thank you for your courage, intelligence, and integrity. I’ve been having clinically significant results using. Near infrared light, and a device called MARSUNIT. It creates torsion fields , and gravitational waves, based on physics geometry in motion. Would like to share this technology with you if interested. Resoscience @gmail.com. Regards. Kim shallcross NMD,DC, TCM, 40 years in biological medicine.

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Anna, the Carnicom institute uncovered this agenda over 20 years ago in what was characterized as "cross-domain bacteria" at the time. This could have been the first iteration of attempts to alter the human species. However the issue of dis-regulation of the oxidation process of red blood cells (Low PAO2 Sat) appears to be common to both attempts. - See this - https://justpaste.it/cbofb

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When you listen to this latest presentation from the ICIC Law group with Karen Kingston, Anna Mihalcea, Mike Yeadon, Reiner Füllmich et al., you'll understand that the self-assembly structures are now EVERYWHERE - in BOTH the vaccinated and unvaccinated blood, in the air, food, water, you name it. In sum: there's NO ESCAPE! We've all been poisoned and there's nothing we can do about it. C'est la vie. You might as well become fatalistic, because it clearly no longer matters whether you're vaxxed or not - we're all doomed.

RIP planet earth.

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Dr Ana - it is important to be aware that Fuellmich and Yeadon are 100% controlled opposition. They will do everything they can to suck the life force out of the critical information you and the others are sharing. And they will likely encourage you to drag this through the controlled courts. I would avoid that route and keep doing what you are doing -- talking to those who can hear you and forget about the naysayers. It is good Fuellmich has given you a platform to share this info but beware as once these people infiltrate, they can turn things on their head. There is a tendency for controlled opposition to "hijack" the momentum forward and turn it in the opposition direction.

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Just one more thing sorry. I believe a magnetic dialysis machine could remove the cation dendrimers from the blood.

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Dr. Mihalcea, would you please look at this? I know your time is so valuable and I would not send this to you if I did not think it was urgently important. Michael Levin of Tufts University has shown that DNA is controlled through biofrequency. And DNA can be changed through frequency manipulation. I believe this is what their plans are. He is a very intelligent man, but I do not think he is a good man. This is his first TED talk. In later videos he actually states that in the very, very near future there are going to be human cyborgs with physical and mental attributes that we cannot even fathom. And that humans will not be allowed to go on in their current state and AI will control us.


Thank you sincerely for everything you're doing.

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Thank you!! 

Brilliant sequence detection work by mejbcart about the clots. For the full flavor of her rigorous science inquiry, kindly read her article cited below


mejbcart postulates: " What we see is ONE CONTINUOUSLY GROWING NEW ORGAN, having the color and elasticity of the skin, the largest organ in the human body, but is it just within the blood vessels? " 

Has trypsin been some how "incapacitated to do its job" of digesting the amyloidal spike pieces?  Possibly by the trypsin inhibitor, vasopressin? 

" How many vasopressin-like particles are produced after spike digestion? Can we say massive genetically driven Spike production will lead to trypsin inhibition? Only time can tell."     

Please, Dr. Ana, can you possibly interview her?

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No it does not remove metals, I’m using nutritional supplements and near infrared lighting for that. It removes pathogens including lipoprotein and prions. Removes any biological that does not resonate with healthy DNA, including radiation, and seems to stop any self assembling particles…. Originally used to stop the newly emerging pathogens in the 90s , Seems to break down any toxic compounds

For easy detox. So much has happened in the last couple years, and the jab research is new but clinically significant. University studies for 20 years have shown regeneration properties, increases in consciousness, and healing of default mode…..coils and /or EMF I have found does not reach the sub atomic / etheric level of healing

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A thank you to all involved, but please pass on a big thank you to Karen Kingston. Math brains think differently lol...and I recognized your "why aren't they understanding the words coming out of my mouth" look ;) Please don't stop what you're doing. The only glitch would be in how broken the system really is. You've seen courts dispense justice. With $$ involved, often times corruption is all you'll get. Unless you can guarantee an honest judge, or one who would care to be a savior, the reality may be ugly.

You're all war heroes in my eyes.

And Dr. Ana.....my daughter and I have been ill since March 2020. My twin boys (I KNOW were shed on) both suffered heart damage this April and are still unrecovered. We were all healthy athletes before the war began.

My email is d.ciancimino@yahoo.com

My daughter, Francesca and I have tried many protocols. I honestly don't feel I've too long left to me and my only pain is in leaving children with no one to care for them...and our dogs :(

If you have any input you could share, we would be most grateful.

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Good job, Queen, watching now.

Nice to see you and Karen Kingston together for first time. :)

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Reiner Fuellmich is gatekeeper?





"Reiner Fuellmich & his "Bürgerbewegung Finanzwende" received Open Society Funds, and indirectly Gates Foundation Money until April 2020

Finally I found the damning evidence, that Saint Reiner Fuellmich was listed as active founding member of Bürgerbewegung Finanzwende until at least 23rd April 2020.

This is the ultimate evidence for the gigantic Astroturf by Fuellmich with Class Action-Hopium (and collecting money for fake legal non-happenings in the first place - classical Gatekeeping & fraud).

The first Corona Ausschuss was aired 8th July 2020.

Until now I was only able to show money-flows until May 2019 in my prior investigation, which is going to be wrapped up in a much more coherent and beginner's friendly manner very soon.

It is said that Reiner Fuellmich was actually listed until September 2020 as active and founding member at their URL - this evidence is still waiting to be discovered.


[special thx 2 L00ting Louie in my TG - VIP Group]






Join my TG friends, you are welcome!


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Dr. Ana, the most definitive analysis about 5G and MAC IP addresses in my opinion comes these these folks in Mexico. Please watch: https://www.comusav.com/bluetruth/

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Too bad that icic.net video uses BitTorrent protocol that uses technical information data about your system, amongst others your IP. I think most people interested in this information are also fond of their privacy, so VPN it is 😉

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why?? vid setting is 1080p! this is a huge bandwith hog for some of us, which precludes viewing...why not give us the option of lower resolution like 480,360,240p?? which y/t,rumble etc include...

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They've arrested Reiner Fuellmich 😔

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Dr. Ana - I have a question regarding shedding. It is clear that your live blood analysis is showing that the unvaccinated also have these threads and rouleaux formation in the blood. Nearly everyone has rouleaux formation in the blood due to being exposed to wireless devices. Our blood begins to clot like that within two minutes of exposure. I am wondering if you have asked whether these people showing the threads received a COVID test. They are also inserting technology into people through the nasal swab so this is why I am asking. Were these people tested for COVID and thereby implanted with devices or have they experienced real shedding?

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