So the only solution is constant detox via chelation, staying away from radiation hotspots with tons of 5G towers, turning off wifi, set phone to flight mode, supplementing Vit. D3, Vit. C, NAC, nattokinase etc. Avoid unnecessary physical contact with other jabbed ones and constant monitoring of blood via LBA. I could live with that, if that gives me a few more years.

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Is there a trusted list of EDTA chelation practitioners that follow your protocol that you could provide? Thank you

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Dear Dr. Ana M.,

Thanks for all you do. Others, and I, would love to see an interview with Dr. Andreas Kalcker and you discussing the use of CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) within the context of the bio and associated weapons. Thanks again.

Larry Druhall

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My family has gone through our food and found bioengineered ingredients in several food items, including frozen food. We’ve thrown them all out and are looking for items without that in them. Our food isn’t safe.

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I looked at blood from the steak that came with my Blue Apron Meal Kit under my microscope on January 3rd 2023, and what I found shovked me. See photos and videos of my samples at:




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Ana, another piece of the puzzle with evidence. Check out the footage in this interview, you'll see what they've been attacking us all with. Not only that, I believe you can see the Nano heavy metals and the biosynthetic CDB coalescing in the air. It's all caught on infrared camera by a targeted individual. Not only that a IR camera with no sound capability, some how picked up the pulsating from the 5G as sound, it's radar as that is how it works, sending pulsating EMF signals.


These were my comments on the post...

They're using a satellite that sends a 5G beam down from space, in unison with a concentrated directional 5G beam from a tower or a ground unit. Notice the Infra red is picking up the heat signature left on the ground, that is from the satellite. A tower or ground unit needs line of sight with a possible range of 2 to 5Km, a glass window has tiny bit of lead in it, which works as a passive antennae amplifier, so it's more effective to shoot a concentrated 5G beam through a window. So the hot spot in the living space is from a tower or ground unit. Pulsing is how radar works, fascinating it picked up a pulsing sound with out the function, good evidence that, things like that can happen, like reverberate in a toaster and you can hear it with your ear. It pulses, as an echo is required for detection, just like Artillery ground radars or Personnel ground radars. :) I wasn't even a Radar boy. 😉 I was OPAMS like a weather man, though I did get some unofficial training. Link below with some excerpts.

"Selecting an appropriate antenna type and size is a crucial factor for achieving a focused beam and adequate return echo."

"The main difficulty with range measurement and pulsed radars is how to unambiguously determine the range to the target when the target returns a strong echo. Ambiguous range results from transmission of a sequence of pulses. In this view, pulse repetition interval (PRI) is created, which is known as the spacing between transmit pulses. It is also described as a pulse repetition frequency (PRF). Consequently, the delay time is created because of a spacing between transmit and return pulses. In this view, the delay time is generated and causes an ambiguity or uncertainty along the range direction. "


The particles floating around are most likely the Nano heavy metals and Biosynthetic agents the corrupted governments/intel agencies have been spraying the whole globe with that stuff in the chemtrials. The EMF hyper excites them, hence why they're coalescing, it all works in unison.

Oh if you were in the military or intel services from 1998 onwards you most likely been injected with the Nano Tech, remember a flu vax you had to sign for? I do, made me very sick. I know in the US your family gets looked after to medically, so they may have also been injected. Trick behind it is, your not meant to know. I'm lucky I have the knowing.

6G they can use a direct satellite beam, it's used to kill people. That is what I was whacked with, felt my Brian reverberate in my skull, being a few night's before that hitting me in the heart was ineffective, I have a an enlarged heart. They certainly regretted doing that.

This always cracked me up. I would of said this, "Yes, I'm the weather man Sargent Major, meteorological radiosonde away.". 😁


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Excellent research, Dr. Ana!!

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A little off topic perhaps, but I know Dr Ana will find this article from Maryam Henien about Charles Lieber and his nano-tech interesting. https://thetenpennyreport.com/charles-lieber-from-china-spy-to-two-days-already-served/

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That was great, the word is spreading.

I met someone at the petrol station to do activism with. ;)


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I had a meeting with Federal MP for Defense veterans and government Personnel last week. It was about the anti-malaria drug trials in East Timor, which is still being covered up and it was 20 years ago. He agreed with me that the Australian Federal Police will most likely ignore my complaint and continue the cover up.

I showed him my microscopy with a $250 educational monoscope, good enough to see the broken optical filaments, should of seen his eyes pop. Obviously I told him of the chips, satellite and ground radar stuff, his response was "I'm impressed they had this technology 20 years ago!" something to that effect. Then I said "Sir, it slowly kills you.".

They don't care that much IMO. Maybe I'll be surprised.

The other thing is even if a FED MP takes a stand, you're up against all the bureaucracy, those who know and want to keep it all covered up and secret. It's too good a manipulation tool for them to just relinquish.

Synchronization chips can create brain wave stimulation states with frequency such as, Alpha wave pattern states, which makes a soldier docile, compliant, calm, yet imaginative enough to get out of sticky situations.

Fast forward to now being tired and sick from the covid-19 shots, if you're wondering why the populace is so docile and not protesting, now you know.

I still have faith their are many of us unvaxxed or of strong spirit left to kick up a fuss, and make a difference.

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Have you done research on Mark Steele's background?

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Yay Dr. Ana, I truly commend you for going everywhere to get the message out to everyone!!!

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The “abomination that causes desolation” is this intrabody nanonetwork infiltrating our bodies through all of these methods. The New Testament says that our body is the Temple. The third temple is our bodies. This is where the Antichrist infiltrates the temple and rises up, proclaiming to be God. He removes God from our temple and sacrifices our souls. How? D-Wave Quantum computers (owned and stored by the hundreds in warehouses by governments and corporations) wirelessly control the internet of things and soon the internet of bodies. They will control our central nervous system and control our thoughts, actions, beliefs, etc. The Bible frequently uses metaphorical references. Prophecy is happening right under our noses and people better open their minds before they inadvertently walk into the second beast. You can’t come out of the second beast. Once your soul is taken over, it’s gone.

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Hmmmm video won't play. What am I missing?

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Go to the internet,get a free MAC address software download, it will help in detecting foods Meats, Dairy, Chicken, contaminated with Nano Technology.

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