That's why, at the beginning of the vaccination campaign, officials all around the world repeated like a mantra, that they needed to "vax 70% of the population".

Always the ominous 70 %. Why not everybody ? How did they know that 70% would stop the pandemic, and not 50% ?

The answer I found was this remark by a Pfizer official that 70% would be sufficient, so the vaccinated would infect the unvaccinated via shedding. The knew, because they had conducted their tests before, as these vaccines were in the making for decades.

In this respect, the question whether someone is vaccinated or unvaccinated, is irrelevant, because both can end up equally sick. It is merely a sign of disobedience, which is why they persecute the unvaccinated.

The question remainin is: how do I get that stuff out of my body? How do I prevent being poisened by shedding and still be able to function, to work, to go shopping ? Or do I have to retreat into the wilderness and live isolated like Ted Kaczynski, because there is no other way to keep my blood pure ?

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Not seeing any health issues in unvaccinated friends/family, tonnes in the vaxxed.

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My husband passed away recently unsuspected, he was unvaccinated and died of myocarditis and multiple myeloma in less than 3 months so I believe that it’s true about the shedding.

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I want to get my blood analyzed but don't know where to go. I definitely feel like my red blood cells are not delivering oxygen appropriately. I am unvaxxed but am around a lot of them. But I agree that it's probably sprayed in the air and water anyway

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In the last Stew Peters show Dr.Ana was talking about DNA producing Spike, good that now she corrected that!

Here my response to her on that brighteon interview she had with STew:

Spike has 1273 amino acids which make up for ~143 KILO-Da. Not Da.... The difference is in glycosylation, which might vary depending on environment...Dr. Ana, PLEASE do not make false statements, because you are LOOSING audience!! The modified mRNA goes DIRECTLY into RIBOSOME and produces the Spike there VERY FAST and LOT of it. It DOES NOT turn into DNA, unless there is reverse transcriptase around, which the giants say, is not the case, and that is not quite true either.. SO anyway, BASICS in synthetic mRNA delivery is BECAUSE it produces DIRECTLY THE SPIKE in cytosol, no need to turn into DNA!

The Spike gets DEGRADED in normal environment, BUT between ribosome and cell membrane, where it suppose to end up, there is a lot of space to do other things! I'm not saying there are vials with no mRNA, that's certainly for deception purposes clearly the case, but there are also REAL vials with REAL synthetic mRNA, at VERY LOW CONCENTRATION OF COURSE(!!) producing the SPIKE, which THEN stains the blood vessels of every covid injected who died...Countless cases were presented by pathologists!!!!!

Btw. where are thousands of dead with the ribbons who DID NOT GET the covid genetically modifying injections?

Sorry, but stories need to ADD UP, and in this case, IT DOES NOT. To make deception of the SPike deception is another deception....

No matter the differences in opinion, I do agree, given the DEATHS AFTER COVID INJECTIONS, the drug cartels need to be STOPPED NOW, and so the governments who are paying BILLIONS in black budget operations in order to spray us with undisclosed ingredients!

And now one more comment after looking at these pictures:

to have these pictures above is great, that was DONE already in 2021 by german investigators too, simply looking at fresh drop of blood, both of the covid injected and non-injected. What they showed, with about the same magnification as here, there was ONLY blood cloting in unjabbed when they were carrying cell phones or were exposed for longer time to wi-fi. I never saw any ribbons in their images of unjabbed volunteers ~ 1year ago... Which means, something has changed, in time, in location or both.

Spraying would be the one issue, BUT can anyone answer that simple question: how do you shed many millimeters long FIBERS DIRECTLY into human blood???????

Acknowledging others in science is very important, those who do not do it, are not worth to collaborate with!

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This is why antioxidants are the KEY!!! NAC and others. To stay alive, to detoxify, to avoid injury or to regain health.

And those behind it have the audacity to talk about the climate and nature and the planet - they are doing this to everything that lives

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You ask fair questions..... Personally the people I know who haven't had the jab have none of the symptoms we read about.

There's a micro -biologist/ scientist I follow who claims shedding spike protein is impossible because the minute it is exposed to air it is destroyed.. I don't know what to believe at this point. 🤔

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Dr. Ana.. have you viewed your own blood and others you work/ live with?

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Why is this starting to sound like the plot of a James Bond movie? Because it is. His last movie where he kills himself as he finds out he is infected with DNA targeting nano technology. No wonder they postponed this movie until after the Covid plandemic as it would have woken up some people especially after the smart people (aka conspiracy theorists) knew about Event 201 (pre planning the genocide.)

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Whether those people had a PCR test should be specified! Why is everyone so afraid of the subject? Cause they had a test themselves and don't want to be reminded (?) while it is crucial to first determine whether this test might be the cause of the same result in unvaxxed blood. 90 tot 95% of the world population had a PCR test so chances the unvaxxed in the research above were contaminated by it is PRESENT!

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Since these UFOs are observable at the microscopic scale, why aren't doctors and anyone with a microscope looking at vaxxxed blood blowing the whistle on this?

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If this is actually unrestricted warfare, I guess that means our response could be unrestricted, too.

But I know action is going to take a loooooong time, and while I have faith in the human species in some ways, in other ways I'm not sure the current model is going to get its head out of its backside before it's too late...

Where are the rowdies, is what I want to know.

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So remaining unvaxxed is no protection?

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Where are all the unvaxxed athletes dropping dead? Surely they are mixing closely with their vaxxed colleagues and would be going down also. I would also bet that MSM would have each of these cases on their front page. There will always be exceptions but I am beyond convinced that if you were smart enough to avoid the clotshots you’ll follow be outperforming the rest by a country mile.

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🤖 COVID-19 AI: Bio-Nanotechnology & Transhuman Engineering Patents Part 1


Application of graphene oxide sheet in preparation of DC vaccine immunoadjuvant, DC vaccine and preparation method thereof 1308

Attenuated African Swine Fever Virus Vaccine 343

Betacoronavirus mRNA Vaccine 574

Chicken Cells For Improved Virus Production 345

Chimaeric Protein 350

Compounds And Compositions For Intracellular Delivery Of Therapeutic Agents 576

Compounds And Compositions For Intracellular Delivery Of Therapeutic Agents 577

Compounds And Compositions For Intracellular Delivery Of Therapeutic Agents 579

Composite Magnetic Nanoparticle Drug Delivery System 584

Construct For Producing Empty Virus Capsids 348

Coronavirus 339

Coronavirus Isolated From Humans 432

Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data 353

Delivery And Formulation Of Engineered Nucleic Acids 1310

Diagnose Of Mycobacterial Infections By Determination Of

IFN-Gamma 352

Fusion Proteins Containing Luciferase And A Polypeptide Of Interest 1309

Foot And Mouth Disease Virus With Increased Stability And Its Use As Vaccine 349

Human Ebola Virus Species And Compositions And Methods Thereof 805

Insertion of Furin Protease Cleavage Sites in Membrane Proteins and Uses Thereof 330

Intelligent Sensor Platforms 417

Methods And Compositions For Chimeric Coronavirus Spike Proteins 334

Methods And Systems For Scaffolds Comprising Nanoelectronic Components 1319

Methods And Systems For Scaffolds Comprising Nanoelectronic Components 1320

Methods And Systems Of Prioritizing Treatments, Vaccination, Testing And/Or Activities While Protecting The Privacy Of Individuals 408

Method For Preparing Surface-Modified Semiconductive And Metallic Nanoparticles Having Enhanced Dispersibility In Aqueous Media 583

Modified Foot And Mouth Disease Virus (Fmdv) Vp1 Capsid Protein 347

Modified Nucleosides, Nucleotides, And Nucleic Acids,And Uses Thereof 578

Modified Polynucleotides Encoding Apoptosis Inducing Factor 1 363

Modified Polynucleotides Encoding Granulysin 361

Modified Polynucleotides Encoding SeptIn-4 360

Modified Polynucleotides Encoding Siah E3 Ubiquitin Protein Ligase 1 362

Modified Polynucleotides For The Production Of Oncology Related Proteins And Peptides 364

Modified Polynucleotides For The Production Of Secreted Proteins 575

Modified Polynucleotides For The Production Of Secreted Proteins 412

Mutant Spike Protein Extending The Tissue Tropism Of Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) 346

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According to Simon Yanowitz:

No, because bloodwork is automated, done by machines.

Even if they found these structures, what would they report to the patient?

they can report red blood cells count, white blood cells count. What should they report? Artificial carbon-based parasites and electronic circuitry count? it's not on their report list.


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