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Karen is most probably thé only person that knows how this puzzle is stacking up. And based on her analysis and work, i cannot phantom that this technology is developed by humans, no way, DAHRPA et al had access to foreign life forms since the 1940s. This is demonic ET tech.

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Dr Ana...

I believe as you do when you stated that we are living in biblical revelations, Prophesied long ago...The Lord said that not one jot would be left undone.. it’s all unraveling before our own eyes...ifor those who have eyes to see, that is...Karen Kingston is brilliant at what she does..you might say she was handpicked a perfect combination of God fearing with a God giving intelligence for those who have ears to hear, that is..not to leave out how you have also been tasked to heal and illuminate others also from a God fearing place, you have shown...Others too are rising above the fray, perhaps this too is part of Gods plan..to pick His remnant?..this battle will be won but there is a cost for mankind has hardened its heart to God now we must open our hearts to Him and fight for truth, for life according to His will...not only for our health, His creation but for the young, the innocent, the elderly and the mislead.

I really enjoyed this interview, the best the most profound, concise analysis of the many that I have listened to !

Well done!

and Thank Maria Zee for your astute choice in picking these wonder women..:) for us to view.

God bless you and us all!

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WOW! That was a Powerful presentation/discussion!

Thank You All!

I know it has been a lot of hard work. It seems like a long time now that I have been watching Karen Kingston pull a Rabbit Out of the Patent Filings Hat, Again and Again and Again. JackPot!!!

Dr Ana Mihalcea Thank You for your fresh perspective and Bringing the Cleansing Healing Light into the Dark Arena. Maria Zee - Thank You for This Platform, bringing us the Good News about People that are Making a Difference. It is a Noteworthy Light in the Darkness.

God Bless You Ladies, in All that You Do...

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Posted on Paul Alexander's substack:

Selective identification of experts and expert knowledge is a sucker's game. Paul Alexander lauds Karen Kingston, who says that the virus is really a self-assebling AI graphene-based parasite that emerges from quantum dots;



and at the same time he lauds Hansen et al. on vaxxx effectiveness against omicron.


Either the self-assembling nanobots are everywhere and can shed from vaxxxed to

unvaxxxed, from chemtrails in the atmosphere, and from food and water all controlled by DOD and DARPA, or we're still in the red-pill world-view that the vaxxxes actually contain damaging biological products like spike proteins.

Make up your mind Paul, which is it? Biologic pathogen with gain of function, or intelligent nanobot killer parasites?

I suppose it only matters in terms of how long before the kill shots complete their mass destruction of humanity. But, either way, it also means that a lot of thinking about what is actually killing us is still wrong. And there is still no attempt to formally investigate these competing hypotheses and establish the truth AMONG THE NO-VAXXX crowd! Not a good sign.

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Hello Dr Ana,

Your work and perspective is amazing. Karen is brilliant and it is remarkable how you are able to translate Karen’s findings into layman’s terms. I first learned about nano technology from reading the article entitled nano technology in the June 2006 issue of the national geographic magazine. Of particular interest in this article are the hydroxyl groups mentioned on page 116. As was mentioned in one of the other comments I also concur that there may be an antidote that the users of this technology may utilize to protect themselves from it as presumably they could also be subject to its effects. Please keep up your impressive efforts.

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So, it doesn't matter if we've been vaccinated or not, we all will have these nano structures, synthetic clots and can die at any moment? Great news. All my hope for me and my family has vanished.

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Would NAC also work to remove the nano structures and graphene oxide?

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Confusing. How is everybody else sequencing the virus if it's not a virus? Is there no mRNA in the injections, no spike protein synthesis in the cells?

The pieces don't fit together for me.

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There must be a cure for this. The elite and politicians probably all know about it, and im guessing they don't want to die from it. What do they have that protects them from this? We need to find out and use it on our families and loves ones.

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Dealing with the rouleaux formation in blood.

The simpler and more effective way to reverse rouleaux formation in blood cells is to take off your shoes and ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’.

I have been grounding everyday at a local park.

Please look at how this works in the earthing institute website.


What is Earthing and What Can It Do for You?

Throughout time, we humans have sat, stood, strolled, and slept on the ground – the skin of our bodies touching the skin of the Earth. Such ordinary contact has served to transfer the Earth’s natural healing energy into the body. Human lifestyle has disconnected us and makes us vulnerable to inflammation, pain, stress, poor sleep, and sickness. Earthing, also known as grounding, is the discovery that reconnecting to the Earth restores a timeless link to Nature that revitalizes the body, reduces pain and stress, and improves health, sleep, mood, and appearance. Reconnect and experience the healing benefits of Mother Earth.

Another solution is described below

The Decrease of Rouleaux Formation of Red Blood Cells in

Healthy Human by Water-Soluble Chlorophyll as Revealed by

Scanning Electron Microscopy https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/228506843.pdf

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Where can we find a trustworthy practitioner of chelation, live blood analysis, thermal imaging, and whatever treatments/testing to prove/rid of these ai parasites?

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Can we please have an explanation of the EDTA treatment?

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this is going to be good thankyou

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I am electro sensitive. I absolutely could feel a resonance....something emitting from individuals that had been vaccinated in the early months after vaccination. I would ask them if they had their cell phones on them as they usually don't bring them in my presence. They did not. It was same feeling I got from wifi devices with heavy signals. A little stranger but very similar. I knew what it was. After trying to ignore it I couldn't.

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"The ultimate victory will not be won by fighting"- l agree.Naming the enemy. What exactly, as humans, are we doing on this planet ? Seeking meaning ? Seeking power (over other beings & over shared environments). If the enemy is external then we'll have to destroy everything. Anything that could be an idol to a false God etc, but that will not bring satisfaction for any life form, certainly not the destroyers. If the enemy is our own internal mental defilements/ impurities cravings aversions & ignorance then fighting destroying & subverting external phenomena is merely distraction, as is engaging with social media politics religion & mechanistic scientific orthodoxy. I've been trying to define the nature of the extraordinary events that somehow came to tipping point in early 2020. Some thinking points. ☆ To the extent that , especially with regard to successfully inserting various said vaccines into bodies, of not uniform or consistent chemicals , of not known materials or exactly for what purpose, that this was the greatest act of subversive "throwing a monkey wrench into the unconscious mind of humanity" ever performed. Not performed by punks or greenies or anarchists but by the "legitimate" upper echelons of the food chain- medics epidemiologists bureaucrats technocrats & coerced onto us by the very people that supposedly weed out & shame & isolate bullies , sexists, racists etc- teachers academics celebrities artists etc- dolly Parton etc. Like their catching up on what they missed out on having behaved in socially acceptable ways previously. Which clearly held both no meaning or value to them to such an extent that , given the right combination of "conditions " enabled ☆ 2nd thinking point- that this "atrocity exhibition" - "theatre of depravity" is nothing more than the ripening of the fruit of past volitional action which is beyond the capacity of most "descenders into the maelstrom " of "shark infested waters" (read predatory medical political seekers of power over "others") to understand- our critical thinking skills having been "trained" or "conditioned" out of us-l was quite intelligent once- then l went to school. As our "institutions" of learning , culture , religion , politics, academia , economics etc do not have the capacity to give tools of use or value to their "clients" - to navigate such mayhem, let alone thrive or enjoy the "theatre"-ultimately because these institutions- their "leaders" - cannot have faith in the inherent value of a human life, all life actually. As that is antithetical to the "cultures" we inherit- which perpetuate helplessness powerlessness & dependency. Expecting something different is delusional. Just blindly put faith in the experts, the leaders, the doctors etc- or not. Or not. Everything in nature is autonomous, except humans. Animals will gather together, when it offers protection, safety, & is sensible in order that the species continues etc, but none of them sacrifice their autonomy as that makes no sense, it goes against nature. They have to make sense of what best to do, in the present moment, based on their mind matter sense experience- they are not burdened by the ridiculous rotting corpses of the bodies of patriarchal knowledge that shackle humans- by choice- they only have their senses- mind & matter- it is enough- a gifted provision- seemingly of no value to the human "elites"- But a human life in actuality has great great value. That body, those senses, that mind & matter can be used as a vehicle to transcend or be "liberated" from the causes of suffering- which can never be external- but more in terms of how one reacts mentally volitionally to whatever is given. We do all get what we are given. How to reply. Fighting? I think not. When l was 29 l interloped between police officers and a "first nations" youth in Australia & almost lost my life. It changed my life profoundly. What purpose was served? Nothing of value that l can see, in terms of masses of humans freely choosing to behave better or develop capacity to dismantle the causes of "reactive conditioned behavioural sensory experience " within, on a mass level. For me at least, having come to a place of renouncing personal sensual & sexual gratification as aspiration, my aspiration that "all beings be happy, peaceful, liberated (from mental intoxication) - if not realized or seen, leaves me a legacy or "burden" that is lighter than unrealised aspirations of sensual gratification, sexual conquest, power "over" "others" - which can never be satisfied beyond the length of one's immediate shadow- those actors tending to, when coming to senses, to flee from , denounce , censure , raise head against the fallacy of tyranny

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Dr Ana, Thank you! I just watched you on ICIC with Karen. The two of you are a formidable team. Grateful for all you are doing. To truly understand what is going on, people must have close to zero cognitive dissonance. The two of you should talk to Ryan Christian (the last american vagabond) and Whitney Webb (unlimited hangout). Top notch journalists like Maria.

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