Dear Ana, this research means so much to me. I’m a 38 year old living in Canada and have had unusual neurological symptoms that began in my early 30s. I’ve had multiple visits with my GP, been to the ER several times, had an MRI and saw a neurologist. Everything came back negative to both my relief and horror. I don’t think there was a day in 2017-2018 that I didn’t cry on my way to work, knowing in my heart something was wrong and thinking I may not be around long enough to watch my kids grow up (who are my world). I suffered in silence for a long time. Enter Covid, I was lucky enough to be red pilled by Dr. Mercola early on. Enter the vaccine. I knew to stay far away from that!!!!!Lost my dream job as a health care professional with March of Dimes Canada. They mandated everyone!!! Even the virtual volunteers!!!!!!!!!!! My heart aches for my former team and clients (the ones who are still alive). Enter the Canadian Adverse Events Reporting System. I began volunteering for them, documenting people’s accounts of their adverse reactions to the C19 vax. Enter your Substack. Now I don’t feel so alone. The idea that there could be treatment out there that could help me, in edition to your other many beautiful and brilliant talks about humans as spiritual beings, self healing etc. has pulled me out of a dark, lonely hole. I share your substack with many people I talk to. I feel light hearted again. I am joyful and I have hope. Thank you, sincerely and deeply, for all that you do ❤️

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I've had around 60 EDTA chelations over the past 12 years. I swear by this treatment. It resolved a heart issue, and has helped keep me energetic and healthy.

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I have a friend whose 45 yo brother was saved from congestive heart failure in 2007 at University of San Francisco with nothing but chelation. The brother was near death with less than 15% heart function, they used him because there was nothing to lose. After two weeks of chelation therapy, he was walking and before he could not stand. After another two weeks he had 50% heart ejection rate function.

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Thank you for this comprehensive information. Such wonderful uses should give everyone hope. God does provide us with help! Thank you and bless you, Dr. Ana!

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Calcium Disodium EDTA powder, reagant grade, is great stuff, I have used it on several occasions to remove 1 cm kidney stones diagnosed by ultrasound which have then flushed out very greatly reduced in size within days of drinking EDTA dissolved in warm water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, then not eating anything for at least a couple of hours or so while it goes to work. Distilled or RO water is more ideal, but warm tap water will do in the absence of that. Follow up with a couple of big glasses of water each time. EDTA is extremely and very rapidly laxative though, so never go outside after you have taken EDTA. Use it on weekend days when you can stay safely at home.

I have also found EDTA to have improved my feeling mentally with Long COVID, though I have only bothered to use it a few times for that, as I use of lot of other things on and off.

A couple of grams a day for 4 days is safe enough if you are off work and can do 4 days at a time (I have taken more for 10 days or so without any ill effects till a kidney stone passed, but I am recommending more gentle amounts for shorter periods of time), give it a few days rest and then do another 4 days and so on, till you pee the remains of the kidney stone out into a sieve, alternatively you can just do two days at a time each weekend for a few weeks to get rid of a stone, which you can give to your doctor for analysis if he wishes, no need to spend thousands of dollars on lithotripsy, and then ending up in agony for days afterwards. Using EDTA is dirt cheap and absolutely painless and you won't be peeing blood out of damaged kidneys from the hammering a lithotripsy machine causes either.

Four days can be enough to get rid of a kidney stone but keep going using two or four day courses of a couple of grams EDTA each day in one dose each day with a few days rest between courses. In an emergency in real pain if you are already off work with it just take EDTA every day till the stone is gone. EDTA does not dissolve in cold water but forms a chewing gum consistency lump, whereas in warm water it dissolves very easily totally, and is not at all unpleasant to drink and is hardly what one would think of as an acid, as it is far milder in acidity than fruit juice.

EDTA quickly dissolves calcium phosphate which is what some kidney stones are made of entirely. In other kidney stones made from other compounds, calcium phosphate is still contained as the cement that bonds the sharp edged sand-grain sized particles of other compounds into one big stone, so when the cement is dissolved, the stone starts to come to bits and is easy to pass.

EDTA makes one feel fresher mentally and generally a lot brighter inside, possibly because it will help dissolve deposits in micro capillaries in the brain, in the eyes and ears, improving everything, EDTA is used now widely in eye surgery to dissolve calcitic deposits in the eyes.

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Oral EDTA is also a doddle! Up to a gram in water, tastes like kack but it works! Lower lumbar unfused after ten days oral... then , years of not taking EDTA with lumbar restricted again, and after just two days of oral it's mobile again! Is that calcium?

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Thank you for continuing all your great work. It is obviously very important with the graphene in the shots and in our environment. Your evidence is so important in growing the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION against ALL the Treason

The next step has to be UNITY of ALL awake persons in a real Freedom Movement with real strategic planners who know how to address ALL the Treason!

No one, I repeat NO ONE in political power today will ever do the right things until they FEAR the people!

There is nothing for them to fear until we UNITE against them!

Lex Greene, important writer with a serious resume writing about the necessity of unity…



P.S. My gloves came off 15 years ago, working with the NORTH AMERICAN LAW CENTER group. I highly suggest if you want to unite with people actually working real solutions…contact Lex Greene!

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Hi Dr. Ana, on the last ep. of the 5 docs, 03/23/23, a chiropractor was on promoting a product that he claims will 'harmonize' the effect of 5g on the body. In support of his claims he stated that he has done live blood analyses (microsposy) on people who came to his office showing rouleaux formations in the blood, and then when given an iteration of his 'technology' had the condition resolved within minutes.

My question (and thought) is this: Is it possible that 'unvaccinated' are exhibiting this phenomenon because of 5g and it's effects, perhaps on calcium ion channels, as opposed to 'shedding'...?

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Also gold shatters the graphene oxide successfully without even having to make contact ,

See here the video on tik tok from Dr David nixon


I have a monatomic gold company that has a product with monatomiic gold and colloidal gold at 42PPM 24 k pure 99.99% gold .We treat it with 8 subtle energies eg pyramids and ancient esoteric wisdom and 12 healing frequencies .

The monatomuc gold portion is derived grom sea water which has 92 organic trace minerals .


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How many long COVID and COVID shot injuries have your treated? Have you thought about writing up individual case reports? That might interest more doctors in your approach.

Also, testimonials from your patients who improved their condition would be good.

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Genetic toxicology of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)


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Hello.is their any evidence that suggests EDTA can chelate just from having regular footbaths or spas , please contact me if microscopic tests have been done not everyone can afford IV .

Might oay to avoid getting your edta from states now the truth out it might get poisened.

Please contact me on if you have any results on footbath and soaking in bath .

Ps iis hot water better than cold ?

Many people are on budget and this woild be very helpful to humanity

Yourlate1971@gmail com

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Let me add my thanks Dr Ana for all your hard work. I look forward to your emails. This is just a thought and no answer needed but you have stated the filament network aka rubbery clot structures grow when exposed to 5g. I wonder when Elon Musk finally gets his 42,000 LEO satellites launched where people anywhere in the world can have access to the internet will these make the filaments grow too. BTW Musk's twitter profile pic he is wearing a satanic costume.

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Hi Ana. I am a big fan of yours and there is a lot of people that like your work here in Puerto Rico. There is a radio channel here called "Que no se diga que no se dijo" in spanish and they are recommending your EDTA solution to the hydrogels and nanoparticles in the blood. Question... What brand or type of EDTA do you recommend? How long does it last if one would stock pile it just in case it is taken out of public use or even some bad guys can find the way to taint it and we need to be ready just in case. The radio show is in Telegram by the way. thank you for your help.

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What to do if you realize you were used as a guinea pig or an experiment.Feeling Nanobots in ones body I guess you can say they felt like tiny robots crawling eating you inside out and it first begun as an injection then hydrogel please help can't go to the E.R. because thats exactly where the transmitting happened

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Dear Ana I'm sitting here reading the HOLY BIBLE and I have to say this what if robotic things were placed in you like in beginning in a form of hydrogel and growing with electric currents within your body... Can't go to the nearest hospital because there were those dressed in hospital gear who carried out this right here in the good ole Nations Capital

What do you recommend a person to do?!for I do believe in the power of prayer

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