If You Are Vaccinated You Have Been Tagged You Are Now ‘Marked’

People are unaware the Covid-19 vaccine IS NOT a vaccine but rather a nanotech-electronic device which was implanted through injection into people’s bodies to track their every movement through sophisticated electronic measures. These innocent victims will be forever tagged just like a fish for the rest of their lives; victims to the most heinous crime ever perpetrated against humankind. Are you familiar with the biblical Mark of the Beast? According to the Bible anyone who refuses to accept the Mark of the Beast will be “unable to buy or sell” in society. Have you been “marked” without your consent or your awareness? How about your children?

If you don’t believe you are ‘marked’ or ‘chipped’ test yourself to see if this claim is true?

All vaccinated individuals now emit an “unidentified” Bluetooth MAC address whether they realize it or not. Their newly acquired human MAC address can never be turned off from public visibility like a typical Bluetooth device can – vaccinated individuals have become living human antennas. Vaccinated humans’ MAC addresses will forever be turned on and visible for the whole world to see – unable to hide their whereabouts ever again from prying eyes using electronic detection. MAC addresses are 16 bit 12-digit hexadecimal numbers. MAC addresses utilize numerals 0 thru 9 and alphabet letters A thru F via any combination creating upwards of 281 Trillion possible 12-digit number combinations; which is calculated by taking the number 16 and carrying it to the 12th power which = 281,474,977,000,000. A typical MAC address looks like this 43:EF:8C:2F:BC:94. The first 6 digits of any MAC address should identify the Bluetooth device’s manufacturer (e.g. Samsung, LG, Mitsubishi, Apple, Ford, etc.). However, if you conduct a routine internet search for any vaccinated person’s MAC address the manufacturer will always return from these searches as “unknown”. Why is that??

The best way to test this shocking claim for a vaccinated individual would be to remove all electronic Bluetooth devices from your body, including ear buds, electronic watches, Fitbit bracelets, speakers, etc. After removing those electronic devices take a walk into the woods roughly 100 to 200 feet which should be far enough away from any equipment which could otherwise cause electronic interference while conducting your test. Then perform a simple Bluetooth search with your cell phone for available devices at your location. If a 12-digit “unidentified” hexadecimal number appears on your telephone’s screen while you are in the woods by yourself then YOU are the Bluetooth device that your phone has detected! Also, you will be unable to connect to yourself as this “unidentified” device if you attempt to do so from your cell phone. Another very noteworthy item worth mentioning, this 12-digit hexadecimal number is not simply a static number which is assigned to you – rather this number will regularly change over time. Which means, if you conduct this very same test upon yourself tomorrow or any day thereafter the 12-digit number which will appear on your phone screen will be a different number depending upon the time interval between each of those Bluetooth tests. It was cleverly programmed to disguise itself by automatically changing your assigned MAC address number to avoid arousing unwanted suspicion. Thus, the nano-biotechnology which has been implanted into peoples’ body through these Covid-19 vaccine(s) are programmed to change your MAC address routinely through some proprietary unpublished algorithm. It is not very different than when an employee with an LED security card accesses their company’s mainframe computer while working remotely utilizing RSA technology where the LED security number displayed periodically changes in complete synchronization with the employer’s mainframe computer.

Lastly, if you own an iPhone or recently updated your Android phone’s software you will be unable to conduct this experiment successfully. If this is your case, find someone who owns an older Android phone who has not updated their software for several years (preferably pre-Covid). On April 10, 2020 Apple and Google announced a partnership on Covid-19 contact tracing technology, updating their iOS and Android platforms. Google has since through its software updates removed users’ ability to see a list of the ‘unidentified available’ Bluetooth devices at a user’s location. Now instead, users are limited to viewing only ‘identified available’ devices visible in their area. Why would Apple and Google remove a user’s capability to view ‘unidentified available’ devices from their smart phones? Answer: To hide visibility of the vaccinated population from smart phone detection.

Legislation passed both the PA State (Act 50) and Federal levels mandating the installation of SMALL WIRELESS COMMUNICATION FACILITIES in every municipality. Local governments cannot place any restrictions upon such facilities within their communities other than aesthetic modifications. Once those 5G & 6G wireless facilities are fully installed and operational, which is currently underway, no one who emits a vaccine-injected Bluetooth MAC address as a ‘human antenna’ will ever be capable of shielding their identity nor their global location. Keep in mind, global satellites - including Elon Musk’s 40,000 satellite Starlink system- can easily locate a vaccinated ‘marked’ individual in Antarctica if they wish – which is their forthcoming plan!

This manmade Hegelian Dialectic weaponized Covid-19 virus was lab created so innocent people would inject this harmful tracking Vaccine into their bodies. This Vaccine was not created to fight this Virus! This Virus was deliberately created for acceptance of this nefarious Trojan horse Vaccine. Given these facts, why not take this simple Bluetooth test with your cell phone to remove any doubts about this astonishing claim? What is your newly acquired MAC address number?

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Dr. Anna,

I’ve just watched your interview with David, Shimon and Matéo.

Are there numeral geolocation of the emitters contained within the M.A.C. addresses digits?

Might there be any correlation between the digits and other personal data assigned to gender, how many shots they have received, etc. and C-19 batch numbers?

Thank you for your dedication to try to find answers to that plague.

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Anna ... If PCR swabs are embedding the MAC address, it stands to reason that multiple PCR tests and /or multiple vaccine injections will result in multiple MAC addresses. What do you think?

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Nov 30, 2022·edited Nov 30, 2022

Maybe this is a Bluetooth LE beacon (weakly signaling at 2.4ghz) powered by ambient energy fields such as Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G signals. You would need to have already developed or develop a new contact tracing application that can scan and locate the beacon signals you are trying to locate. This is similar to the RFID passive antenna technology. Just a guess.


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Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the WEF promotes its own supplements brand - Omnilife.

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Re: David's multiple MAC readings: there was a giant radar beam up to 2 micro Teslas aimed directly at Brisbane Friday 19 Jan for several hours. Does this coincide ?

Ageing: I am quite old but have reversed process due to increased physical activity. Physical activity needs to be taken out of the equation. Have qdots and hydrogels. Less graphene of late. Rural. Eating clean.

Is influx of new vaccine simply melting old dried vaccine ? Like/like 'rehydration' ?

Arne Burkhardt last interview acknowledges graphene.

Adulterated supplements: WEF actually stated that's what they would do. If I find it again I will pass it on.

Thanks All !!

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First it was Spike, then came Graphene. How they fought ! Now Polymers. Will they fight ? No. They've chosen sides.

You have all agreed to disagree. But you have all agreed that The Microscope Does Not Lie.

Thanks to all you adults. Ana, David, Shimon, Matt. And Will Micronaut.

Your conversations are living breathing science.

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Yikes! My bad. I'm so glad you wrote! I've known about NOTB for so long I never thought to check the address!!

Here you go:


And then being a card carrying CT, I thought maybe Mark was being attacked again. The last time was a massive Paypal cancellation that affected his business so many ways.

Thank you so much for letting me know!! I will fix it and re-post, plus I've done some updates and started Baking Soda (I got Frontier). OMG! It wasn't bad. I can do this. I have to get alkaline and my stomach feels better already.

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You may find this 2019 clearly transhumanist paper interesting.. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fnins.2019.00112/full

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Did u use the link about COMUSAV Blue tooth documentary , scientific test ,i sent you in comment ?

Thank you

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I wonder why Dr. Nixon didn't remove all his slides from the area in which he conducted his tests re:

? MAC addresses emanating from drops of vial contents? In a perfect world, he would conduct them within a Faraday Cage. Is he alleging that even 1 drop has enough lipid containing (hydrogel) nanomaterial to be capable of generating multiple MAC addresses? If so, why after injection do people only emit one MAC address?

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Re: bluetooth/mac addresses and the use or uselessness or blunder or not by the people whom designed this tech.

a criminal mind would cover all bases re their ultimate plan.

a senario...

a fully digitally surveilled society...hunted vaxed person wants to/trying to escape surveillance, dumps phone then goes near a conformist vaxed person with a phone with bluetooth and wifi on, which picks up the mac address from the would be vaxed escapee and sends info/position to the controllers.

The vaccinated having easily identifiable bluetooth signal/signals isn't necessarily a blunder to a narcissistic psychopath with delusions of grandeur ,they may think it is funny, don't care, thinks that with the all other mayhem going on we won't be able to do any thing meaningful about it, their belief in the power censorship/misinformation etc. will cancel out dissonant voices... laughing again. They have already duped and mind controlled most of the people about and with far worse things we know about already.

The multiple addresses may or may not be a mistake but surely they can retrospectively reassign mac addresses or only focus on one address, or they may be to pick up multiple sources of biometric data from different parts the body.

The simplest reason for the mac addresses is for contact tracing/tracking.

Finally... surely a smart tech person could make a simple device to scramble, cancel, disable the bluetooth signal, pass on false data, send disabling viruses to any near by bluetooth receiver's etc, probably make millions too!

Karen Kingston can answer can lot of the questions brought up in this interview, and she needs chelation asap.

thanks to all.

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Everyone needs to watch this 5 year old link that is still out there on YT but Google has made it 100% search suppressed. The listing says it is 15 minutes long, but it is only 9 minutes:



These are the filaments traditionally associated with the condition loosely called Morgellons. The more technical term coined by retired government scientist Clifford Carnicom (CarnicomInstitute.org) is "Cross Domain Bacteria."

Youtube used to have hundreds of first person videos created by Morgellons sufferers,. I don't know what it's like now. The filaments are the earlier generations of Micro-Electrical Mechanical Sensors or MEMS. IF I remember right, there were over 300 companies manufacturing them in 2014. I cut and pasted a spreadsheet of them from their industry association website. Some of the filaments coming out of people's skin had numbers on them. Hundreds of videos were made showing that these filaments move independently. Some of the early analysis by Mr. Carnicom determined that they were made of distorted red blood cells encased in a keratin sheath. He couldn't kill them and they doubled their population in a petri dish filled with red wine - overnight. They love acid, sugar, dairy, etc., and call me crazy - but I believe when their population get's high enough - they can make a person crave it too.

During Covid, there was a video on Rumble with someone from a Spanish country who took the cheap blue masks and video camera with a decent zoom feature. She stretched the blue paper mask across a steaming bowl of water. In seconds, tiny filaments began coming up out of the mask. This link isn't the same, but it definitely gets the point across:

MORGELLONS Discovered in Disposable Face Masks


I would put money on the filaments in the shots being later generations of the MEMS that estimates now run at 90% contamination of the entire first world population.

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I have a question. I had to have a pcr test in 2020. I am free of cov vax, never wanted it. I need to know if that test they took left any of the poison from the vax. How do i find out?

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