Less is more. Ditch the artificial blue light and absorb full spectrum AM Sunlight (which also contains healthy amounts of blue).

Our skin and UV sunlight are the gateway to detox: https://romanshapoval.substack.com/p/can-we-detox-nanotech-with-sunlight

Thanks for sharing another media resource here Dr. Ana!

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Excellent interview ■ clear, confident, and informative that even the unreasonable cannot argue the truth. M

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Will watch ■ Thank you. M

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Dr Anna, some of your suggested protocol was cut off, do you have that listed somewhere, plz..?

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Too bad this is on Brighteon because Brighteon is BANNED ON ALL PLATFORMS so we can't share

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Too bad this is on Brighteon because Brighteon is BANNED ON ALL PLATFORMS SO WE CAN'T SHARE

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Dr Ana, great precise and strong presentation. I hope I will soon be able to at least contribute support with some money.

Please take special care of yourself. 💛 You carry a package

of responsibility to help all of us you can. Priority is the knowledge and then others must join to add to the power

That the momentum swings. I to find ways to be brave to share with those close to me plus doctors. It’s hard the resistance people have afraid of looking into it! Many spiritually strong people I think they feel that is enough. So I hesitate to shake their own roots or their self trust. And they fear I’m not „ happy“ enough! J-C!

I’m older and with many challenges right now living outside a comfort zone. I try to be healthy but it’s exhausting.

Then to be chanting and stuff...

My love trust and energy to you. Don’t worry we will not always need to be continually

Cleansing our veins because all will be healed. We continue the fight to be free and joyfully



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Been taking methylene blue for about 2 weeks now,usually 6-10 drops in orange juice,got a blue glass.My eyes are still brown.The one big thing I've noticed is no more knee joint inflammation.I am 68 and have medicare.Company called wellcare,What a joke that name is.I refuse to obey their dictates like get a screening and primary doctor.Trust them as far as I can throw them.2 or maybe three yrs ago had an accident that required about 50 stitches in my index and middle fingers in the emergency room,4 hrs of pain and a solid month after that.On one of the follow up visits I was frequency targeted mind controlled to accept a jab in the ass.Damn male nurse pushing tetanus shots.I can't remember ever being that angry after getting out of there.I'm only alive now because I was able to overcome that emotion.I have to wonder how many reptilian/human hybrids there are now.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dN8Z7y_QcwE

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Sorry this needs said and I do appreciate her for what she show's people but DR Ana if you can't be bothered to see me then Your a fraud...

I though you cared and I tried to make an appointment to see you an your office tells me your not seeing new patients right now. Why did you let me believe in that you'd see me or your office staff make me go through all the rigarow to try and get an appointment set. Your five hours away from me and a bit far but a hell of a lot closer than fricking Tennessee wtf???

What did they get you telling you I was a baby raper and or very bad and to not see me? Or I deserve this shit?? Well the good news is I am innocent was innocent still innocent so they lied to you...

Can't be bothered by the little man then WTF you doing wtf is all this for???

What's all this about telling people to wake up then not helping those of us who need it...

I wanted you to see if I have a chip or some other nano crap in my left or right or both Cochlea and then test my blood which you could of used in your slides and presentations...

I thought you cared but I guess not... Fine take care!

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We the people does not allow you to rule us. We the people in the Constitution is a limit to Govt not that people get to rule in the private sector like gangstalking. majority rules does not mean you rule like a king why and no offense to some who are but why do Democrats feel that majority rules means you get to rule the minority??? Your not a king you don't rule me your not my Govt people are not the Govt that's not what that means. We the people mean we get to limit the power of the Govt not the other way around. Nor do you get to form separate laws for yourselves to gangstalk people who don't play your game...

Repubs too but less so...

Most TI's are of a conservative view. That's why I say that with confidence I know what I say. My v2k report says they hate Trump people those who targeted me to begin with plus some pedo Group...

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Good stuff. I still wish these other video channels offered CC so I can read what's Being said.

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UHM from what I know or read or heard Trino's or something like that are in the air and more concentrated at 9pm to 10pm but only work if your asleep. I've fell asleep a few times during that time and felt better after I woke up so...

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Donation that I made to Amy Holem.

And T shirts that i bought from targeted Justice to help!

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I don't have wifi just crappy data.

Can't watch the video unfortunately.

I'm sure it was enlightening.

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