Why grounding and drinking structured water is so important as it lets us create our own natural hydrogels: https://romanshapoval.substack.com/p/grounding

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Thanks; I will send this to Paul at FungiPerfecti re possibility of mushrooms to dissolve hydrogels!

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Dear Anna,

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do.

Regarding a recent video you did with Karen Kingston and Maria Zeee on transhumanism, there was one item that really piqued my attention, but which both you and Karen brushed over without any mention, and that is the persistent reference in the patent applications to the activities being undertaken as "art" (vs "science"). I don't have the slides Karen presented available to me now, but I recall there being mention of the "invention of protein cages" as "art" in one of the patents that had been filed. I think the use of this term is highly significant - although I'm not exactly sure what the significance is.

I recall from my graduate days in philosophy that one the most insulting ways to dismiss a novel idea was to refer to it as a "term of art" - implying that it was too abstract or disconnected from real-world applications to be of any use. Generally, 'terms of art' in philosophical circles are ideas that aren't taken seriously because they fail to align with accepted scientific or philosophical frameworks.

Is it possible that the patent drafting is explicitly acknowledging that the activities being undertaken exist ourtside the accepted scientific and philosophical frameworks? If that's what's going on with protien cage design then we are dabling in some dark arts indeed. I wonder if, upon further reflection, this term means anything to you or Karen?

Pls note: I posted exactly this question on Karen's substack. Hopefully it will get the two of you talking.

All the very best,

Alan Hamilton

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These Are The Good Old Days.

If You Think This Is Traumatising

Let's Hope You Never See

What They Have In Store

For The Rest Of All Humanity.

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Do you think Lumbrokinase or Nattokinase would help for people who can't get the IV?

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Did I hear Dr. Ana correctly at the 1 hour and 6 minute mark when she said that " Ivermectin has an LNP delivery system?" So, Ivermectin has DARPA Hydrogel in it?

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Dear Ana Mihalcea, If you are still interested in obtaining the book "Strange Entities" (2013) which I authored and published myself (you could not find a copy last Christmas), it is available on Amazon (cheaper at Lulu).

Along with "Strange Quantum Souls" (2019) they may explain the Vacuum Engineering/micro black holes connection of the forces manipulating people by what I call "Quantum Evil".

Thanks to you and Maria Zeee for the scary video images of "Zombie Blood" etc., and if this does not wake up the masses, then nothing will and we need a parallel society to keep going.

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In olden days evil psychopaths such as Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Yuval Harari and all the other members of the "3-letter agencies" would be burned at the stake, considering the global genocide they are silently perpetrating.

However they have penetrated all Western cabinets; they and local councils just obey this evil ruling elite, helped by MSM and corrupt cowardly lawyers.

Thank you Ana Mihalcea and Maria Zeee for demonstrating the truth us.

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Hi i Just put up some more PATENTS on my operation save humanity substack you might like ,, thanks big hug happy digging

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Hi i just put up some more PATENTS you might like big hug happy digging..

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Dexamethasone + Remdesivir = NIH recommended treatment protocol for adults who are hospitalized and require supplemental oxygen.

Source: https://www.covid19treatmentguidelines.nih.gov/management/clinical-management-of-adults/clinical-management-of-adults-summary/

Furthermore, the FLCCC recommends the use of dexamethasone in their treatment protocol.

Source: https://covid19criticalcare.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/MATH-Protocol-1.pdf

Is FLCCC aware that dexamethasone contains hydrogel?? They should be!

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