This gives the word "shall not cleave" a revealed meaning for microelectronic metals. ■ Will watch. M

■Daniel 2:43 KJV — And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay. blueletterbible

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Nov 29, 2023·edited Nov 29, 2023

Natural Medicine Secrets Episode 1 ■ Currently studying this my notes on herbs and essential oils are throughout. From paper notes certain video timing is below while I am currently at 1:59:00. M

34:00 Herbs and minerals/inflammation, parasites, gut; marshmallow Root/gut

43:00 Turmeric combined with bioperine, cinnamon, fish oil (49:00 also for brain)

44:00 CBD, Hemp extract; bentonite clay/parasites; fulvic acid/removal of calcium shell/biofilm of parasites

55:00 Cloves/oregano (oil) to flush out parasites/gut, inflammation, immune; fulvic acid pulls out toxins "like mailman and trash disposal;" full moon highest parasite activity/detox few days before to get better removal during full moon. Garlic, green hull walnut/parastic cleaners

1:04:00 Essential oils/pain

1:08:00 Peppermint oil; grapeseed oil (or sweet almond oil) with magnesium with peppermint oil/ spasm

1:13:00 Pomegranate/ovary, gene expression, connectedand communication

1:17:00 Doctrine of signatures/good food plants have intelligent design; walnuts/brain, ginger root/stomach, avocado/womb, pregnancy, tomato/heart, blood pressure, lower cholesterol (1:21:00)

1:21:00 Drugs pulled off market before patent end; natural medicine/compounds contains communication, exosomes, micrornas, protein coding genes/micrornas; food has gene nuclide acids/pills are altered poison; vitamin C, propagate never hurt people

1:32:00 MS disease/mercury high in brain, bones; zinc, magnesium, humic and fulvic acid, bonding and information/bind with metals and remove, grab metals and carry out body; Magnesium celate/EDTA, fulvic acid take out

1:59:00 Tooth fillings/mimics estrogen; tumors have heavy metals, underarms; remove first mercury, lead, cadmium/in furniture, herbicide, pollution, cleaning supplies; milk thistle - detox liver/fulvic acids, humic remove metals


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As it is known, Alex Zionist does not let anyone on the show who is not on the zionist fearmongering train. So its nice to know how fearmongering shekels work and where they go.

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Since no one seems to be interested in finding a way to get this demon weapon out of the bodies of our loved ones who took the COVID Vaccine, I will make the CLAIM that CBD is the ANITDOTE, NOBODY cares about all this brain interface voodoo psychobabble talk, tell us how to get it the fuck out of ourselves and our children. EVERYTHING she be put on hold except for testing DETOX procedures.... the clock is TICKING.......if you can find a better antidote PLEASE DO and come and take my crown.....#AgentDoctorfeelgood Here is all my research and some of the references INCLUDING before and after LIVE BLOOD analysis.





Ever BIO-WEAPON is developed with an ANTIDOTE, the only question is. WHAT IS IT?

5 billion inquiring minds would like to know.

Could it be the MMR vaccines that was given to the CHOSEN ONES? I say we capture a Pfizer scientist send him to GITMO and get Medieval...Q-

Where is Dr. Ralph Baric from University of North Carolina of Chapel Hill. He created the COVID-19 Bioweapon, and according to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko he also developed the ANITDOTE...SEE. https://x.com/DschlopesIsBack/status/1720663087886287331?s=20

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Nov 29, 2023·edited Nov 29, 2023

Diseases (some) they say may/can be reversed ■ Dr. Ardis shows/explains that they use venoms to cause these diseases like Parkinson's and then when nicotine is used to clear receptors the disease is reversed. I believe that this is all a marketing of the public for investors. M


21 Covid Symptoms CURED with 7mg NICOTINE Patch for 6 Days. Dr. Bryan Ardis ■ Requirements to participate in study.

21 Covid Long-Haul symptoms including: loss of taste and smell, tinnitis (ringing in ears), dizziness, vertigo, headaches, brain fog, memory lapses, motor coordination deficit, new onset of diabetes, new high blood pressure, insomnia, [parkinsons] and more.

FULL SHOW. SonsOfLibertyRadioLive

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Fauci & The CIA Were Using Snake Venom To Poison People Long Before COVID



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This is an authentic genocide, all those responsible for the crimes MUST BE JUDGED AND FUSED FOR EXTREME CRUELTY AND INTENTIONAL GENOCIDE


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I have found that anything Google considers controversial or resisting the Lefts narrative will not direct a link that you click in an article to its respective sight. For example the video link in this article of Dr Mihalcea: "Maria Zeee and Dr Ana Mihalcea - Alex Jones Show" does not direct me to the video. This is not the first time. What I do is copy and paste to the a search engine to find the video. It's no surprise knowing that Google is part of the establishment.

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Great courage in the face of this tragedy.

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Possible ANTIDOTE located according to Dr. Zelenko... Intelligence courtesy of your boy !!!!!!..... Agent Midnight rider......Q-


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watched the video w Maria Zee and Dr Ana. I don’t even know what to say🤯🤯

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Dear Ana MM ; High Profile MD's not accepting findings ., only talking about misnomers

"mrna" + "spikes" WHYYY ? Because the whole medicine industry is @ risk !!!!! Not knowing that they could be pledging alliances to W H O ??? el diav ?? point of no return . elcasto .

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Thank you Dr. Ana!

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I take myself off the THRONE and give it to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's Only thing we need to do is get before and after live blood analysis to verify. Here it is .... Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, and Zinc

Now PEEP GAME, on March 21, 2020, Trump tweeted this.

Hydroxychloroquine @ Azithromycin taken together, have a real change to be one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine.... COINICIDENCE????? see https://x.com/laconic93/status/1729765555756847606?s=20

I would also add CBDA and CBDG that is peer reviewed to stop replication of the spike protein and call

plus, Vitamin C and Vitamin D and call that the ***Agent Doctor Feel Good Protocol***. Note I am not a doctor or scientist, I'm just going off my internet research and what I have seen with my own eyeballs in testing detox procedures with other scientist.


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