Horrifying to contemplate. I’ve been through the grinder these past 3 years and avoided the jab like the plague and lost many relationships over them and came within a hairs breadth of losing my job of 20 years - now I could possibly have some evil crap in me?!?! How can we know if we are impacted, or our precious children and what do we do if so?!?! How to avoid this?!?! I’d love some advice. Please and thank you. Blessings from the ‘Father of Lights’ above for going where the facts take you. The Truth will set you free! 🙏🏻

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I am not denying Dr. Ana's findings at all. I am curious if the unvaccinated individuals (blood) have had ANY type of injectables like flu shots, tetanus, steroids, insulin, alergy shots, antibiotics, anesthetics, botox etc. Or, have they had a PCR test?

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Anyone care to introduce 5G into the conversation as an additional culprit? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8580522/

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I have this in my body. I bought a very good microscope about six months ago bc i thought i had Morgellons.

(And it seems that i very much do.)

But in my compulsive inquiry into the findings in and on my body, i have discovered horrific things.

Now i know most anyone reading this

Wont believe what i an about to tell you…and i do understand how crazy- bizarre this is…. But i have not only found these stringy things, ribbon like material EVERYWHERE … but ive also found the bubbles,that seem to have hlowing eyes until you get them at just the right angle-then you see tat they really do have eyes.. or at least mine do … i havd lights flashing and not flashing , i have black stuff which is really creepy bc it looks (to me) like that Black Goo stuff but its in a microscopic level, all of it is…

And then there are these weird creature looking things… with Big Bulgy Black Eyes. 😓

Im not frucking kidding you guys and i can see their pupils…😑 but it getsworse do hang on tight cuz this is where a lot of you will think im BS-ing you… (i wish i was😭😭😭)

But something shifted the other day… i started noticing things looking different that what they had been …

Im not sure how best to describe what i am now finding… 🥺…

But they are (to me) Microscopic

Demons /Monsters … 🥺 and their EVERYWHERE!!! 😩mixed in with all the other stuff .

Irs like my ENTIRE body is made up of this stuff.

Im scared. I knew i was going to die!


For those of tou who are prolly wondering…

I did MOT take the Vaccine!

But i HAVE had Dental work and i use to be an IV Drug user for about 2 years .. and i wont lie … i wonder if i got most of these horrendous findings ( from the drugs! )


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Thank you very much Dr. For trying to save humanity from these Evil Satanic Sub Humans!

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Thank you, Dr. Ana, your work on the blood is what we've been waiting for, more proof to show how devastating these Bioweapons are to ALL Humanity, vaxxed or un-vaxxed.

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Don't feel bad when people disbelieve believe you, Dr. Ana.

You're a brilliant Scientist, Physician; and dare we say...Woman?

People refuse to believe the Word, Logos, Being of God. Nobody's choice of believing or disbelieving anything can change a TRUTH FROM BEING WHAT IT IS. Since people refused the Truth of God and from God; it is silly to believe we're somehow special beyond God and are warned in The Holy Bible to expect the same denunciation, denial, torment and even death in standing with Truth.

Praying for you, Dr. Ana and the whole world.

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You are my Hero Dr. Ana Mihalcea

Both You and Karen Kingston

May the Lord Bless You

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Aug 2, 2023·edited Aug 2, 2023

We are being absolutely saturated by nanotech smart dust which is being dispersed via the chemtrails. According to military whistleblowers, this nanoscale saturation agenda has been ongoing since 1992. Shedding doesn't need to occur for these weapons to function. We have enough of this nano sh*t in us already!

An invasive payload of nano-fibres and transistorized smart-dust has been circulating the globe since the early 1990's thanks to ubiquitous chemtrail spraying by the military. These self-replicating nanobots piggy-back onto the body's central nervous system creating a secondary electrical circuit (a secondary nervous system of sorts) which acts as foundational support for airborne SMART viruses and synthetic vaccine components... https://www.bitchute.com/video/6OP5fM4R2xUe/

We have been deliberately 'infected' with a hardware system in the form of SMART viruses and nanotech fibre-optics, as well as a 'cure' in the form of a 'vaccine'. The vaccine contents are actually a software operating system made up of hundreds of scientific patents developed over many decades by Big Tech, Big Pharma and the military. This software is made up of millions of nanotech EMF sensors with the capacity to 'infect' the living cells of the recipient with computational synthetic DNA and turn them into bio-cyber read & write SMART device.

Transhumanist scientists can now convert biological code into digital genetic code, then deconvolute it back into biological code. This means digital 'viruses' can be dispersed via EMF networks that are capable of infecting biological organs. Laboratory created synthetic so called 'viruses' turn blood cells into molecular EMF Transmitters. Commentary starts @ 7m56s... https://odysee.com/@psychoNWO:9/Synthetic-Virus%27---Molecular-EMF-Transmitters.:2?r=GHBM5vePehvivDbgyGcgGJ6drCThcmjD

They are hitting us with electro-magnetic frequency weapons that are capable of inflicting the same specific ailments over and over again and they are telling us that these ailments are being caused by viruses. The EMF emissions from satellites and cellphone towers are causing specific ailments too, as is the graphene oxide in the jabs.

The same ailments that are being digitized then transmitted via EMF networks can also be transmitted from person to person. Brain to brain. The vaxxed are not shedding - they are TRANSMITTING. Biohacking - Linking Someone's Brain to Another's Brain - Dr Charles Morgan Lecture on Nanotechnology at West Point Military Academy... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lk3C0HIbB_Y

Vaccine Planet - Designer Mind Viruses. Commentary starts @ 8m55s... https://odysee.com/@psychoNWO:9/What'sHF-DREADDS-SonPERDITION-SimReality:4

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If we read the Bible old and new testament, Revelation, God is in control and what the Bible says is God's word. There will be a new Heaven New Earth. Believe and you will be saved.

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Well, as everyone says here: brilliant. As a fellow scientist I must ask the obvious. What is Peter McCullough’s response to your discovery? Can someone not break through to him? I know these guys are all tied into their egos but we’re all on the same side here so what say they?

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Guess avoiding the vax didn’t matter after all. They knew they were gonna get this crap in you one way or another.

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Could there be a “yellow pages” of locations for EDTA Chelation treatments?

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Deeply grateful for your definitive and courageous work on behalf of humanity.

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Data doesn't lie but people do. Your data shames all the "experts" and those who want us all dead. Great work, Dr. Ana. 👏👏

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Aug 2, 2023·edited Aug 2, 2023

This was an excellent thorough presentation. Will boron/Borax help rid nanobot/nanofibers? I heard a DARPA whistleblower say that Borax/boron is the only known nanobot replication inhibitor. I personally take 1/8 tsp of Borax in a quart of water sipped throughout the day. I’ve been taking this for 5+ yrs to help with joint pain.

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