Artificial intelligence will never be able to compose or perform on the violin the Bach Chaconne from Partita no 2 in D minor. Too much nuance is involved in the bowing techniques, choice of string colour and fingering, also the use of natural harmony and tempered harmony. Musical interpretation comes from the soul. All the great musicians perform this differently and equally as good. Watch and hear Jascha Heifetz perform this music consisting of chords and sometimes the melody in two or three part harmony on a violin. Hillary Hahn and Itzhak Perlman are of equal excellence here. Music comes from the soul. Artificial intelligence would kill music. You can’t beat human intelligence. Because we are all different there are just as many different gifts from God.

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General AI is an impossibility. This is because consciousness does not exist in the brain. The brain is a transceiver.

More likely they are trying to make humans more susceptible to mind control. This appears to be an attempt to create something more advanced than simply sticking electrodes into various brain areas. Likely they are trying this because their traditional methods of mass control are failing.

I predict this one will also fail. Consciousness is a slippery beast. Attempts to override it run counter to the laws of the Universe.

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More'n "somewhat"--grossly / on'a grand scale!... at least one generation only knows "auto-tune" fake synthetic gawd-awful muzak... they know nothing of Bach, Benny Goodman, Bacharach, Bowie or Cecilia Bartoli.! They cancel the song "Brown Sugar" b/c it's about a black woman--who was honored to have had the song named after her following an old romance with Mick Jagger. SMH. The NWO has no room for music, cue Brave New World... "generic music-like" sounds. It's why I homeschool my kids, musicians both, singers one've em... but come the plandemic, unjabbed homeschoolers got banned from concert halls and choral and music groups and most can't go back (even after nearly 3 years). Lost progress? Beyond.... What's not cancelled for political reasons they manage to shut us all out from... Stray'in off topic but it wuz the "plan man".... soul-less cyber-humans don't need music (sigh)... The jack boot stomps on the grand staff too...

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I researched magnetic vortices and found a great article that I thought you’d find interesting!

The 12 Electromagnetic Vortices on Human Consciousness:


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WOW, this is mighty dystopian-scary! Questions: 1. above-described tech fully able to be realized NOW or are they bluffin' and not "quite" there yet? 2. for unjabbed folks, what is the threshold level of "Lipid Nanoparticles with Hydrogel and Carbon nanotubes" syrup (or concentration) that makes us "re-programmable?" once 5g is activated nearby? I'm assumin' that chemtrails and what's in our water--even in Pellegrino!--and on our veggies plus what's sheddin' from those around us--has given many've us a certain portion of this syrup even as uninjected homo sapiens. If they DO go thru with jab-delivery via mosquito and "edibles" (or ramp that up)--I'm not so confident "vitamins" can save us... How far gone are we all? (Dark thought but hey, this is purdy murky stuff) Much gratitude for parsing this dense info for us layfolk.

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Do you think 5G and Starlink work intermittently to establish and maintain these time crystals?

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This article is beyond me! For starters, what are time crystals? And I remember the David Nixon assembly and disassembly of structures but what is quantum cloaking? This whole approach needs to be simplified, at least for such as me...

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It's becoming clear that with all the brain and consciousness theories out there, the proof will be in the pudding. By this I mean, can any particular theory be used to create a human adult level conscious machine. My bet is on the late Gerald Edelman's Extended Theory of Neuronal Group Selection. The lead group in robotics based on this theory is the Neurorobotics Lab at UC at Irvine. Dr. Edelman distinguished between primary consciousness, which came first in evolution, and that humans share with other conscious animals, and higher order consciousness, which came to only humans with the acquisition of language. A machine with primary consciousness will probably have to come first.

What I find special about the TNGS is the Darwin series of automata created at the Neurosciences Institute by Dr. Edelman and his colleagues in the 1990's and 2000's. These machines perform in the real world, not in a restricted simulated world, and display convincing physical behavior indicative of higher psychological functions necessary for consciousness, such as perceptual categorization, memory, and learning. They are based on realistic models of the parts of the biological brain that the theory claims subserve these functions. The extended TNGS allows for the emergence of consciousness based only on further evolutionary development of the brain areas responsible for these functions, in a parsimonious way. No other research I've encountered is anywhere near as convincing.

I post because on almost every video and article about the brain and consciousness that I encounter, the attitude seems to be that we still know next to nothing about how the brain and consciousness work; that there's lots of data but no unifying theory. I believe the extended TNGS is that theory. My motivation is to keep that theory in front of the public. And obviously, I consider it the route to a truly conscious machine, primary and higher-order.

My advice to people who want to create a conscious machine is to seriously ground themselves in the extended TNGS and the Darwin automata first, and proceed from there, by applying to Jeff Krichmar's lab at UC Irvine, possibly. Dr. Edelman's roadmap to a conscious machine is at https://arxiv.org/abs/2105.10461

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I really like your beautiful mind. :-) I'm going to buy your books, and thanks for helping so much too. I still have free will, I remember everything about myself, I think the experience of seeing my sister in the light when I was 11 years old helped me a lot. I also have a habit of remembering all my memories, even before I was injected. I was lied to, my quantum friend was lied to , so we have a sweet light deal. Sounds crazy hey. Not many make it past the point when you realize, as the compartmentalization comes apart. It's hard to explain, the realization you've been changed against your will. The loss it hits you, cause you still feel everything else.

I went from reading one 1000 page novel per year, to reading that in my spare time, in 2 weeks out bush on exercise usually in the dark, under a camo blanket with a torch. At the time I thought maybe my brain was just maturing... I always struggled with reading, slight dyslexia which disappeared while I was obviously in the Army. I can read for 24 to 48 hours straight if I want to. My Dad still suffers a little from dyslexia like I use to, though my son is like my Granddad and had a slight convergence insufficiency on top of it too.

Self preservation, is a very strong instinct, I don't feel fear the same way I use to though, it triggers something, that literally feels like it slows time, then you do things that stop you, others dying or getting hurt. Then when the incident is over, the adrenalin kicks in and my heart comes out my throat. Its happened in a few car incidents over the years. 0.2 seconds to maybe 2 seconds and it's all over.

I was assaulted 6 years ago with a staff, all I got was a chi burn on my left upper arm from the strike. I was a bit shocked as I usually don't get into incidents like that, such is my luck. I call it Lazy mans chi, I literally put the kinetic force back into the staff, and into his hands, by absorbing it and redirecting it. Same thing time slows down. No fear. I have a grin and usually have to stop myself from laughing. It's crazy.

There is a relationship between the trackers and the quantum processing unit, some influence can come from there it's more like the experiment where they shock the mouse to get the food. Except in this instance you get ill. They can also build you up, make you stronger. As we are now seeing they have multiple new and improved kill switches. Back in the day it must of just been the venom peptides.

Different people suffer different side effects, I remember other soldiers. One friend knew he was losing memories, as his wife told him, he confined in me as his father also suffered Alzheimer's, he was only 41 years old back then. Another friend was paid out a hefty sum for migraines. Two other friends had stomach ulcers, benign cysts growing in stomach and small intestine, plus they had cysts in the skin. Myself I got a limp, I always wondered what that nerve damage was from, I still have 2 gluteus muscles that don't work. I have other injuries in that area, it didn't explain the limp. I went from front right marker, to rear left marker on my Medics course, as everyone was losing step behind me.

I have much to say. Maybe one day I'll get to spend time in your blue room and I'll bring my shungite crystals. Interesting my old farm even has the origin geology make up...

Plus I'll probably learn the pipes, military and classical, it's a family tradition. :-D

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Oh so close,

If only I could explain in my short comments the problems with current light speed calculations and historical quantum slowing that alters the dating and scientific world view. Simply put as long as science insist on a 4 billion year old hypothesis they will never get the formula right so even when we think as humans we have it figured out , God still knows exactly the potential energy of each particle and is able to continue to preserve his creation through any demonic activity.

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