I’m curious as to how those responsible are protecting themselves as they attempt to eradicate their planet of al us “useless eaters”. Where are they having their food grown a nd how are they breathing with inhaling the same toxins? Or do they have some elite form of chelation and detoxifying systems to rid their bodies of the poison?

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It would sound preposterous to imagine Gates, Soros & Schwab not facing Justice after such statistical occurrences worldwide. Call it Nuremberg 2.0 or 4.0 ... these people must be made accountable for their madness sometime soon.

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Thanks Ana. As to the toxicity of graphene, I presented the following recently.

Summary of 50 studies on the extreme toxicity of graphene quantum dots, or carbon quantum dots, to the animal organism


Summary of 121 studies on the extreme toxicity of Carbon Nanotubes (Graphene) to the animal organism


Summary of 111 studies on the extreme toxicity of Graphene Oxide to the animal organism


58 studies on the extreme genotoxicity of Graphene nanoparticles for the reproductive system of insects, fish and mammals


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Sounds like the great battle in heaven from long ago being played out again at a molecular level. 🥶

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Dane is my personal Jesus. No one has been in this battle longer than him, and still going strong. It is my honor to listen to his ‘bad news broadcast’ every Sunday, like church. I find him stoic, inspiring and setting the exact tone I feel in my soul about the planetary asylum we find ourselves in. Thank you for featuring his work here!

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The latest WEF plan to block out the sun is appropriately acronymed SATAN... .

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.....it's actually DanE Wigington, Ana.....

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From the beginning (whenever that was?) I have pegged these self described elites as psychopathic suicidal serially abusive maniacs. We have allowed the rightful inmates to take over this asylum. What other species does this????

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Mar 5, 2023·edited Mar 5, 2023

As I understand these heavy metals (nanoparticles) is they create a magnetic connection with 5G (and frankly 4G as well).

These metals need to be detoxed. While the body is capable of detoxifying toxins/chemicals, it is very challenging to remove these heavy metals. There are means, relatively noninvasive use of minerals, infrared saunas and other very effective measures can be taken.

We need to connect these heavy metals with the injections, geoengineering and 5G roll out. Together than cause huge harm and also connect to 4IR/Smart Cities, etc.

These heavy metals surround us. They are not natural for the most part and cause all kinds of ill effects.

For more information I recommend watching/listening to this: https://offers.myersdetox.com/htma/v1eg/?clickid=232a32e836a04d9487aaec3646805af0&utm_content=232a32e836a04d9487aaec3646805af0&utm_source=affiliate&utm_medium=924&source_id=noncomm

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They are monetizing their waste, as always! Just like 99%+ pharma products.

Where do all these materials come from? Straight from the mines? No.

They pulverize our garbage & recycling and spray it back down on us... regional sourcing instead of global. They use industrial hammer mills to turn it all into micro & nano particles..

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Dr. Ana, how do we continually detox from these heavy metals as well as the nano weapon shed by the vaxxed?

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Interestingly, about 5 - 6 years ago, I had two experiences.

a.) Working at Zimmer in Warsaw, IN., I was out for a walk around lunch time. I watched two planes, at altitude, pass by during a 10 min. period, but same altitude from what I could guage, same size etc., both leaving contrails. Suddenly, one of the contrails just abruptly stopped. Why?

b.) I was on the beach in Cannon Beach, Aug. 2016. I see the plane paralleling the coast, going north, towards where I was on vacation with my lovely wife, in Cannon Beach, in what is now the People's Socialist Dystopia of Oregon. Suddenly, the contrail stops, and the plane turns around back south. What? Was some Hollywierd Learjet Leftist out for a joy ride? Sure seems to argue for the reality of this all.

The question is, though, that I get it that elite have protected themselves. But surely they would have extended family, etc. that they care about. That is, IF they are even human at this point, which is open to question (cf. That Hideous Strength by CS Lewis, which foretold all this) Or do they do detox?

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In the comments here, Cyn asks a question. "I’m curious as to how those responsible are protecting themselves as they attempt to eradicate their planet of al us “useless eaters”."

This is an excellent question. The discussions there are insightful.

There are many possible answers to this question. If we are successful in taking the intelligence agencies and militaries, we may get more definitive answers questions like this. Until that happens, we can conjecture...

There is another possibility that is not discussed in these comments so far. What do all selfish powerful psychopaths seek? Immortality?

It is possible that the very top of the command chain of our enemy is seeking immortality for itself? It is possible that the injections and nano particles are associated with that immortality? It is possible that the very top of the enemy has already converted itself into something immortal that is not hurt by the nano particles, and it wants all life on this planet either dead from the nano particles (and other poisons), or converted into its remote controlled robot slaves?

I do not like writing this, but, perhaps, it is a moral imperative to share this possibility.

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DANE Wigington, not "Dan."

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Thanks Dr. Ana for sharing Dan's findings. It is nothing new however. The US govt. has been spraying us for years.

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The only issue I have ever had with Dane is the fact that he never discusses the biological aspect of the aerosol program, preferring instead to focus on the eco-terrorism these luciferian psychopaths are engaged in. That's cool - he IS good at what he does. As naive as I am, I always expected that once the public knows that they are being sprayed like %@# insects, they would stand up and demand that this be stopped. It hasn't, nor will it ever happen... People simply prefer the easier softer way that leads to destruction..i.e. they prefer to remain willfully ignorant. <sigh>

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