Thank you for confirming my old conjecturing, which makes you one of the last authentic sources on Substack. Cross-posting this.

I remember being unable to sleep all night and canceling my dental appointment late 2020, because I realized that anything injected can poison me. I also had information from November 2021 that dental Lidocaine contained graphene oxide. Oh, well, it's already in everything.

Please, keep checking "uninjected" blood repeatedly. My impression is that it makes no difference anymore.

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Please let’s not forget God. But God… Watch Julie Green on Rumble, Amanda Grace at Ark of Grace on Rumble or YouTube, Diana Larkin on YouTube. The ReAwaken America Tour gives much hope. Pray for the failure of these Satanic actions against us. Read your Bible! Never give up hope. God can change things in a day, and I believe He is going to do just that. ✝️🙏

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I stopped (2+ yrs now) injecting Enbrel for PSA and Ankylosing Spondylitis don’t trust any injections. My problems came from a vax in the 60s, a Dr in 1975 said you got a “Rockefeller cocktail”! I now know what he meant.

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My reaction looking at this article? "I'm 64, there's fuck-all I can do about any of this, the sooner I'm the Hell out of here, the better." 🙄

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the people putting this into our biosphere must also have it in their blood - I don't understand

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May 9Liked by Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

This is the beginning of the internet changing. The internet, as people know it, is going to change in drastic ways.

We’re moving into Quantumnet.

In 2018, quantum computing was in the background running ALL of our logistics, governmental, information infastructure, our grid system. So, it’s been on scene for awhile.

Now we’re moving into Quantumnet. The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is the foundation for Quantumnet and the rest of the internet is going to begin to be linked into it.

The Quantumnet will essentially become ONE internet. There will be no more segregation or separation within the internet, it’s going to be ONE net.

Each person would be a ‘file’ within that net and EVERY dot-and-tittle of your digital activity is going to be under your file. The KEYS to your file are going to be your biometric data.

They’re going to EASE people into this with face scans, iris scans, palm scans, etc.

Complete biometric data is also “key” in order to link your “Etheric self” to your “material self”. Important to charging “digital crime”. No one will be able to claim, “it wasn’t me” or “I was hacked.”

But as it progresses, they’re going to have to have ALL of your biometric data. Now why? The answer is because quantum computing is so powerful, there’s going to be no way to secure your personal file except with every dot-and-tittle of your biometric data.

A 256 bit blockchain is a joke to a quantum computer. A quantum computer can break that in a fraction of a second.

Essentially, this is setting the stage for the Internet of Bodies (IoB). What will happen is that every dot-and-tittle of your biometric data will be ONE blockchain for your ‘file’ on the internet, which is becoming ONE net.

And all of it will be linked into and through the Quantum Financial System.

Your complete biometric data will be your brain mapping, your heart beat, your physiology, your activity, ALL of it.

THIS is why they need the intrabody nanonetwork in people and then the Digital ID - which will progress to a quantum-dot tattoo/chip.

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The people must know the strategies of the enemy, because until now they were thinking the enemy is their friend with all of the products and services offered to the people for decades/centuries but with the purpose to make a massive trap. The first step is to adquire products/services only from people from our community. We must now raise a Detox industry continuous plan,as the enemy has activated the poisonous industry plan.

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I am, and continue to be, in total shock since I first read your posts.My mind and my soul rebel

at any attempt to assimilate all this information. Was there/ is there an escape plan that the evil ones put into motion, so that they survive?

Am I correct or in error , that EDTA infusions ,perhaps in conjunction with infusions of Vit.C, might remove SOME of the evil debris but not all? Or did I err in my confused consideration of your post?

May G-d please help suffering humanity!

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Hospitals accept mRNA tainted blood because they want us DEAD or with turbo cancer in 5 yrs. EVEN IF JABBED, why destroy your immunity even more in an emergency if you need blood? Want to live past 5 yrs cancer free? Join UnjectedBlood.com as a global RECIPIENT or DONOR.‬

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Dr. Ana mentioned not only EDTA chelation as a means to cleanse the blood. She also mentioned Vit. C, D, and B vitamins as well as Fulvic Acid and the use of Methylene Blue, ionized foot baths, and other measures to support the blood. Is chelation therapy the only measure than can cleanse the blood? Dr. Ana seemed to indicate that the filament structures found in the blood analysis seem to be dependent on heavy metals present in the blood. If that is correct then why not use every possible method to cleanse the blood of the heavy metals? Does not Cilantro and Chlorella remove heavy metals? If the nanotechnology / synthetic biology is in all of the biosphere then we can find a way out of this dilemma until a way can be found to screen all sources of food, water, drugs, injectibles, etc.

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I am trying to figure out detox approaches besides just EDTA chelation which is not available in many locations ( & besides all the available things like the supplements). The Conference of La Quinta Columna showed that the hospitals in Spain provided some help in symptoms using magnetic bandaids. Would there be any benefit of using a magnet to pull this stuff into one area of the body and then applying EDTA cream? Also they show a researcher using an EMF pencil detector showing readings on a person's head. Is it possible to detect these things in the blood with an EMF reader?

Are there other suggestions?

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My report following receiving dental work in the last few years, including anesthesia. I was able to have a Darkfield analysis of my blood about 6 weeks ago, with many undesirable features (rouleaux, fibrin, fungus and possible "parasite"). I began aggressively detoxing, eliminating my 1 cup of coffee and eating more fruit and vegetables to bring PH into alkalinity of 8.0. Zeolite, C-60 and many more supplements recommended by various doctors became my protocol. A week ago, my blood was analyzed again. It was clean, without filaments seen in Dr. Ana's samples.

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Even my naturopaths for chelation and live blood analysis were sceptical towards nanotech such as PEG functionalized with reduced grapehene oxide. I've shown them the papers, videos (Dr. Campra, Dr. Noack) and they have seem my results. Now they seem to be more open about this. So I'm doing my best to spread the knowledge, because I'm affected by myself to a degree that it could kill me anytime.

Btw. La Quinta columna released a video where they removed the ferromagnetic components of injectable drugs with a magnet. Certainly it doesn't remove the polymers in it.

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I had a tooth pulled in late 2021, was barely able to walk home. That winter was spent sleeping and barely eating. Gradually my ability to walk deterioriated and I now have MS like symptoms, no quality of life whatsoever. I've been trying to find a doctor that will administer EDTA, with no luck so far. The doctors in Ontario Canada are sold out to big Pharma. Have recently been taking ozone treatments, but I wonder if hemo-dialysis would clean up the blood or apherisis?

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Hello I am not a doctor but have been sick with what has been renamed to "long covid" since 2012 and excepted into a governmental trial. The bio weapon in the injection may be within Deep Carbon, the research facilities are funded by Rothschild and the research documents are hard to access, these materials are very highly intelligent and used in A.I. I just finished my documentary where I mention this. The video can be found in rumble at-- "JustBeingHonest". I hope this helps

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There are numerous manufacturers of these anesthetics...

It seems logical to me that there would be some way of starting to get to the bottom of which ones are doing this and which ones could be by some miracle validated to be "clean."

There MUST be path toward getting to the bottom of it when it comes to sources outside the jab.

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