Still want to know....where is Charles Lieber. Convicted but not sentenced....where are they keeping him? No sign of him in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Was supposed to be sentenced within the last week. I believe that he was set for sentencing on 3/23. No go AB’s no word in the msm.

Things do not add up...well maybe some does....maybe a few clues...

What was Lieber’s specialty and what was he working on....nanotube injectables. Go figure. Arrested before our government went into vaccine production.

Hmmm....enemy of the state (working with China or in China at the Wuhan University of Technology at a joint Harvard/WUT nano lab) or asset?

Hard to say. Where is Charles Lieber? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Great article Dr. Ana!

The Dr stops short of the whole truth.

Which is that if Jesus Christ dwells in you and you in Him ~ then nothing, literally not a single thing, not a man, nor an angel, certainly not a demon, or degenerate filth like those developing these wicked devices. No device will prosper, profit or work against His own children who hear, see and Harken, who He knows prior to casting them into their mothers wombs.

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I will share this one on my Substack, thank you Dr. Ana! There is a huge population of targeted people suffering from these technologies all over the world. The U.S. "National Security" State has exported this program globally, now everyone is targeted.

Did you know that Targeted Justice filed a $1.3 Billion lawsuit against the DOJ, FBI and DHS? This lawsuit is already addressing a very consequential crack in the armor. Please look into it https://targetedjustice.substack.com/p/targeted-justice-files-13-billion

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Why would someone who names Jesus as their King, Lord, & Savior believe man's words over His Word? No weapon formed against a true repentant abiding follower of Christ will prosper. It is Yah Himself -- alone -- who "kills or makes alive." Does anyone believe & abide in His Word?!

There's NOTHING new under the sun. Wicked men have been terrorizing humans for millennia. Fear brings torment. Perfect love casts it out ... & that perfect love comes from only One ... our heavenly Creator Who is alive & sits on His throne above ... ruling & reigning NOW. He's SOVEREIGN -- read an untampered with Bible & commune w/the Lover of your soul. All of the haze will clear as will the fear.

Don't fear physical death -- it's a command from above. Yah alone will decide when your life on earth is finished as well as where your soul will reside eternally. Satan can NOT take your free will away. You haven't spent enough time in Yah's Word if you think he can. But he CAN terrorize you into believing so. It will be FEAR that turns your soul over to satan if you keep "eating" his words. He's a liar & deceiver ... the stage show artist of all of time -- illusions that fool men, his tool. I don't care what any whistleblower, scientist, doctor, or otherwise alphabet lettered "wise" human says. I KNOW my God! I TRUST my God! He ALONE keeps me!!

May you who are buying into satan's fear agenda -- digesting his wicked word "seed," as I did myself in the past but have repented of -- RUN to the feet of Yeshua/Jesus & truly & freely give your life to Him -- alone -- NO MIXTURE! EAT His Word -- & DO NOTHING outside of what He leads you to do & you can be sure that it's NOT from Him if fear (other than of Him) arises within. STOP LOOKING TO MAN! It will be your demise ...

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So that is why Barium , in part , is a large component of the geo-engineering . It will be the energetic pathway that blocks copper , and acts as a receiver or antenna and also a pathway for prions . Zombie apocalypse seems viable when looking in these two directions . Throw in the cross domain bacterial/fungal/synthetic components described by carnicom .... strange days indeed !

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I’ve had repeated adverse events to metals in various pharmaceutical products for the last 36 years.

My life has been dominated by adverse events and specialist appointments

I’ve learnt an awful lot about our biological responses to metals and have been at deaths door a few times because of it.

I also had a metal rod in front of my spine in my solar plexus area from 2008 until 2020 when it was discovered and removed.

I’m well aware of how our minds can be controlled because of the metals in us and well aware of the potential. When we have type 4 allergies to metals it makes you even more susceptible

The pharmaceutical industry has been suppressing the harm metals can cause as widespread knowledge of the harms would threaten their future plans and profits and no one would accept their future products.

Metals make you very susceptible to suggestion and makes you perceptive to information in the ether like radio waves and microwaves etc.

You can’t hear the information swirling round in the ether but you can certainly see the evidence that you have taken in information into your brain from the ether.

Although I’m saying that I was able to hear the radio through my amalgam fillings in 2007/8. Couldn’t hear what was playing but I could hear whether music was playing or whether it was just talking. In 2020 I could also hear the wifi of my homes smart wifi power meter. It sounded like a modem handshake that got louder and louder the longer I sat in its vicinity

When the cia did experiments on remote viewing with the hemi sync programs in the 50s they had some success. But they found that it was only certain people that could be taught how to remote view

I believe those that could be trained are those with type 4 hypersensitivities to metals. Definitely!

I’ve also seen much evidence for the transmission of thoughts and feelings to other people at remote locations

I believe a very large part of the population is already suffering from metal intoxication. Neurotoxicity caused by metals

In New Zealand drs tell patients that metals can’t cause harm

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Concerning the end of the age, the book of Revelation chapter 18 speaks of buying ... slaves and the souls of men.

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Chilling & very concerning.

Montreal-based Substackers, Matthew Ehret & Cynthia Chung, write extensively on these subjects (morality & ethics) nowadays.


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They use bio-coded DNA to train our AI 'digital twins', similar to avatars, in the Sentient World Simulation that runs on quantum supercomputers like the D-Wave. It will be eventually able to predict, and therefore control, our thoughts and behaviors. I don't remember anyone asking us for permission to run this live experiment, but then again, it would be foolish to expect them to do so.

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If you'd like to hear more from Dr. Duncan that will also blow your socks off - at least, it did mine - I highly recommend this podcast primarily touching on the Havana Syndrome, but also other previously inconceivable truths.


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Would love be to see a thread on how, in light of this environmental reality (all humans vulnerable via geo engineering and microwave manipulation etc etc) we build parallel societies and establish a survival race of non GMO, non zombified humans. The more that is revealed the more I am not understanding how to vett others to be trusted to rebuild alongside. What will be the criteria? How does one not feel doomed when discovering the technologies being deployed to attack us from every imaginable angle? I for one refuse to spend the rest of my days "trying to plug holes on the Titanic" (chasing after the effects of intoxication via spraying metals, contaminating food, water, air, having to constantly chelate supplement, worry if a loved one is receiving microwave generated voices or hearing Spirit, and on and on and on)- doesn't seem as if the diabolically deployed destruction of nature which includes our species can be outrun or out maneuvered.

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It seems to me that these people are looking for something that they will never find. A reason for their existence perhaps? With all this incredible technology being created none of it is for the betterment of mankind. All of it now is being used for control of human beings, to be slaves for the elitists who can pay for them, because it will be so much easier to control a mindless husk. They are godless with no moral campus. They are emotionally dead inside with no soul left, and no empathy for anything or

anyone. Their body empty shells. God will have no pity on them for they have used the free will they were given to become what they chose. No mercy will be given.

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I've been watching videos about this the last couple of days and apparently once THEY have your DNA THEY can sync up the DWave (or other) supercomputer AI with the exact frequency of your DNA, which is unique, and can then monitor and control you, as well as see through your eyes, etc. Now the insane "testing" agenda makes perfect sense. I wish I had never had a blood test...apparently THEY worked with Quest, Lab Corp, etc to obtain DNA, so even those of us wise enough to not get "tested" or jabbed (or use 23 & Me-type stupidity...) have probably inadvertently provided "samples" somehow or other. I also understand that nano-bots that we've all been inhaling, eating and drinking (Chem-trails are making a lot more sense now...) for decades can connect to our DNA and act as transmitters.

THEY had us worried about Smart Cities, cell phones and control grids while THEY were literally setting up the worst nightmare scenario imaginable, where THEY (or perhaps IT) can literally hack into everyone's brain and control us directly. This is the NWO on steroids and is THE REAL PURPOSE OF 5G: to be able to control every human in real time. Also look into The Sentient World Simulation, which apparently went "live" in 2007. I haven't watched the video here yet but from others I've watched I don't trust this Duncan character at all. Not even sure I could endure an hour of him...

Lord please help us...I will pray for divine intervention to save humanity.

Here are a few of the relevant videos:




https://www.bitchute.com/video/2QpWdkLMalXS/ (Duncan is in this one, not sure about the others)

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Difference between mRNA and modRNA:

RNA-based vaccine technology utilizes modified RNA (“modRNA”), not mRNA. This applies to the COVID-19 vaccines and all vaccines currently in the research and development stages. Because mRNA is so fragile that the human immune system will destroy it within a few minutes, mRNA cannot be effective on its own. Therefore, the current technology was made possible only after stabilizing mRNA; the result is modified RNA.

Furthermore, modified RNA-based “vaccines” are not vaccines but gene-based injections that force healthy cells to produce a viral protein. In this article, we will look at the uses and dangers of modRNA.

Link to article:

[New post] RNA-Based Vaccine Technology: The Trojan Horse Did Not Contain mRNA - margueritewillner@gmail.com - Gmail


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Dr. Ana, what do you think of heart-centered meditations as a solution? Have you ever heard of the Lebovici experiments cited by Joe Dispenza? Participants prayed for ill patients in the past, and they were found to have healed/recovered more quickly, even though the prayer happened after their admittance to the hospital. Mindblowing.

On another note, this is why removing EMFs from our local vicinity is paramount, as they will only magnetize these particles. Grounding can help our cells "line up correctly" https://romanshapoval.substack.com/p/grounding

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The Heavily Vaccinated

Are The First People

That I’ve Ever Known Of

To Send

Death Threats To Themselves.



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