Dear Ana. This is groundbreaking news and validates the evidence of nanotech in the shots per the US patents, DoD contract, Pfizer documents, etc. It also validates the use of nanotech in food, agriculture, animals, materials, healthcare supplies, etc. per the patents as well. I hope your readers share this article far and wide and push back on any leaders who are still denying the existence of nanotech in the shots. This is the most important fact that we must unite behind in order to save humanity and the planet. With respect and gratitude - Karen

I shared with my followers via the below message.

Groundbreaking government document, the National Nanotechnology Initiative, exposed by Dr. Ana Mihalcea. This 2023 Budget document discusses IN DETAIL the use of nanotechnology in ‘vaccines,’ the water supply, food, agriculture, et al. The evidence of nanotech in the shots is easily found in the US patents, DoD contract (see my substact Pfizer mRNA Contains Nanotech per DoD Contract), observed microscopy analysis of the vials and blood of inoculated individuals, DARPA and BARDA programs, manufacturer’s websites, executive orders, and now this 2023 Nanotech Budget.

Remember the 5th generation warfare motto - ‘the best way to defeat your opposition is to lead it.’

Any ‘Freedom Movement’ leaders who are still denying the existence of nanotechnology in the COVID-19 vaccines are gaslighting their followers. Pushback on them or leave them behind. We must unite behind the truth and truth tellers in order to fight back against the biodigital takeover of our bodies and our planet.

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Thank You for one again, courageously declaring the facts and providing the receipts to anyone doubting the reality of what we're all facing. Lives are at stake, including yours and those of your colleagues daring to tell the truth and to elucidate, articulate, and explain in ways we lay-folks can understand the issues and the implications. Your fight is ours and we appreciate the labor, time and passion in what you are doing on behalf of us all. Another great disclosure of the ever-growing bigger picture of global domination, the selective elimination of the undesirables (us) and the plan for enslaving and controlling those who survive the culling in process.

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This is an "End of the Human Species" situation--It is now or never citizens--do you want your children to be human beings or contaminated with this dangerous, too often deadly toxic material that will change their DNA forever?

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I'm in the middle of creating my own treatment protocol. Each time I go to one of my naturopaths I emphasize the utmost importance of the existence of nanotechnology in these shots. And guess what, the one who has side-effects from the shots himself is more willing to listen and actually read the papers I've sent him. I can choose what kind of infusion I get such as CaNa2EDTA, acetylglutathione, vitamin C etc. The treatments that were specifically targeted at PEG, graphene derivates and heavy metals were giving me tremendous results than the ones regarding the spike protein detox. The spike protein detox protocols don't include EDTA and are mainly based on supplements and a few pharmaceutical products.

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Thank you so much Dr Ana for all you are doing!

After watching you on Diamond &Silk this morning the thought occurred to me that the fires and smoke in Canada that is affected most of the US as well could also be a means of dispersing nano toxic stuff that millions will breath. What do you think about this possibility?

My husband is a USMC Veteran who was affected by toxic water at Camp LeJeune, NC in the late 70’s. He’s been type 1 diabetic since then. The VA recently changed all the Lantus (long acting glargine) insulin to a new type called glargine-yfgn. I am suspicious about it and his nova log though and after watching you this morning I’m wondering if it’s all been corrupted for a long time!

God can stop all of this and heal and cleanse us when we go to Him about it. Thank you for alerting us to it. God bless you.

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Dr. Ana, if we take oral EDTA, should it be the Calcium Disodium EDTA or the non-calcium version, just Disodium EDTA? Thank you!

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La Quinta Columna has been showing us this repeatedly for two years. Why do folks not pay attention? Every one wants their own podium? Yeah, all the ones who just won't mention this....something's wrong. Something's terribly terribly wrong.

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Dear Ana, We thank you and deeply appreciate your unwavering focus on this species ending technology. It's not going to end well for humans unless we resist now!

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In Five Years

When They Make A Movie About Jamie Foxx

Who Will Be Left To Play Him ?

I Know What You're Thinking ...

Who Will Be Left To Watch ?


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Thank-You So Much Dr. Ana Mihalcea for addressing the event 'Lakkroppropet'; in Stockholm when Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger was utterly disrespected, dismissed, berated and forced to return to the chair with other panel members by Dr. Ryan Cole following the restlessness of those he sat with in the Front Row of the Audience. When Cole said, "This does not serve our purpose."...ALL CREDIBILITY WAS LOST FOR THE WHOLE GROUP, ALL ASSOCIATED WITH THE FLCCC, IN THE VIEW OF MANY LAYPEOPLE, AS ME INCLUDING THE HEAD OF P.R., Steve Kirsch and RFK Jr.. WHAT, EXACTLY WAS THEIR PURPOSE IF NOT TO INFORM THE PUBLIC...RESULTING IN PANIC OR NOT? Truth is ALWAYS THE BEST POLICY CONCERNING Ai/Bioweapon Injections just as for a Military Attack with any kind of Convention Weapon or a Nuke of any kind being imminent.

Dr. Jane Ruby provided her platform to allow Dr. Astrid to speak in the week following the conference and it was easily discerned...She suffered some clear measure of 'cognitive dissonance'; a clear and discernable measure of 'social anomie' pertaining to recognition of colleagues exposing themselves as "EVIL" and covering for evil people having a purpose of Mass Depopulation-Murder/Slavery through seeking to kill what they've now come to imagine the "God Particle" appearing 'blue' inherent to all human DNA. The show was quite astonishing in several ways...As, Dr. Astrid is nobody's wilted lily or easily cowed.

Thank God for all you warriors in the Bio/Nano Sciences helping to keep we, in the public, informed. And, for Platforms as Substack allowing Constitutional Inalienable Right of 'Free Speech' as in healthier times when the United States was still the United States. May God Bless and Keep You...Among all the other Scientists in the Ai/Bio/Nano Sciences willing to tell the truth and spread the news.

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This is Pure Satanic Evil in my opinion! Thank you very much for bringing this information out, my Wife has gone on a plant based Diet for about a month and after two weeks got off her insulin than she has been on for the last year to help slow her CKD her GFR was 9 last month I am praying this will get her kidneys functioning a lot better she is only 53 but has had CKD for 15 years now but only a few years ago her GFR was 59! I think what is going on with the Davo psychopaths trying to trans humanize citizens has lead to this. A year ago we purchased a molecular (Japanese made) Hydrogen machine for her with air inhalation with the water machine to help her we are none vaxed! MY Question would IV EDTA CHELATION be ok for her I have read that it can be hard on renal impaired people? (Maybe just use the cream for now that you have mentioned in some of your other sub stacks)? If you have the time to comment it would be very much appreciated thanks again!

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From the start, it was graphene oxide and EMF’s ability to control a mouse, per the Rockefeller patent. It made me think of the Havana Syndrome as a possible perfect testing ground-which the cause is still (unamazingly) unknown. The wolves in sheep’s clothing, within the Freedom Movement, will lead those astray who refused to believe the truth and warnings and instead chose the popular and easy path. Another shedding, if you will. The delusions have really only just begun…

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Dr. Ana

I saw you this week on the Diamond and Silk Show and have been following your work for quite awhile. I just wanted you to know I sincerely appreciate you telling us the whole truth.

May the Lord bless you and keep you and may His light shine upon you. Amen

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https://health-seeker.blogspot.com/2023/06/so-what-is-hydrogel-and-why-is-it-being.html - I was inspired to write a post after hearing Karen, Dr. Ana and Celeste Solum talk about Synthetic Biology, Nanotech, and Hydrogel.

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Fascinating to read what you say here, given I just read a comment which said "the naked truth is unappealing". Not to me!! It makes hot!!!

I don't need no "prez" to "admit" what I already know. Screw these politicians.

"democratisation of science"? Hoot!! Sure, we saw how anyone and their drunk cousin could shoot people up with the needles. Why am I not surprised to see "george bush"?

nanotechnology: "I can heal the sick, raise the dead, and make the little girls talk out of their heads, I'm the one". "yeah, baby , you're the one" 'Im the one"...the one they call the seventh son/sun/seal/whatever

It's a basic "if we can't join them, let's beat fhem. "

These not real humans will never, ever figure out how to be as intelligent, creative, and totally cool as we are. Stop feeding them folks.

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Dear dr.Ana Maria

thank -you for all you do !

I was in Stockholm and saw first what hand what they did to Dr.Stuckelberger.

here is my latest 'discovery' . another way to get nanoparticles into the body asily by way of ghost red blood cells that live in the body for up to 3 months and whose membranes becomes permeable after cell :

https://www.biomol.com/resources/biomol-blog/ghost-red-blood-cells-a-natural-drug-delivery-system and look at the references at the bottom!


now read this


''Efforts are also being made to incorporate features of RBCs in nanocarriers to mimic their most useful aspects, such as long circulation and stealth features''

stealth is a word that is used almost exclusively in the military field. stealth bombers for example. stealth is a synonym for under the radar. something that is perfectly secret, undetectable or almost. we use the word stealth when we go dressed in black to kill someone. to tell you....

so pretend you're just being a good person looking for safe drug delivery systems cause you're so nice , but really... STEALTH being the operative word here. I'm surmising that in the giant experiment this is , knowing 30% were going to refuse, they still came up with a way to weaponize us.

radiation is a big cause of hemolysis: so irradiation via 5G and phone? and what else?


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