I love chlorella in combination with grounding barefoot. Why I sleep outside in a tent, and work on a farm part-time as well. I get paid in extra red blood cells:


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Its hard to believe how hard you must work, to do this research and publish. You are an inspiring person and esp for me as half Romanian...best

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Great news Dr. Ana! My friend is taking EDTA intravenously at the Bedford wellness center after being flown to Pittsburgh to the ICU for two clots in the lungs & one the leg. I hope she will consider getting them to add the Plaquex also to the treatment protocol. She is C-19 vaxxed injured!

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For we impoverished people who are on nothing but below poverty line Social Security, who are totally physically disabled, who only have Medicare and Medicaid for health insurance, and/or who can't afford any out-of-pocket medical expenses (THERE ARE TENS OF MILLIONS OF US IN THE U.S.!), would you please provide which such treatments are covered by Medicare and/or Medicaid (of course, you probably don't take Medicare and Medicaid patients yourself, as most clinicians unfortunately don't)?

Thank you. Cheers! Signed, Wolf (my middle name and what I go by---barely getting by in la-la-land)


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Thank you Dr. Ana. Please explain how shedding happens to the vaccine free from the vaccinated. Appreciate your knowledge and bravery.

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How I deal with blood oxidative stress.

Internal shielding

Green tea (antioxidant) vitamin C D ZINC CALCIUM. Spirulina chlorella. Ezdtox Cream (expensive) Edta detox.

Loreal detox shampoo. They all help.

Edta supplement super smart detox CLEANS GRAPHENE, METALS, ETC.


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So only EDTA Chelation IV works? ... Would the suppliment not work. EDTA is very expensive ... - and not readily available in a lot of places. :(

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Do any of these treatments cure ear ringing

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Wow that was quick. Thank you so much Dr. Ana.

I read Dr. Baxas's article where she mentioned Plaquex and was hoping that someone would show how this Phosphatidylcholine is affecting regeneration.


I will convince my health care practitioner to do an infusion with this, because I already received 5 CaNa2EDTA infusions. And as ususal I'll post about it.

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Ana, is it possible that the assumption that nanotech detection in the unvaccinated is evidence of shedding may be a false assumption. Could it not also be that every injection, in fact potentially the entire contents of a drugstore, where it is possible to integrate nanotech into an existing product has been done and that all vectors for nanotech invasion are being thrown at us simultaneously?

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The Covid Fallen

And Those That Continue To Die

Every Day

Weren't Prepared For This War.

Who Among You Expected Them To Be ?

And Who Still Does ?

It Is A Serious Question.

And If You Can't Get Past That.

You Are Not Prepared Either.


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Cinnamon disrupts luciferase. Plus has 10 other benefits.

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Hi Anna,

Thank you for your great work.

I have a request for you, if you read this message.

I know this is outside you normal research, but would it be possible for you to take a closer look at the cheap burgers that are being released in America these days? We're quite a few people who believe these burgers, combined with the emergency test on the 4th of October with 5G, could be a possible vector for the psychos to kick start the next "wave". You have the equipment to take a look, perhaps it'd be possible to prevent people from eating contaminated food.

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