Surreal! And if these findings are fully true by Dr Ana Maria Mihalcea, that unvaccinated blood is equally in danger because of vax shedding and “cross infection” then this is concurrently soul chilling, because these Satanists have finally figured a way to totally control all of humankind, certainly an evil wet dream of theirs come to pass, beyond the Twilight Zone.

None the less, Christ Jesus cannot be overcome, nor His people be totally defeated, HalleluYah!

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I’m unjabbed but just hope those little gremlins aren’t poking n pinging around in my blood and other pure-bloods I know. The only way I can think it would happen is through high altitude aerosol spraying, transmission from jabbed or it’s in the water and food.

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This is seriously evil ... it's so hard to believe this is our reality.

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I have a book club in my home once a month, go to church regularly, travel via airplane and grocery shop regularly. I wonder if any and all the above expose me to people who are shedding. There’s no way around it unless you want to be a hermit. God is bigger than this and He has called us to live in fear. If I have all these things in my blood, so be it. There’s not a darn thing I can do. God can heal us and fix this mess!! My trust is in Him. Same as it was when we went through Covid scamdemic and chose not to get the clot shot.

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Astounding, Though... they may be able to control the brain, but never the mind.

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Why Do Magnets Stick to Pfizer and Moderna Vaccinated Arms and Grocery Store Meat? - https://tinyurl.com/yc6btu6v

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thank you for your work, seems like we're all in deep sh*t. Finding an effective antidote thats accessable to most is crucial now (not IV).

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As always, Dr Ana, appreciate the underthemicroscope documentation of what's been dispersed into us these years. Yup, those quantum dot donut ring disks are what's in my skin system, ever since post-Covid..... I've been procrastinating on buying a camera and uploading pics of the phenomenon from the franken-biohack, but when I finally get photos in order, I'll send to you, so you can post what they look like manifested. They can be discerned viewably underneath the crepe of the skin, but they also have more active strong manifestation "emergence-moments" when they get particularly activated, either by a change in body chemistry or temperature or mechanical force pressure on the skin etc., In any case, it's definitely the donut-disc rivet-like quantum dots you show in your images.

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Reminded of this Outraged Human substack post ref: Gates’ Holographic Beam Forming... basically “we” become the signal allowing 5g to be powered by humans who have become “amplifiers” as the nanotechnology oozes from our glands and transfuses with others, we become the living signals powering devices, networks, batteries, the grid... that’s why they want us all bunched together in big cities, the collective serfs power the kingdom. Eh, they die in great numbers but there’s always more to take their place https://open.substack.com/pub/outraged/p/bill-gates-involvement-in-5g-telemedicine?r=ote6c&utm_medium=ios&utm_campaign=post

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"SHEDDING is Satanic Sharing"...


Sorry so long, was only planning to add the Shedding link at the bottom...

The Sharing of "BOVINE FECES" but don't worry they have a "FACTSceen" already made. Problem, Reaction, Solution but in EVIL Reverse. Create the "SOULution", know the Sheep's "Reaction" then plan and Create the "Problem", years in Advance...

This way the Evil Satanic Trilogy of "LSD" Lucifer, Satan and the Devil can blame You for not following their Evil mandates of "SOCIAL" distancing like good little sheep should...

Because didn't you know that Social is the New Term for a "Physical Measurement"...? We now we have inches, feet, meters etc. and "Social" which represents (6 feet or 2 meters, which is also 6 feet) either way the Evil trilogy wants Sheep to stay blind and when 3 sheepeople herd together they will need to distance themselves like a Triangle which is 60°x60°x60° or in other words stand 6x6x6 feet apart...!


"COVID -19" just as it has been "SPELL"ed was Created and Planned by Satan Years Ago... It is an Acronym for... (C)-"CERTIFICATE", (O)-"OF", (V)-"VACCINATION", (ID)-"IDENTIFICATION", (19) Where the "First Letter" of the Alphabet is ("A") and the "Ninth Letter of the Alphabet is ("i") or (Ai) or "Artificial Intelligence", which is What Satan is...

Evil always hides in plain sight. You just need to stop using your "Physical Vision" but instead your "Spiritual Eyes". When you understand where EVIL comes from you'll be more able to Truly See and Understand to not be Blinded and then Deceived...

Evil also always Reverses what God/YAHWEH Creates for Good but instead Destroys. We are Made in the image of God, its Why LSD is trying to Destroy Us...! The only thing LSD creates is "CHAOS" or "Ordo Ab Chao". Like LIVE in reverse is Evil and Lived in Reverse is Devil, but that's just conspiracy theories right...? Ask the 1st Conspiracy Theorist of the Bible. A guy named Noah, ever heard of him? Noah was the 1st Conspiracy Theorist, he said it was Raining, he Lied, ooops he wasn't, it was raining. The Lie & Deception was it was Raining "kitties and doggies"...

After the flood God made a Covenant with Noah, it was a Rainbow after the Conspiracy Flood. In Hawaii it's our University's Logo and when it is seen its known and seen as a "Blessing". It's why the "trans movement" wants to reverse that God given Covenant and Blessing and instead have it represent exactly the opposite! God/YAHWEH is a Loving God but know he is also fair in his judgement and Yahweh said Stop Prostituting his Covenant and He wants his Rainbow back...!

Add this, which I maybe wrong but don't all "Corona" viruses originate from animals? Guess we can ask Unko Fauci he'd know, he had Corona patents back from 2005. So was Noah Vaccinated??? Wasn't he and his family exposed to every single Corona Virus from every animal known, times two...? Bovine Feces...?

Know we are Made in the image of GOD/YAHWEH and we have his Signature within our very DNA called "Lamanin", the function of Lamanin (as glue) is to hold every cell together, and its structure is (a cross) in the body.

Will they Use Crisper 9,10,11,12 Technology to cut and remove God's Lamanin DNA which is shaped like a cross and instead insert Evils DNA, perhaps an upside down DNA cross, like the chair the Pope sits on or Elon's Red Halloween costume for Heide Klums party…?

LSD will use Quantum Dot Technology Tattoos using "Luciferase" to show his mark in your blood which will be in your "forehead or right hand", actually it'll be everywhere. Just a Conspiracy Deception Theory because it will actually be in your whole body. Then they'll be able to scan you anywhere whether Rich or Poor so you can buy anything you want that you're allowed to anyway as long as you don't use up your weekly purchase quota unless you've been a "Great Lil Blind Sheep" and have an Excellent "Social" Credit Score. Yeah... eat Crickets and Lab Grown 4ever, yippie...!

Revelation 13:16 NKJV

He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads,

Revelation 13:17 NKJV

and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Revelation 13:18 NKJV,

Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.

Please also Cover Dr Anna in Prayer for what she is Revealing is not going to be enjoyed by LSD... 🙏

Aloha & God bless, kyle

Yesterday was a gift...

Today is an opportunity...

Tomorrow never promised...

Live Life, Love Others, & Leave no regrets...

From the Lioness of Juda...

New Study & Confidential Pfizer Documents Confirm mRNA ‘Vaccine Shedding’ Has Been Occurring With Shockingly Dangerous Consequences


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So the endless push for 80%+ vaccination rates was designed to ensure they could saturate an entire population with this technology even if the subject declined vaccination.

Now this all makes sense. Humans are now an endangered species and these people are soulless monsters who have truly lost their way. They are the true consumers of this world and they think the rest of us are the useless class.

Indeed, I feel they of all people are to be pitied for they are blind animals who have orchestrated the demise of humanity and themselves.

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Would a very sensitive camera viewing a person in a dark room be able to see the q dot light through the skin?

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Impressive research ! Thank you, Dr Ana 🤗

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Amazing research you have reported here in this post, Dr. Ana. You deserve a Nobel Prize for your microscopic and nanoparticle research findings. Praise to you! 👈🥇🙏

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How do the quantum dots get into the blood of people who haven't been vaccinated?

I missed that explanation

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