All I can say is… Wow. I’ve known what the plan is for a long time but not to the extent they’ve gone and how much farther they’re going. Let us pray that more people wake up as soon as possible before they are put to sleep for good.

Thank you for keeping us informed, Dr Ana.

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The cabal may have this plan, but it won't succeed. Too many humans ARE awake and ARE reaffirming their connection to spirit / source / god / all there is. Their schemes and plans will fail to manifest into reality. They need our consent. That's why they do all these weird things. We only need to shift our own individual consciousness. To not buy in to their narratives, no matter what. To release old stuck emotional patterns that keep us in *their* game -- and chiefly among those are fear, guilt, anger, judgement and pride. Those we need to surrender. And focus instead / shift ourselves to hold the higher energy of what we would choose. Courage, joy, connection, limitlessness, curiosity, abundance. In every moment. The individual affects the collective, not the other way around. Each one holding this energy helps everyone else around "hear" it. When enough of us do this, when the amplitude of these new conscious choices increases to a certain point, it's simply game over for them.

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Thank you for explaining this in laymen’s terms so I can pass this along to others who deem me as the crazy one, lol 😆. What’s is mind blowing to me is as a fiction book lover this has been written about prior. Which has always made me wonder what did these authors really know ahead of the rest of us? And how and why?

One main series comes to mind is Dean Koontz’s Jane Hawk series and Stephen Kings book Cell.

I will check out the two books you suggested to get a deeper insight on what’s happening today.

Thank you doc Ana for all your hard work and excellent research 🔬, you have made a huge difference in my life and will pass this on hoping to do the same for others.

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“He who controls the weather controls the world” – Lyndon B. Johnson, 1962

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You certainly are not deterred by the darkest of these subjects. Thank you for that. Dark it is until you and others shed a light on it and eradicate its power.

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We know that some of these technologies have existed for decades because Hollywood has been prepping us by making movies about all of this for as long.

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Even though there is so much evidence to prove it, the large majority of people are unable to understand or accept that almost unfathomable evil of this nature actually and truly exists.

Although it does come with risks, one has to admit that living in ignorance is living in bliss - never has the been truer.

Dr.a Ana Milhacea is a fearless and extremely resourceful force for good.

She has put on the full armour of God and, in the process, provided is with inspiration and extraordinary expert knowledge.

Thank you so, so much for all you do and for what you stand for!

God bless

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Dr. Ana, thank you for your courage and insight.

There is a $1.3 billion dollar lawsuit filed by Targeted Justice against the DOJ, FBI , & DHS for bloating the Terror Watchlist with the names of innocent Americans, for the purpose of turning these weaponized technologies against us: Mind-invasive tech, directed energy weapons and gangstalking on an increasingly massive scale.

It was filed on Jan. 11th and is in process now. The legal strategy of attorney Ana Toledo is excellent, and may crack the dam of lies open. Please look into this, and help get eyes on this case. Thank you Dr. Ana! https://www.targetedjustice.com/lawsuit.html

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we need Jesus so badly. i have been awake for a few years now and i knew we had an evil gov. but this is just more proof. keep exposing these demons and the more people wake up the better.

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I am forever indebted to you for your work proving the efficacy of EDTA on clearing the blood of nanotech. I knew there had to be some way the elites are detoxing. I've been taking it orally and am hopeful that I might live longer because I followed your advice (I can't afford it intravenously).

With all due respect, though, I think you go too far on just one point, and you might lead people to despair if you keep misrepresenting the human soul and mind as if they had a material nature.

Please bear with me. I have good news.

The human soul and mind are spiritual, not material. That means they're invisible to us and can't be detected by any of our senses, nor by any material instrument. They are not merely our brain waves or anything else that can be measured. Even devils, which are spirits, can't read our minds or interfere directly with them because in His infinite goodness, God never gave them that power. Devils and many material things can indeed affect our senses and our imaginations but that's it. Devils can take possession of us but only if we somehow make ourselves an easy mark for it, and God allows it.

In this life, the powers of the soul and the mind do *depend* on the brain to function properly, and so material things like drugs, foods, weapons, nanotech etc can injure, mislead, fool, otherwise harm our ability to reason, and weaken our will to do good, and kill our bodies. But at the moment of bodily death the mind and soul *do not die*. Because not even the death of the brain can kill them. That's good news!

It might seem like a small point, or just semantics, but as you know, a traveller trying to get from point A to point B who starts off veering ever so slightly off the right path will never arrive unless he sees his mistake and corrects himself. In this case, if someone believes a material thing can directly affect something immaterial, he's in danger of losing his grip on reality.

Thanks for your attention and consideration.


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What we are witnessing are the final takedown schemes to achieve planetary consumption. Feeding frenzies of mutated twisted beings that are not organic to earth. According to some sources, this has been in progress for eons of time. All the intrusions and harms to the biofield of this planet are staggering. Earth is special and will not fall to these marauders. I don't know what this might look like, but I want to go with Earth and what still stands of its beautiful organic, regenerating life field.

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May 3, 2023·edited May 3, 2023

Good job, thanks Queen.

Super based. Fear is the killer and we had to earn our spurs to get to this point of reconciliation with the truth, involving ever bitter layers of onion peeling.

That is to say that we are able to vibrate high enough to handle it.

Nothing is known except by the knower and in an ecology of believers, credentialism and the bandwagon fallacy is normed.

I love my family though they are retarded, especially considering their intelligence. There is no juice to squeeze in sharing the X-Files with them, yet I can candify some knowledge for their well being if they so choose. Supplements and such. They eat shit and stay in the dark. Normies covet their government who farm them like mushrooms.

By the way, the earth isn't a globe.

Corpenicus was a filthy Jesuit like Fauci.

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I appreciated his first book when I was living through gangstalking. & morgellons. Both very scary situations. It’s been going on far too long. Dr John Hall book Guinea Pigs was helpful as well.

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You are on the mark, Dr. Ana!

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May 3, 2023·edited May 3, 2023

Civilization collapse in slow motion. There’s nothing natural about it, none of it. It is a controlled demolition that just may get out of control when the SHTF. The Nazi parasites have been at it since at least Operation Paperclip. All those secret classified operations, funded mainly by taxpayers, which is like buying the rope used to hang yourself, and people did not demand transparency strongly enough.

If the AI prophets like Yudkowsky (https://www.yudkowsky.net/singularity) realize their singularity wet dream and AI morphs into Skynet, it will wipe out everything, including the crooks that have been poisoning entire ecosystems for generations, if this can be any consolation, or poetic justice.

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"My view is that people need to understand that everything about reality has been a lie." It has taken me decades to understand this, but now I see it and once you see it, you cannot unsee it. It helps explain all the crazy policies that have baffled me for years. Once you understand that the Constitution was thrown out by our leaders decades ago, it all makes sense. And I have even more awe for our God who is superior to all this and who is good. I prize goodness so much more now. As always, thank you, Dr Ana.

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