I find your research to be fascinating and spot on from a deeply personal level.

I have spent the last two plus years for the most part with these “Morgellons” type wounds on my face primarily. I have so so many bizarre samples of non-biological things that have emerged from my skin that I would love to have tested further or better explained at some point.

I believe your findings one million percent because I have LIVED it and SEEN it with my own eyes.

One of the most bizarre specimens was a small silver strip that worked its way to the surface from behind my knee. But the list could go on and on...

I spent years going to dermatologists which only added to the psychological torture as they labeled me with “delusional parasitosis” and other labels equally damaging. None of them would listen or give credence to my own experience and knowledge base. And their recommendations were counseling and anti-psychotic or anti-anxiety drugs. Most wouldn’t even physically come close enough to me to do a thorough examination let alone look at what was emerging from my skin under a microscope.

As I was in my deep dive with all things Covid, I came across the US patent websites. And when I searched Morgellons low and behold a patent came up for it. One pointing directly to this foreign technology now being injected into society by any means possible.

I did not get the C-19 vaccine, and haven’t had a vaccination in my recollection since I was young. But when I gathered my medical records after finding these patents, I saw on my dermatological medical record there was a T-Dap vaccination showing from Feb of 2021, of which I would have NEVER knowingly consented to receiving. Interestingly, this did not show up on my other medical records.

I am a mama to 3 daughters ages 6, 7, and 19. My oldest daughter has Lissencephaly and is very medically fragile and has required care in every facet of her life since the day she was born. Her health has declined and we recently brought on hospice care to help during this hard and confusing “dusk” of her life.

I am a woman of deep faith, and truly believe God has a plan and a story to be written through all of this. But my ability to focus on and fight for my own health and understanding of such complicated things has been competing with the ever present needs of my 3 children.

If I could ever be of use through sending on my samples, or giving more to my story to aid in your research, I would consider it an honor.

Either way please know how much I admire your courage, and respect the deep waters you and those along side you are willing to swim in to find answers. You are a warrior for the truth, and I will continue to follow and learn as much as I can to understand and advocate in my own small corner of this crazy world. May God bless you Dr. Ana.

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Thank you for this. The immediate question is: What are the characteristics of live blood from a person that has not received a single "vaccination" or perhaps has not received one in the last 20 years? Morgellons was named in 2002. There are troubling similarities between the regulatory regime for seasonal influenza products and the CV19 products. The entire pediatric schedule must also be part of this broad question of where these contaminants are coming from.

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Despite the dark nature of such findings, - you Dr. Ana Maria are such a blessing to humanity .

Few understand advanced science concepts at this level, and can thus not delve into or begin to comprehend the massive multiple attacks of "nonsensical experimental technologies" brought forward as so called biodense or biowarfare projects.

Here we are seeing and exposing experiments gone wrong, or "the monsters in the closet" no different than contrails, GMO, invisible weapons (5G is just one example), gain of function using CRISPr in BSL4, , or nano self-assembly, all for the most part intentionally hidden to public eyes, by agencies like DARPA, CIA with command and control authorization (Presidents and Prime Ministers) to name a tiny sampling .

What so few seem to realize is that LEADERSHIP without sanctions, zero checks and balances, is out of control (for decades) and is caring out extremely dangerous experimention without ever realizing that an expertiment gone wrong can indeed BACKFIRE and end up wiping out BOTH the enemy and friendly forces.

Thank you Dr. Ana as your work is absolutely brilliant, a step nereded to educate and expose monsters in these sad and dark realities and our human era of vast experimentation.

We as humanity - may soon need lifelong blood transfusions, faraday clothing and sleeping bags, ozone therapy, EDTA, constant detox and blood thinkers, given our blood is seemingly now becoming as polluted as our ugly polluted oceans and rivers .

In the end mother nature is far more advanced than any human mind and may one day say, ENOUGH. Time for you all to die.

It makes me think given the past known five mass planet earth extinctions - were we always this dumb?

Uhhgg what a thought! The monsters "are in the closet ."

No technology has just a positive side. The equal and opposite is always there. To bad we were so stupid not to foresee the potential downside and say - no, don't go there. Evil people opened the door.

The monsters are out of the closet.


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I’ve seen some videos on frequencies used destroy cancerous cells. If there is one that can detect the clots in blood there has to be one that can destroy these structures in the blood. Is anyone looking this?

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I acquired a lovely case of Morgellon disease in 2012. It was not fun... Doctors were worthless, and most remained attached to their own incompetent nonsense. I did extensive research on the disease, and concluded the disease was related to Bacillus thuringiensis - a widely utilized insecticidal bacterium. >


Here are a couple articles to ponder: >



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May 15, 2023Liked by Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

Breakthrough with great clinical research on CDB to identify the root cause of clotting. Thank you, MD Ana. God bless.

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How can anyone remain alive with their blood turning into filaments like this.

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are they coming from the chemtrails?? It must be something common to all...water or air as food is variable depending on culture/availability.

I will keep you in mind when I get my funding for my Center (for self-reliance), as we will have a healing center within that project- perhaps we can figure something out to assist your research.

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Thanks Dr. Ana. I’ll echo another request for what sort of microscope we might buy that can detect these things in our bloodstream.

I’ve read most of your excellent book light medicine. For detoxification do you recommend zeolite?

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I'm sorry what does CDB stand for?

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if it's bacterial that's why the second treatment worked whenthe first didn't when i had shedding symptoms. the second treatment works on bacteria, prions, aoebas the first only on spikes covidspiketreatment dot weebly dot com so weird but so working and free

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Dr. Robert W. Malone

Dr. Jill Glasspool Malone

c/o The Malone Institute

Dear Robert,

You have done everything right. To this point. Everything. You have been kind in your love for others. Not brutal, as in my love for you.

I never have, and never will speak for you. Only to you:

Drop this vaccine platform nonsense. Immediately.

It cannot, nor will it ever be, “of your doing”.

It’s “undoing” however, is yours to lead and to achieve.

You are the last man standing with nothing but turtles upon your head.

You are not without compass. Listen for your Mother’s voice. You will hear it in the wind when you are headed in the right direction. It is always there.

Vaccines can, and very well may, have a lasting importance for the uniquely vulnerable: Those whose own natural immunity has been, itself, compromised. But not like this. We have to test the tests. We have to grade the tests. Before their data points can be plotted underneath the curve of Natural Immunity.

Turn around. And look down at the broken shoulders of those you have been forced to stand upon. Those that despise you; those that despise criticism; and those that hate themselves more than they could ever hate you. They suffer from Mass Formation Neurosis:


They envy you. You that are able to do what they themselves cannot.

It is in every cry and every whimper of theirs. Easily recognized within their every utterance:

“We’re concerned”. Damn right they are.

Put your full weight upon those broken shoulders:

Expose what they don’t know. What they have never known. And consequently the inevitable mistakes that they have made.

The Greatest Reset. It is time for you to go back and expose every false malevolent assumption that has ever been made in your field. Every assumption, upon assumption, upon assumption. Because, and here’s the thing, at every point, at every node, at every decision that was made by assumption, was a scientist that didn’t know what to do next. They didn’t. If they did they would not of had to make assumptions. At each decision node they had available to them other choices, other known choices available to them. Tell us what they did at each of those junctures. The choices that were made are the dots connecting motive with outcome. Similarly, and even more germane: The choices not made are evidence of malfeasance, and in a court of law, criminality.

The errors. Their errors. Are in the choices not made.

Doubt me? They wrote it all down. It’s right in front of us. In front of us all. You, me, the barber down the street.

Bring it home. Bring it home for us.

WEF: They are followers. Rubber for brains. Let them follow themselves in a self-annihilating concentric circle. Leave them to lead only those that don’t matter. People that don’t matter - to themselves. Money can own lies. Surely. Certainly, But it is the truth that will bankrupt them.

Your truth. Our truth. The truth of what they have done. The truth that you must expose. With a vengeance.

Resistance Within The Resistance: Never you mind. No one is wrong. No one that is doing the work is wrong. The mistakes that continue to be made concerning this full-on assault against us are too colossal to at all times comprehend. That’s why others have been screaming at you, even when they can’t explain why. You and I are no different as people. We are of them.

5GW: We get it. We all get it. There is no there … there. Because it’s everywhere. Okay. Institutions that have gutted themselves, of actual virtue: They lie, they smear, and they obfuscate because they are not of our equal.

Big screens, little screens, the Jumbotron. Worthless. We beat them with pencil and paper. Each word carefully articulated. Thanks be to Jill.

They all forgot about one thing. These plastic geniuses. People still talk to one another. People of integrity, and of dignity, that form communities. Everywhere. Each one a walking-talking Gutenberg Press. There are more people -people everywhere - listening and talking with one another than will ever listen to these cretins again. They’re done. They just don’t realize it yet. And that’s to our advantage. They are each, constituted of their own lies, which they themselves have come to believe. It’s what’s killing them. Let it.

If you think you have to write it down. Do it. Do it quickly. It’s time to move.

Go see Del. He’s waiting for you. Go see Del. Alone. And sit under that Big Tree with him. We will gather the horses; the tack; everything that you need. We will be joining Mikki Willis and Company. They are two days ahead of us.

Go see Del. And you know why:

That man doesn’t need a saddle.

And he always rides ahead.

🟢 Pinned @ Thomas Lewis

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Most interesting and amazing work! I wish we could have more detail with reference to the source of the un-vaccinated blood. Are these subjects ones that were infected with C19 or in some way cross contaminated by those millions who have been injected? Or, are all organisms on the planet right now being constantly exposed and contaminated with CDBs. We commonly find Morgellons in river and creek water.

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I am on a similar journey. How long are these filaments?

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