Dr. Ana, to simplify things, in my opinion, to really know how effective NAC is for a patient's blood, you don't need to mix it with the blood, you just need to consume NAC and monitor the blood. The reason is that these are mitochondria that need energy to fight toxins. It's not a 1:1 process where NAC or anything else dissolves these amyloids combined with nanotechnology in the blood. NAC is a precursor to glutathione, and glutathione gives energy to the mitochondria. So, it's not just what we mix into the blood; it's what our cells need to do the job. It is a more complicated process.

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GOD bless you Dr. Ana for being a courageous Truth Warrior. You are deeply appreciated. I believe our Creator is holding you in the Palm of His/Her Hand sharing your findings with us. This is a global genocide & I pray hard all day, every day. Dear Lord, deliver us from evil & help us to help ourselves. I have to believe the Light of Truth will come to pass, in part, because of doctors such as you ...

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Dr. Ana,

Do you know Ronald’s Substack? I would highly suggest you check out his postings if you haven’t already.

He has had success eliminating the hydrogel by using a combination of Lumbrakinase, Serrapeptase, Nattokinase & Bromelain, along with Ivermectin as well as using both oral and dermal EDTA.

Here is his latest article:


Intravenous treatments of EDTA and vitamin C are not sustainable in the long run for most people because of the expense. Ronald’s protocol is more accessible to the general public as it is more affordable.

I think it’s important for people to understand that there are many ways to attack the elimination of the spike proteins and hydrogel in the body.

In this your latest article, you present, a very limited finding regarding the dissolution of hydrogel. None of them appear to work, and so one of your readers might conclude that the hydrogel can only be dissolved by EDTA. Yet this would be a wrong assumption . Just because you try certain products singularly, doesn’t mean that one or all of them wouldn’t work when combined with one or more other substances. Ronald has shown the truth of this principle.

I sometimes have felt your conclusions to be very fatalistic. And then you appear to make great leaps in your assumptions - believing that what you find in a number of your patients is likewise true for EVERYONE. Ronald says in his article linked above that he has found hydrogel in some ppl and has not found it in others.

I urge you to be cautious in the way you present information to the public, Based on Ronald’s findings, it would be irresponsible to continue to make sweeping statements regarding hydrogel, We are still very much in the dark about the mechanisms which create this phenomenon. If Ronald has found that there are those who don’t have hydrogel, then this is a great discovery and very encouraging.

Thank you for all your great work.

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Nov 10, 2023·edited Nov 10, 2023

Over two hours of documentary test and patent intent; this video provided remedies for now and what maybe next. I have a better understanding of snake venom and that it can survive water and UV light, even "your mama can breathe that reptile synthetic shit out and who will believe you?" At the near/very end of video, Dr. Ardis does state the two venoms in the DoD self assembly hydrogel patent. He repeatedly states that Licorice Root dissolves clots, there is a synthetic product for Licorice Root sold for removing clots, however, I have a bag of the real Licorice Root. I did learn that people who have continuously problems from covid (tinnitus/etc.) even with detoxing, that those withstanding/not supplementing Magnesium for three months is beneficial since venon/synthetic bind/bond to Magnesium. ■ M

The Antidote: The Explosive Truth, Origin, and Antidote for C19


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Dr Ana. I commend you for all your efforts to help humanity. I have been telling people about shedding with the childhood vaccines and all "other vaccines". They did not believe me. Everyone has been exposed in one way or another at this point unless a person is a hermit and the air is not already contaminated with the nano-techology producing the clots. The mosquitos were released in 2021 in Florida and Texas.

Folks need to understand war was officially declared in America against the common people by general milley quote: "This is a Live Exercise" at the press conference on TV. Folks keep in mind that speak in code and gematria with symbolism.

Thanks and hedge of protection around everyone working to combat what has been released and done in the name of King Jesus Christ. Keep praying without ceasing folks. 🙏🪔💕

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There are certainly very dark forces working right now against humanity .Who really knows what they are spraying us with the chemtrails in our skies. My garden does not produce very well anymore despite the fact that I fertilize organically and use rain water .

How can we find out why unvaccinated are subject to the same results as the vaccinated .???

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Subcellular melatonin (the type we absorb through our skin during the day), is even more of a powerful antioxidant than gluthione:


Thank you so much for your work Dr. Ana.

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Is it possible that the unvaccinated are getting this stuff from other drugs like dental anaesthetics rather than shedding?

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We did the same experiment but instead of using glutathione or vitamin C, we used CBD which is 50 percent stronger as an antioxidant than vitamin C. We tested two unvaccinated individuals including myself and one triple vaccinated person. We let them sit for 8 to 11 days at room temperature. We didn't see any of that yellow clotting on top as a matter of fact there was almost zero clotting. we then took them and got live blood analysis. Here are the results....

https://rumble.com/v372wj2-ph-miracle-and-cbd-detox-test-of-covid-vaccine-and-shedding-injuries.html Intel courtesy of Agent Midnight Rider

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They are now seeing that the natural wormwood is helping so they are making it not available. Taking off the shelves.

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Dr. Ana, have these unvaccinated ever had Covid? I'm one unvaccinated, no covid, but have had two separate cancers plus a rare, benign ovarian tumor since vaccine rollouts. Thank you for all of the work you do!

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Dr. Ana, have you considered what effects Castor Oil might have?

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That's a "tough love" article.

Thank you for being clear and direct.

Yes, we must re-arrange our priorities. We must want to understand, want to take action, want to fight for our lives.

Dying is not being defeated.

Remaining complacent in the face of a direct threat, is certain defeat.

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What am I not getting? If ALA, Glutathione, Plaquex and MB work so well to detoxify blood, why do they all look like the untreated sample, with a huge clot and white gunk? I see no difference. I've had covid but no shots and don't think my blood is forming these clots and white rubbery things.

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Still have not seen any blood testing using BORAX. Why is that? It is rumored to stop the nanoparticle self-assembly. If it does prevent the formation of these rubbery clots, and it is so inexpensive, then what is the rational conclusion? I am really becoming somewhat tired of testing the same anti-clotting agents over and over again. Quite Frankly, it is boring. Potassium Iodide is also a chelator and deserves to be tested; and again is very inexpensive and widely available, just like BORAX.

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I fully intend to live., and thank you Dr.Ana for your tireless efforts & amazing skills!! To be able to undo this disgusting act against humanity is truly A miracle and god bless you for being straight forward with us who are terrified and confused.. please know... I’m fighting on my own for ten years... i was injected by a research lab unknowingly and spent3 long years figuring out an still a lab rat.. and these Morgelleons or whatever they are named have taken a turn no one is talking about.. they have become freaking ENTITIES.. I’ve got 3 films of it happening real time from my own body.. from the time this “stuff” is pulled from my skin it’s less than 5 minutes before it’s grown and has an agenda and life of its own!!! What am I to do at this point .. NO ONE WILL HELP ME.. i can get advice on edta etc but who will give it to me.. who will examine my blood.. take my ten year history.. No one I’ve seen, not one... and I’m going to get locked up if i continue to explain to physicians who are terrified Shad literally run away... so where do i go.. i don’t want to watch myself die this way and I’m too a point my lower legs are numb most of the day.. i massage these things from my body but i can’t keep this up forever.. it’s taking me over and i need help.. to view one of the videos of one of the “creatures” this “stuff” turns into you can tune into rebecca brewers channel on brighteon... I’m still trying to figure out how to load the other videos as they are prompting me to long to send but I’ll post them as soon as i find out how to do it. If you or your co workers are interested in seeing this videos please connect with me and help me to send them i don’t want to try to shorten the I’m not tech savvy enough and don’t want them deleted on accident. God Bless you and your Co workers with peace and knowledge.

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