If you look through my substack you'll find all the patents on all the COVID-19 injections they have exactly what you're looking for in them for exactly what hydrogel you are looking at

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Dr Anna,

Something you said in a recent interview resonated strongly with me. Paraphrasing, the technology you're encountering in your research appears to vastly exceed 'our own'. That sort of begs the question, whose is it then? In fact I quote you in my recent substack. Either its compartmentalized knowledge from some 'breakaway' vanguard of humanity and/or its provided by some alternate sentience altogether. Whatever the source, it is indeed a chilling proposition. Thank you for your brave work on our behalf.

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Dear Dr Ana and readers,

I am an acquaintance of Celeste Solum and a huge supporter of Clifford Carnicom’s voluminous collection of works from the late 90’s on.

I will start and end with a fitting scripture

replete with deep meaning for our **juncture in biblical history:

Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand. Daniel 12:10

My greatest hope in writing is to shed light on the current events we are seeing and living in. In hopes no one is caught off guard as to “why” there is such out and out war for the souls of mankind.

I am posting a few links for a deeper dive into the spiritual / biblical background that I hope will help lay firm groundwork.

**A point in time, especially one requiring a decision to be made.

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Thanks for covering this. I can tell you morgellons/ cdb is very painful and scary. A heavy metal detox helped me along with non gmo food and reverse osmosis water. I used a lot of borax when it was really bad.

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how many of you guys have lost someone to the Bio weapons or have a injured person you know. how many of you guys had someone Killed in the Hospital since the CONvid started with Protocol or have someone injured due to hospital protocal

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I think I was the person who brought up the topic of morgellans, Dr James Giordano, Dr Robert Duncan. I did because of the site lookoutfacharlie. He explained that chemtrails particles build up on the SKIN and there is a fungal infection BENEATH these layers of skin that result in one becoming targeted tortured developing "schizophrenia" hauntings etc because you become sensitized to the radio frequencies all around us. He also desensitized himself by a long process of sloughing off those layers of skin to get to the fungal infection beneath the skin- along w internal detox. Someone posted their skin became plastic- like. LOFC mentions that.

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One commenter asks, "Do these hydrogels cause the blood clots and bleeding?"

I think that the clot factors are in the main generated by manmade electromagnetic fields. There must be a very conductive presence along with the rubberiness caught visually, and graphene compounds 1st called out I think by the Quinta Columna group, must be the prime candidate, amplifying and making out of more and more "electrosensitives" (a very bad term but prevalent one). "Long covid" is also this.

This is why I ask again, if any researcher has with spectrum analysis gotten a handle on what is coming off injectees, and as I've experienced (symptomatically) from non-injies who've been around injies for long enough, this could be critical to getting much more of what is going on.

When things went over-the-top awry on mainstream media in Canada where I am, right away mid-March 2020 I called this a "5G flu", but then not really for medical reasons. Within a few months I added the medical notion part to the broad view of what I called March 2020, a "war on us all". Some of the wavelengths used in newer e-infrastructure and/or patterns of transmissions may be particularly clot-effective. When in the last 3 years we leave our relatively isolated home site for weekly small town errands, we feel effects as never before as well. These are without doubt "electro-smog" based, as I strongly believe what is going on in interpersonal exchange is as well now.

(QC early on suggested one's own - corrupted by mrna? if the mrna hype has not been a complete/partial layered hoax to distract - dna signalling is pathologically affecting others, who knows maybe that is some of the picture, but surely signal needs great amplification to affect others at a distance such as i have felt at even some 15 ft away from an injie or 2nd-hander non-injie. One possible "limited hangout"type tapped by intel involved, a to me suspicious character anyway, mentioned in publications early on what some found off-the wall but I knew of, viz the late Martin Blank's research on dna as fractal antenna, he having being a prominent advocate against e-dangers whom I knew from my own similar involvements. If this is a hint dropped about corrupted cell transmissions, doomsayers' forecasts may be on the mark. That same fellow noted the role of collapsing life insurance as central to unfolding financial collapse - at the heart of the story, but I can maybe put more on that later,here's a quote from what i wrote also mid-March 2020: "cover for segue into another technomanic financialized system of greater surveillance & control still than already available" - and some readers will have noticed insurance company reports of increased claims, yet actuaries fall back in cowardly fashion to blame mortality spikes on "covid". )

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Seems we humans are being used as monster baby fertilizer

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I am a bit clueless about the action of different oxygen concentrations on hydrogel growth. In these two paragraphs below, don't you give a contradictory idea in that sense ?

1. In the article below, it is discussed that hydrogels can grow like biological tissues and that oxygen tension can control the growth. The more oxygen there is the faster they grow. Normal blood is carrying oxygen. There are many more ways to control the growth, this is just one

2. Jimmy Hsia and NTU President-designate Prof Subra Suresh, showed that through manipulation of oxygen concentration, one can pattern and control the growth rate of hydrogels to create the desired complex 3-D shapes. The team found that higher oxygen concentrations slow down the cross-linking of chemicals in the hydrogel, inhibiting growth in that specific area.

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In the past I would be lost after the first few paragraphs, but due to your explanation and the ability to look up terms on the web to understand, I get it.

So the question which comes to my mind Concerning this: "Synthetic techniques summarized in this review are particle replication in nonwetting templates (PRINT), film stretching, self-assembly (SA), crystallization-driven self-assembly (CDSA), polymerization-induced selfassembly (PISA), and temperature-induced morphological transformation (TIMT)."

What particular purpose whould they be using this for? My brain jumped to the following.

They think using the above processes that they can connect people to each other and we would all bee like a hivemind.

I think this is their stated goal. Do you remember the original StarTrek episode where they were transported against their will to a place where folks who thought themselves gods, could control the crews actions just with a thought? I think this is what they are driving for. Everyone knows they want complete control and that to do that, all must have this tech in them so it can be manipulated, in the way they desire. In other words, a controllable cancer.

Use this way to make more growth, this way to make more connections, and this way to kill off rebellousness. There would also be a reward method; only all this would be at their whims.

What they have not banked on is this tech is incompatible with life. Killing their own invention.

Funny about that StarTrek episode. If I remember correctly, Papa was not happy with what his boy had done to the crew, and restored the crew and punished the son who had done this.

Wow the paralells to the Bible story of the fallen son of God being destroyed by God and the creation being restored to what it was in the first place? Uncanny.

Please keep in mind I am no lettered scientist, but this is the impression I have, considering all I have read by lettered scientists, along with impressions as allegories. Somehow in my head all of it fits.

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Hi Dr Ana, can you provide the minimum set of requirements for a microscope that can see the level of detail you are showing in your articles on live blood analysis. I would like to buy one and see this for myself.

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This technology is called "Neural Lace".

It was developed by Elon Musk.

I wrote about this two years ago.


I also urge you to look at La Quinta Columna


There they have the absolute proof that this Nanotechnology was deployed though the Vaccination.

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Dr. Anna, thanks for these resources. I have not had the opportunity to look into all of this hydrogel science, but this primer has been dully archived and will allow me to better understand the arguments based on them. It does make much more sense now.

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