Dr. Ana I LOVE ❤️ YOU!!! I am going to speak for a lot of others and say, “We LOVE YOU!!!” You just keep on sending out this information please!!! Yes, honestly it is a bit overwhelming at times to get this very complex information and subject matter 2/3 times a day and try and wrap my mind around it and it’s implications concerning our health and our society and what the Elite Predator Class are doing to us all; but like you I decided years ago to find out the truth about my life and the simulation we all live in no matter where that takes me or how painful it may be instead of sticking my head in the sand and just living blindly in The Matrix and allowing fate, or the Archons and/or Demiurge or whomever just push me around like a leaf blowing helplessly in the wind!!! Yes! What you are doing and exposing may very well may ring profoundly for decades in the annals of history because it is so unbelievable, morbid and treacherous in its scope!!! I am grateful and thankful for your tireless efforts and tenacity! I also have a background in biology, chemistry, medicine and Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Sciences and would be willing to help you and your efforts any way I can! As a 57 year old retiree I have plenty of time on my hands to research and help in any way necessary! My step daughter suffers from these morgellen type issues so this hits close to home for me!!! Again, blessings for all you do, we need you and we love you and support you very much!!!

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Please don't ever apologize, Dr. Ana, for "over doing it." We love you and I know that I am so appreciative for all of your hard work in exposing this evil agenda against humanity. If it weren't for people like you, where would we be right now?

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Thank you, totally. Keep posting. God is with you. We are blessed to have you.

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Dr. Ana! I’m so curious to find out if the blood you are examining of the unvaccinated also contains the toxic heavy metal gadolinium showing up within it???

Could you please find out if any of the unvaccinated patients you are testing have previously had an MRI with a gadolinium based contrast agent (GBCA)???

Gadolinium is known to displace calcium from bone and has powerful paramagnetic properties. Though the FDA claims it to be safe, there are hundreds of thousands of folks like myself who have suffered tremendously with symptoms ranging from deep bone pain to calcification of skin to a host of other signs of toxic heavy metal poisoning. The FDA now does admit Gadolinium is known to stay in the brain, bones, skin and organs for years.

Many people I know have tried to chelate the gadolinium from their bodies using EDTA but instead of getting rid of the gadolinium, it appears to move the gadolinium and other metals around to other places in the body, creating a cyclonic storm, displacing needed minerals and vitamins and causing new debilitating symptoms.

My reasons for my suspicion that gadolinium might be involved in what you are sharing in your lab photos of unvaccinated individuals are for a few reasons. Over 300+ million people have been injected with a gadolinium based contrast agent (GBCA) and most have no idea that gadolinium could be the culprit to their strange signs (like morgellons) and horrific symptoms because when they are injected with it, they were reassured that it is just a contrast dye/die and that it is safe, which in my and thousands of others experience, is the farthest from the truth.

Please checkout this website if you want to understand more about gadolinium toxicity:


Thank you in advance for your response or questions as we muddle through all of this together! God bless you and your loved one! 🙏🏻 You are not alone my friend! 🤗

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DEAR ANA - this is Klaus from the heart of Europe. Do you have anybody in this neo-marxist (almost fasxhist) part of the world (Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy) who is making similar observations ? Here most of MDs (and suppose also the Darkfield experts) are either ignoring or lying about Pandemic and certainly such findings BECAUSE as I stated above - we have become fasxhistic once again and repressions, sanctions and even terror towards medical experts are quite common here. The best testimlny about that was presented in 2021, 2022 to date i.e. during the pandemic. Please let me know about similar findings in my area - also privately kjwolf@protonmail.com. Since your findings also come from unvacced blood there is only one good option left: CHEMTRAILS filled with Nanoparticles of "all" kind. Once this sh...comes down it finds its best way through our lungs and best assimilated into our blood stream. Unfort. we have to breath every day.

God Bless You !

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I have started to use

Green tea (antioxidant) vitamin C D ZINC CALCIUM. Spirulina chlorella. Ezdtox Cream Edta detox.

Loreal detox shampoo.

Edta supplement super smart detox CLEANS GRAPHENE, METALS, ETC.


I now feel better.


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💞gratitude💞 for everything you research & report on, no one else is stepping up to the plate & we are all victims of the ongoing poisoning.

💝you are to be commended for your courage in addressing these forbidden topics and looking for cures.💝

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Dear Dr. Ana,

Have you investigated the blood of anybody who has not had a blood test or any injection of any type for at least 3 years? My fear is that these structures are being put into many or all needles. Is it possible that the insertion of the needle to draw blood for the blood test is the source of these quantum dot structures and, once in the blood stream of the victim that way, the growth is extremely rapid?

When reports of harmful things in the PCR tests arose, I decided to avoid all needles and testing because I no longer trust that those things are safe.

I would also love to see a movie of you adding some CDS to the blood, showing what happens after the CDS is added. It would be best if different concentrations of CDS were used, along with some that correspond to the CDS blood levels in a typical person on 30 PPM Protocol C CDS. My guess is that the Rouleaux would resolve and the building of the nano structures would slow down or maybe stop and reverse slightly. Doing this simple test would help many to gain insights into what we are dealing with here. A debate with CDS expert Dr. Kalcker would also be insightful. If this can't be done in the US without assuming significant risk, maybe it can be done by others in another country?

Thank you.

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Overdrive sounds very good to me. Most people don’t realize a war had been waged upon them for years! They still expect a kinetic war.

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From what I've read, over the years, private,contracted spraying services, have disbursed 400 Million tons of Chemtrails, on unsuspecting countries of the World. Is this the WEF,NWO, or some other unknown group doing this?

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I appreciate this work. It helps me understanding the differents parts of the biotechnologies better.

I just want to share my DIY approach and findings with a USB microscope.

It exposes the household presence of these biotechnologies. None of the people that were recorded were vaccinated.


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When I read your findings, Ana, I do not want to live anymore. I cannot bear the weight of this amount of evil done to us. Every one is suffering, us, the animals, the trees. The angels on earth are very visible now, and you are one of them! I believe we have to urgently apply the work of Lynne Mc Taggart which states that we can change matter with our thoughts. I believe this could be part of the solution.

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What a heartbreaking story about this morgelon case. Being gaslighted by almost everyone is sth. all vax-damaged human beings witnessed, but I can see even here in Europe people are slowly waking up to these lies. Have you tried DMSA as well to remove metals such as Cd and Hg? Today I'm gonna make my decision about whether I do it or not. Just from a chemical standpoint, the thiol groups of DMSA should functionalize graphene oxide via a classic click reaction in an alkaline environment.

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Cure for Morgellon's is Borax Water and Silver Collodial (both drunk through the day). Terral of Dark Star swears by it. And Dr. Nixon has retarded stopped the self assembly with exposure to Colloidal Gold and that not even on the same slide but sitting next to the slide of 'it'. Which if the 'stuff' is activated by an EMF Carrier Wave (from HAARP) broadcast round the globe, then interfering with the carrier wave frequencies (and Colloidal Gold might do that) would cut off 2 way communication and the stuff would stop growing. Putting it a Faraday cage works too (again, cutting off the carrier EMF wave). Sooo... take out HARRP? Dunno, but maybe a sunscreen product you can apply to yourself, protective hat for the head etc would help reduce the speed of activation. And robbing it of its ingredients (the heavy metals you ingest via food and water). So as I said, no elimination but a mitigation such that you don't succumb

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Chin plaque was crusted with urea and apple cider vinegar. Yet, Fire Medic finds questionable spheres in ACV, here shown. https://www.bitchute.com/video/iSyNjRDhlR6H/ It is suggested to use only distilled white vinegar. Just take note.

Everyone, hands on deck. Work to discover and share what you know.

Dr. David Nixon is showing his discoveries on a Zoom this Friday looking at dental anesthetic. An idea is to notify your dentist so he can attend and see that there may be contaminants in it.

Here is David Nixon's substack to review. Archive - Nixonlab (substack.com)

Also, there will be a follow up on the nano-bucket info @ Fiona4Health this Thursday to share how its going, if it helping.

Love to you humans. This is a time to stay level.

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We couldn't be more grateful for all that you do. It is herculean. Courageous. Brilliant and bold. Our situation is so dire that we can never get enough information as to what we are up against. There is no other like you...an absolute treasure in this epic and final battle. And you have bared your beautiful soul - which makes you even more precious to us all.

I always read and archive and restack everything you share, even if I am so swamped most of the time with my other countless battlefields that I can't always comment, but I did a stack on you this morning - hoping to again share your stunning info. with my humble substack tribe.

You provide some of the most valuable information out there...we owe you so much...and there is so much love and respect coming your way...never apologize for giving so much of yourself and risking everything for humanity...we wrap you in the armor of all the heroes of history...since you are one too.


All about you...and a few other amazing warriors.

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