I found it interesting that Sound of Freedom was dumped by Disney and no big studio wanted to touch it yet when it finally came out it beat the $300 million dollar Indiana Jones movie head to head though it played in less than half of the cinemas. Glad Americans supported it.

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Jul 9, 2023Liked by Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

Here's the absolute proof:

ex-illuminati Ronald Bernard's confessions:


16 laws we need to exit Prison Planet


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I had read pre Covid that the CCP had festivals where dogs were tortured because the meat tasted better. That is horrific, but the adrenocrome harvesting, let alone organ harvesting and sexual slavery are the apex of evil.

God help us.

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It’s a good movie. Everyone should watch it and support it. Of course CNN fake news encourages viewers not to see it.

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JOIN THE FIGHT - End Child Trafficking | Operation Underground Railroad https://ourrescue.org

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A few weeks ago I posted a piece about the ongoing sex slave industry and how it ties into the movie The Sound of Freedom.


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The movie is a Disney shill scam, profiting off the suffering of those trafficked for ENTERTAINMENT. Its to take focus off of Epstein and his customers.

Jim, Tim and Jordan are laughing all the way to the bank and conned people like Mel and Tony Robbins to get involved.

And for those who believe Jim etc are 'Christians', well there were plenty of priests using that as cover too.

If this was truly a benevolent movie it would have been released for free, like a Miki Willis film.

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I'm certified to work with childhood trauma and Sound of Freedom is the greatest film ever. I also donated to the Pay It Forward program. Government, media and Hollywood are working overtime to normalize and legalize pedophilia. This is the reason they wanted Epstein gone and they are covering up his client list and 51 intelligence officials with no evidence said Hunter's laptop proving he was a child abuser was disinformation. America is now one of the biggest child sex trafficking operations in the world.

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Your being fooled

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The Sound of Freedom was really good. I started looking for other documentaries and links on child trafficking. Here's what I've found so far:

-Cathy (O'Brien) Fox’s WordPress @, https://cathyfox.wordpress.com/ which is packed with info accumulated for maybe10years and I think is now full and so Cathy has also begun a Substack. TheOne Constant Namethat these very Dark Stories always Claim to Reveal whichhas Unlimited Power over Evil is the name of “Jesus Christ”. This is whatSolidified myBelief in what many so called Deceivers call Christianity butthey will one day be judged. “Vengeance is mine says the Lord”.


Cathy Fox Blog:









-Sound of Freedom (2023) Trailer | Jim Caviezel Action Thriller



-Elite Human Trafficking


This documentary exposes the evil perpetuated through the global elites, politicians, and celebrities to push a global agenda through pedophilia andhuman trafficking.

*(Viewer discretion is advised due to graphic and disturbing content)

[Vol.1] - Ghislaine Maxwell's Terramar Project

[Vol.2] - Art In Embassies

[Vol.3] - Patterns Of The Cabal

[Vol.4] - Dr. Phil's Turn-about Ranch

[Vol.5] - The Cult Of Moloch & The Luzzatto Family

[Vol.6] - Pedophile Politicians


🔗 All Credit To Mouthy Buddha:https://www.bitchute.com/video/v0dsbPnTdlwH/



The technology to control us is here, and I can make the connection between our coming subjugation to the satanic central bankers - and the digital control grid that has been / is being - built all around us.

What I cannot figure out is how there can be enough pedos and luciferian/satanists and organ traffickers among the 8 billion people on earth to 'use up' an additional 2 million kids a year.

The US has the highest level of psychopathy disorder at 4% - and a social norm that fosters their success in many ways. Could 13 million psychopaths create this much carnage? it is just hard to believe that so many would end up pedos / luciferians / traffickers, etc.

I read "Gods of Death" by an Israeli Defense Force colonel who became a journalist. He found that the highest rate of snuf pornography consumption was in West Germany and the USA. War zones like Kosovo were prime for making the snuff porn, because the soldiers carried cameras and could make extra cash on the black market. Around that time the US Dept of Defense contractor Dyn Corp was exposed by two whistleblower's who reported what DynCorp was doing to young girls in Kosovo, Serbia, etc. The whistleblowers were fired from Dyn Corp... go figure.

So the US Dept of Defense knows ALL about this mess and is probably involved in it.

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The evil ones that have unleashed this nanotechnology never had souls. The bible refers to them as empty cisterns or clouds without water.

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Similarly the adrenaline is raised in various animals in the kitchens of Wuhan, under the 5G radiation and caused the SARS coronavirus to jump species to humans. Bottom of Page 16:



P.S. There are other ways to grow younger:


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The bottom line is, this is WWIII. The only law left is kill or be killed. Anybody who buys the Globalist-propagated "peaceful non-violent protest" myth deserves their fate.

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The trauma is permeating our collective psyche. I've employed Cathy O'Brians techniques to detox my emotional body, my inner guidance system is sharpening. I'm wanting to purchasing a microscope to look, but is the darkfield that would be useful? Also, since chelation works best, would a rectal implant of an EDTA solution be an alternative? Doing insufflation with ozone is as helpful as an IV, so in kind, would it be viable way to get more EDTA in besides the cream?

Thank you for the TruBlu light belt. Dr. Stephanie Seneff Ph.D, wrote that ultraviolet (blue) light spectrum supports the kidney's production of cholesterol sulphate, the body then has ability to make natural Vit D as a result. This is a safe way to get Vit D, I so appreciate this tool.

I look forward to learning, understanding and solving our common goal of survival. Your proof shows without question, the alarm is justified. The emotions, useful access to level hatred and contempt. No Fear in This. They've been at it too long.

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This post is excellent Ana, it brings to mind the Balenciaga saga a little bit further back. I was going to do a post about this, but I think you nailed it. The actual private owners of the Bank of International Settlements are likely the ones who use the adrenochrome. They have a unique psychology and psychopathy believing that they are the "rightful rulers," therefore they can drink the blood of our children. In my posts about Dragon Court, and the Order of the Garter, there is a lot of history to these Parasitic Vermin.

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