Twenty-five or thirty years ago, some psychic person made a prediction that humans would be evolving into silicon based life. As a biologist, I thought she was nuts...a carbon-based life form does not "evolve" into a silicone-based 'life' form.....in retrospect, she may have been tuning in to the current insanity! But this sure ain't evolution, people. It is a psychopathic nightmare. Thank you for your work, Dr Ana. (Love your book, being a right-brained scientist myself!)

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Thank you for your courage in getting the truth out. Prayers to all doctors who put patients before money.

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Finally ... finally ... FINALLY ... a practitioner in the "pushback" movement made the connection to Carnicom's work AND highlighted it for ALL to see!! It has AMAZED me ... & DISGUSTED me ... that key figures have been on video w/Carnicom AFTER the plandemic began BUT did not show the CLEAR connections btw. his decades long work nor make it clear that ALL have been impacted -- not just the injected. This should have been obvious from the start. How can this be? Why wasn't this VERY HUMBLE man's SELFLESS work shouted from the rooftops?! I myself studied his work from the start of the scam & although I'd been aware of Morgellon's, I'd no idea until I read through paper after paper from Carnicom's work that we were seeing similar tech with so called "Covid."

Back in Jan. 2021, I did a pretty crude experiment on my own saliva. I'd been needing to spit like a truck driver for years due to increasing PND that I knew was not normal. One day I noticed that my sputum that I'd spit out while out doing yard work was still on the ground the next day. I found that very odd. Why hadn't it broken down naturally? So to test my suspicions I spit on a few things, i.e, a leaf, dirt clod, a rock & came back the next day & sure enough the sputum was still there. So I took the objects inside to observe the sputum over time. A month later, the sputum -- albeit dried -- was still present. It hadn't broken down. It remained in that form & never broke down. I'd done enough research on hydrogel by that point that I knew that was what I was looking at. I wasn't jabbed nor have I had any vaccines in decades -- I eat very healthy & exercise. However, I had HUGE family stress going on for several years, so my immune system was weakened. It's been hell to get the hydrogel out!! I'm still not completely free of it but have come a long way. But I'm grateful that my body was rejecting it. What's it doing in bodies that aren't?

One last note re. the hydrogel I experienced -- it consisted of a "foam" -- always -- along with the gel-like substance (which seemed to be self-replicating) -- every time I coughed it up. VERY foamy. Months ago, I caught that Clifford made note of that characteristic in one of his papers. It may be that this is a characteristic feature as I noticed Matt/David mentioning the "foam" at the edges of one of the slides they were viewing.

Thank you Dr. Ana for boldly stepping in & giving Carnicom's work the attention it deserves & needs. It'll be interesting to watch how others in the "pushback" movement respond. Should be telling.

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I am French and I have been writing about the fake pandemics and the vaccine genocide since February 2020.

Presentation of my English publications about the fake pandemics and the vaccine genocide


The Necro-Corona of “Molecular Spikes of Graphene Oxide”, and not the invisible coronavirus, induces a SMOG in the human organism


Summary of the irrefutable evidence - in photographs and videos - of the presence of graphene and nano/micro-technologies in the Covid injection


Mik Andersen’s 39 articles in English: Graphene injections and intra-corporeal nano-communications network


Self-Assembly of DNA Crystals. Mik Andersen


I accuse Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Peter McCullough of lamentable lies, and complicity, with respect to the content of the Covid/19 injections


My Message to the Covidian Dissidents of the Controlled Opposition


Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Peter McCullough! I have a personal Message for you: What the Fake is going on?


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I thought that the slides that Dr, Carrie Madej had pictures of looked a lot like morgellons in October of 2021. See my image for the day @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/2021/10/08/55001/

Linking your research and interview today @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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Dr Ana, as always, many thanks. This is not good news but vital that we know it. I ordered some Calcium Disodium EDTA in a bulk quantity. In is very inexpensive to get. I am thinking of following this enema protocol. I'll attach link

Since you are a chelation practioner PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE respond if this would be a viable option. MANY PEOPLE can afford doing this in the comfort of their own home, as opposed to having the time or funds for IV chelation. You mentioned transdermal, however it seems that a responsibly done Calcium Disodium EDTA enema protocol would enhance absorption??? It seems that time is of the essence for us to detox. I look forward to some direction as well as you expounding on the other solutions, peptides and such that you briefly touched on. God Bless you always dear woman. Much Love & Light! Michelle



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Dr Ana and Dr Carnicom, I thank you for your work, it is excellent. Your clarity of mind is a God given blessing to what remains in us in terms of unpolluted humanity.

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The profundity of what you summarize in this post, can not be overstated. There may be only a handful of doctors/scientists/researchers who have synthesized the understanding and hypotheses you present. I think we all need to take some moments, and contemplate the implications of the scenario you describe.

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Dec 28, 2022·edited Dec 28, 2022

Could a simple explanation of EDTA Chelation be made? I've looked into it a little, but it seems to be difficult to find a good (and easy) understanding of the process, and it seemed like it was only available through a doctor's prescription. I'm in the Kaiser system, and it's like pulling teeth to get anything, and their fairly liberal support might not even get me (if I needed it) any treatment that might undermine the narrative about how "safe and effective" these "vaccines" are.

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Holy ice-cream-emoji Batman.

"In fact, the spike protein has a sequence that produces at pH 7.0 Hydrogel, not the commonly quoted “Amyloid”. " Thanks for the update Ana. I have been taking serrapeptase at night and it seems to keep an old wound area from worsening more, but it is worse. *Passive exposure, no jabs.

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Over the last few weeks both my Dad and a good friend have been diagnosed with lymphoma. They are both in their early to mid seventies, very fit and eating very healthily. One has kimchi daily, the other hikes in a large variety of ecosystems in various European countries- therefore good microbiomes. Their level of exercise would be medium in comparison to an athlete. Do these fibrous structures end up via capillaries in the interstitial fluid and are then taken up by lymph vessels and then grow in lymph nodes?My friend has been told by two naturopaths who are also medically very intuitive that it was not cancer and would eventually go away. The biopsy at the hospital said there were changes to the cells but it did not look like cancer. The size of the lymph nodes below their right jaw bones and other lumps in the deep lying abdominal lymph nodes makes doctors conclude it must be cancer. What is known about fibrous structures in the lymphatic system? Can they be dissolved?

Lymphoma is apparently the most common cancer after the injections. Do these people actually have cancer or do these structures grow in their lymph nodes? Can this be reversed? Also if these structures are a life form, could essential oils be helpful eg. Neem or Oregano oils maybe?

Anyone got any info or opinions on this?

Have a blessed year everyone.

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.....it is HARD for me to effectively articulate just HOW profoundly I was AFFECTED by this exchange, Ana - Clifford's tone and explanation throughout, could EASILY be seen as echoing my OWN, independent endeavors of at least a half-decade; actually started weeping near its conclusion.....would VERY much welcome the chance to participate in a Zoom session with you both, others similarly interested to share VITALLY-important bioimpacting considerations as relate to what's a comparatively-IMMINENT, likely-DEVASTATING geomagnetic polar reversal within an estimated 7-25 years; its INCREASINGLY-deleterious effects on, and mortal threats to, MOST life (Ben Davidson of 'Suspicious Observers' has reported extensively about them, MORE than ANYone else and Professor Gerald Pollack, provided immensely-valuable contextualization - as well as 'Geoengineering Watch's Dane Wigington but, done a FAIR bit of it myself - with an extremely-SMALL, but highly-ATTENTIVE audience). If such a dialogue IS feasible, PLEASE let me know when might work BEST for you both.....

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Thank you, Dr. Ana, for all of your research & efforts to keep ppl informed.

I wonder if DMSO would be another healing agent that might help some of the harmful side effects of Covid, the jab, & environmental toxins?

My neighbor, who is a brilliant dr., introduced me to his OG supplement & anti-aging site at healthycell.com. There are 2 products I use that can address the need for DNA repair.

1.) AC-11 (supports cell DNA repair)

2.) Telomere Length (telomerase activators, nitric oxide boosters & cell repair nutrients).

These products are organic & affordable.

Healthycell.com also offers excellent vitamin supplements & sleep aids.

08/2021, my husband & I had a severe case of Covid. He was coerced into getting the Regeneron, monoclonal antibody intravenously. Since he’s recovered from Covid, my husband has been afflicted with severe joint pain practically from head to toe. He has always been agile & never struggled with arthritis. Sometimes I think his 100 yr old mother could beat him in a foot race. (little exaggeration here). Do you know anything about the monoclonal antibodies--its contents, & how to treat the possible side effects? I’m trying to get him to be disciplined in a thorough detox program. He’s using the EDTA cream, drinking Ultimate Minerals in distilled water, takes a vitamin regimen (vit A-K), 1/2 tsp Ascorbic acid, 1/2 tsp glycine, in water, NAC, OG Activated Charcoal, epsom salt/baking soda baths, & infrared sauna, howbeit, my husband lacks consistency b/c I think he feels defeated.

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I'm so happy to see this conversation. If you want to see some of the earlier images of the bio-syn filaments with narration - go to YouTube and search on PotentNews.com and Blast#10.

The video Blue Filaments can be seen at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eGJPGL9PeM

I also went through the Morgellons websites today that show up first in search results. If anyone knows of a real Morgellon's website that isn't a red herring/psyop - please let me know:

Websites (Searching with Vivaldi browser and Metager Search Engine – better but not great):

MorgellonsExposed.com – Referenced in YT Potent News/Blast#10; Has been hijacked by a gambling site (basically shut down).

Morgellons.com – Now re-routes to https://www.morgellonsmovie.org featuring a diversionary film psyop. It documents some of the physical issues, while leaving out the obvious connections to bio-synthetic MEMS (Micro-Electrical Mechanical Sensors). It tries to link Morgellons to Lyme disease rather than the actual cause – contamination by bio-synthetic organisms. Note, Lyme disease (and many other chronic conditions) is probably also caused by immune system destruction from the deliberate contamination of our environment with nano and micro organisms… but Lyme disease is not known for the filaments, or the filaments with numbers on them, or filaments shaped like insects and gargoyles.

Morgellonssurvey.org – Very slick garbage site filled with way too simple mis-information. If websites are really slick, they are well funded and probably just another psyop.

morgellonssurvivalandtreatment.com – Someone named Bobbi D is doing all the content. This person believes Morgellons is caused by a biological parasite. The site itself is hooked to Google, Facebook and the owner uses @gmail. So this is a very limited hangout. If it were real, none of the big-tech connections would exist.

Morgellons.us – Another psyop. This site says that Morgellon’s is caused by a fungus called Aspergillus Fumigatu. If this were true, the filaments would not have numbers on them or form moving structures shaped like insects and gargoyles. The C19 injection has now been connected to DOD-DARPA, and this MEMS based tech probably comes from a DARPA subcontractor too.

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Hi Ana - thanks for all your amazing work - so much you produce. I'm reading your book now - much of it goes above my head if its scientific and physics - but I loved the autobiographical beginning 80 pages and I'm enjoying reading about JZ - I want to look into it more. Thank you.

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Dr Ana I'm trying to understand the differences between jabbed and unjabbed blood; you say there are some similarities under the microscope such as the ribbons and rouleaux effect, is it the case that only jabbed blood contains the nano/micro-circuitry? If not, what are the differences, if any? If there are no differences what is the purpose of the jabs?? Many thanks.

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