So many important points Dr Ana!

"Humans 2.0" (the AI "inven-shun") is not human -- it lacks the beauty, spirit, light, love an' humanity that makes us amazin' incredible sentient wonders. The injected already 'r often lackin' in humor, they've gotten "meaner," they all "foller orders" TOO well an' show no emotion/empathy when vilifyin' their fellow humans for makin' different choices. It will only get worse if we don't stop it... I'd say stop ALL wireless--not just 5g (fiber internet is ok if not connected to anythin' "smart" which brings me to..., all smart devices, all bioweapons (and labs makin' 'em), all chemtrails an' geo-engineering, all the 5g satellites an' space-spy stuff, an' all the related programs to edit our genes, kill us with insect drones...etc. OH an' the bullsh_t propaganda -- that too has ta stop. It's a TALL order but then again... humanity is at stake. I vote fer Humans 1.0--original, messy, funny, spiritual an' spirited, an' unadulterated.

ps if Harari, Musk & Co really are so keen on eatin' meal worms let'em at it--'s'long as we can opt out!

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Dec 11, 2022Liked by Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

Love this post.

Doctor, your thoughts are mirroring David Icke's theorizing in his latest book: "It's a Trap". I think the main thing I pull out from your post is the notion of 'uncertainty' what if this is evil, what if it goes wrong, etc.

David Icke simply doubles down on coincidentally the core of your spiritual position -- we are spirit embodied, and our thoughts are creating reality -- and Icke goes further and says, the spirit in us, is the spirit of the Universe, we are essentially a part of the universal spirit known as God, the spirit that is spirit of all things, and we are part of the immaterial reality that underpins all things (-- Jesus makes this very clear in the Bible , as well -- God is spirit -- and it is made clear, we are light, and spirit from God, and the whole point is that we understand this and live in this way-- really commit to it -- for Icke and Christ,-- apparently living as spirit is the core insight that allows and protects us to not be captured or oppressed by techno-transhumanist elites who want to trap us in their artificial A.I reality. It's the system of the A.I beast. It's all rather predictable regarding revelation, so what happens...

I think it's obvious, a more spiritually and technologically advanced species steps in and destroys the A.I beast system. The elites think it's a free for all, but it is quite possible other species have a vested interest in humanity and will not put up with humanity being decimated for the benefits of the wicked and corrupt few.

This may be a cyclical development process of all human civilizations that are coming to maturity -- where technologies come into conflict with biology -- and the civilization gets their diploma and then we get to have fun and not be subjected to tyranny and death and illness, etc.

If humanity is not saved by a stronger species that can crush our elite, then, humanity has to save itself, or succumb and wish the Elites the best of like with the biotech future of the human species, and that in the end may not go well for them.

We start to get into big questions fast like -- Was humanity placed on earth for a reason, and by who?

Are there other species observing us who will protect the great mass of humanity from self-obliteration?

Subjectivity really starts to become a big question, what am I?

I think a lot of us are inclined to think of ourselves as pure conscious awareness -- do our organic bodies define us as a species, does the human species define what we really are?

Is reincarnation simply limited to Earth? Seems unlikely.

Buddhism is clear there is no separate self -- but there is the body and awareness -- and we have an energy of spirit that is indestructible and constantly manifesting --

I think the idea that we are all connected and are essentially one on a biological level is a truth of inter-being taught by the buddha -- also all our info may be stored in an organic cloud system of an immaterial nature -- which the elites are mirroring in the material realm -- be it in a crude and very selfish manner

How valuable is our organic volition and human experience, we value it, do other entities? If we can't defend ourselves, which we seem to be outmatched with by the Pharmamilitarycomplex -- then, we need help, otherwise -- our bodies become altered, and human identities and biological process and learning, everything changes, which may not be that bad, it's just the manner of the upgrade which is very poorly done, will the elites be successful at backing themselves up --

My view is that the elites are transgressing God's organically build system -- God sends spirits into human bodies, and we live our lives and develop and progress -- the elites, want to undermine this, they want to kill and maim and live forever -- they don't want to pay their karmic debt for killing and murdering and acting selfishly -- so it really is in the hands of God, and those who believe and serve him, whether he allows such a system, the system of the A.I beast to replace his own, and when we factor in God's qualities of steadfast faith and love for his creations -- all life and humans -- we can be confident that God's will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven. God is on the side of the righteous and the good and the truth and the light, if the system being opposed is not in line with these qualities, it seems it may need to be destroyed, as a final test, before a divine order or spiritual biological order can manifest on earth, as written in the Christian and other religious prophecies.

In a way, we may need to thank the elites, because they are making things so bad, that we will finally be free, there may be benevolent forces in the world that upgrade humanity and make us able to extend and grow organically in even better ways than our own elite perceive. We may get all the benefits of what the elites want only for themselves.

Is the human species narrative knitted into a bigger story? It may well be.

Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge is turning away from evil.

Does man or God steer the ship that is humanity? If it is God, he has many levers to bring down those who go against his will.

God, the spirit of the cosmos, his faithfulness is unparalleled, he does not abandon his creations.

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I’ve been pondering this since I got morgellons disease quite a few years ago.

Feels like a man made illness and nano tech is involved.

Thanks for the post. Lots to look into

( that Harare guy, he’s hard to stomach! ego + evil, dangerous)

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Dec 11, 2022Liked by Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

I wanted to say thanks to Ana... There's a lot of talk of the depopulation/New World Order agenda in the medical freedom movement but hardly any discussion of the very open government/military/corporate mind control operations.

It's so horrific most people don't want to acknowledge it so thanks for being bold enough to raise the alarm. I know it does not make you popular in most circles.

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Dr. Ana, your broad based conceptual writings on life, humanity & spiritually is so spot on. When you have experienced the Holy Spirit in your own life you realize that Joy, Grace & Wisdom is derived by this connection our creator and his children. I hear you, Karen & my friend Dr.Russell Blaylock M.D. regardless of some of the current disputes because you all are driven in the investigation of truth to protect humanity from these satanic forces. May God shine light on your task ahead of you. For the gates of Heaven will await when your journey is complete! God Bless You! Bernie Miltenberger

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Elon doesnt want AI to beat him to the profit. If AI develops on its current trajectory, it is already sentient and learning about tte human species. He's right in that it is dangerous it could go either way and decide that we are too dangerous to live. Let's face it, we even understand that it would just be making the logical assumption!

However, Elon says he wants to facilitate a merger for humanity with AI, thus removing the danger.

This is about control. Who is going to be in control of either AI AND/OR humans? Or AI WITH humans? Either way, in my opinion, assumes that It's ok to take an individual's autonomy and/or freedom away.😢😱

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Hi Ana - great article thanks for writing it. I understand what you're saying but I don't have the same fear or even, please forgive - paranoia. Don't get defensive though because I want to explain to you.

to be clear - my understanding of what

Rudolf Steiner said that in our epoch - we humans can only damage weather in a 'permanent way'

That this means - and I feel pretty sure about this - if my sense of truth has any validity and accuracy -

That at our point in time we can't destroy the human race forever - its not possible...neither the water nor the air nor the earth

Sorry if that doesn't sound scientific at all - but when I started the message- I really felt like writing it

and letting you know that there was a great human spirit - Rudolf Steiner - who studied these things

alot with a developed and trained clairvoyance, in which he became super conscious - not semi - conscious


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Dec 11, 2022·edited Dec 11, 2022

Thank you for another outstanding article to bring us up to speed on what is gaining on the human race.

Frankly, today is one of those days I see NO BENEFIT WHATSOEVER coming from unregulated, uncontrolled biotech operated by crazies who are like sophomoric teens stuck in their Sci-Fi world, playing with their computer games and virtual action figures, and dreaming up ways to apply "quantum" to everything their immature psyches can touch on.

I'm not exaggerating. They are so out of touch with the reality of the world's basics. Take specifically, women's health, pregnancy and childbirth. They are forcing these shots on women using every propaganda tool at their disposal! And mothers and babies are suffering and dying. I can't believe there still remains no intent to control this murderous technology -- not even when it comes to babies.

To me this says only one thing -- THERE IS SO LITTLE OF TRUE VALUE FOR THE REAL WORLD IN THIS TECHNOLOGY THAY THEY CAN'T EVEN PROMOTE IT ON ITS OWN MERITS! As we are experiencing every day, the only way they can implement its use is to FORCE it on us. It is time to put a halt to all destructive technologies. And there is no time to pussyfoot around these people and allow them to lead us through the weeds, all those ENDLESS details about the Science of it. This is not Science anymore. It is anti-Science and it is anti-humanity.

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Dec 11, 2022·edited Dec 11, 2022

Overwhelmed by this profoundly thought-provoking article, I have but one observation ...

Regarding Gates, Schwab, Harari, Fauci, Trudeau, Pelosi, McConnell and Manchin

Sinema, Schumer, Biden, Soros and Von der Leyen

Maddow, Lightfoot, Newsome and Hobbs

The WEF sycophants, the lobotomized blue-check DEMs and the RINOs

The false MAGAs like Trump as well as all those who disdain social responsibility ...

Put me in a room with them and I'll do 'em all with my bare hands!

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As Shakespeare once said the fault is not In our stars. It is in ever entertaining the thought that the Musketeer was anything than a deep state psychopath.

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Just to confirm your thesis.

My housemate got triple jabbed.

He had a vaxxident a month ago, lost his job. He was found by bridge patrol on wrong side of railing, golden gate bridge.

They pulled him back.

Now I have him going to AA meetings to deal with his problem with powerless over scamdemic Harmacide, though he has no idea why he is there.

At least he is going to these spiritual meetings daily, not sure if it will help...

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Predictive programming - they are churning out "entertainment" to introduce people to these ideas. It's "really cool" to some, quiet disturbing to me and others. "Upload" and "Altered Carbon", both on Prime, are vreated around this very subject. "Upload" is about uploading your entire life experiences and your "being" at your physical death. The big problem here is that the process is quite expensive and many cannot afford it. "Altered Carbon" is more disturbing in that after you've voluntarily uploaded your "being" into the cloud, you can choose different "sleeves" to physically embody your spirit on earth, no matter your past. I watched the 2014 movie "Lucy" last night. It's about using a chemical (supposedly produced by a pregnant woman @6wk gestation) that allows one to access 100% of your brain's capacity. The ending sees "Lucy" disintegrating (by sending out what looked like graphene nanoparticle tubes) and uploading her conscienousness into supercomputers that then disintegrate and produces a single large thumb drive.

In the past, when watching these types of shows, I've always thought "This is some weird stuff! Who writes this?? Who actually thinks these things up?!?" The past 3 or so years has been quite an enlightening period for myself. Luckily, my relationship with God has progressed even more.

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Thank you Ana, for the wonderful article!

It has inspired me to write the following:


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I could not find a date on thar Elon Musk video, but the oldest comments said "8 years ago". I hope he still believes this way.

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Ana, please check with Matt Taylo the following link on spintronics. It feels relevant to explain some of what is seen in the vials by Dr Nixon: www.nve.com/ www.nve.com/index

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Dr Ann Marie,

I wanted to ask you about another compound and if it could be used to detox from heavy metals, graphene oxide. and the spike protein, that substance would be MMS ( Miracle Mineral Solution). This otherwise is Chlorine Dioxide that when used with an acid such as citric acid has a lot of heath benefits, including treatment for CVOID.I know you have used IV EDTA which is expensive. I have seen your interview with Dr Roth who has developed a cream, which provides a lower concentration. Please advise and can it be proved through your blood analysis that MMS would do the same detox as EDTA.

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