It's good to see that my conjecturing about two and a half years ago is not proven. I had to use limited information, the proper frame of reference, and some logic like this:


Ultimately, it looks like hydrogels have been used in the vials to deliver self-assembling graphene structures that created permanent contact with the central AI through 5G and followed its instructions. The damages/kills are identical with the existing, but not deployed, technology of mRNA/spike protein combo, but they affect only the target, whose DNA can be targeted as long as it is in the central database from blood works, PCR "tests," genetic tests or, even from a police record of a roadside breathalyzer (the last one happened in England about a year ago for all I know).

This time, the killing fields have been opened with a lot more than the general poisoning that has been going on for decades:


The AI is advising the globalists to use single events for multiple purposes that all serve Agenda 2030, as it happened in New Palestine:


Psychotronic attacks are becoming common:


As for me, I have been proposing the development of a new medical paradigm that would actually work, at least to a certain extent:


Ten days ago, I posted about the introduction of universal poisoning (aka. "vaccination") in the food supply:


All this should suffice for a single comment...

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Another WOW super feature .

We are so lucky to have you share your wisdom .

Being ex military in CAF and NATO Germany, I witnessed aspects of technology I thought impossible or of alien nature. Satellite imagery in those days (circa early 80s ) could see the brand of cigarette you smoked.

Today - when I try and discusd warn and tell others, (even about basics of 5 g weapon) even my own family, I am laughed at as getting crazy or a conspiracy theorist .

So thank you Dr. Ana and I truly hope HUMANITY WAKES UP and realizes we must PUT A STOP to this corrupt evil harmful advances of science, before it is too late .

Blessings always .

Canadian Wartior

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A plan so diabolical as to be unfathomable. And yet, we have the evidence. Where to go with this data in terms of protection and justice for the Peoples?

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Just Brilliant. You are a holy light in this dark era. Seriously!! God Bless keep and infuse you with all things good Dr Ana

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I’ve never taken any of the shots and I’ve never been sick not once. I just would like my blood checked out if she says yes, I will drive to her.

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I don't understand any of it and I am so grateful that there are you and people like you who are calling this out.

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God help us all! And this is the stuff that is published...

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Jesus! When they hear and see the AI coming into their thought processes and more, may they wake the hell up.

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“We don’t need no stimulation. We don’t need no nano-controls.

Hey, DARPA, leave my brain alone!”

If I had musical talent, it’s the perfect parody song.….

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Apr 17·edited Apr 17

So there we got it. Humans are now "hackable animals". This just confirms what i have been "sensing" from the beginning. Now another kitchen thought after reading the blog was - they want to turn people into "mindless zombies" - this has already happend 😂 many people will never believe it, even if you give them all the evidence in the world.

They hacked the minds (also look into nanotech before cov19, they have been spraying for ages now) but now they are hacking the bodies. There is even more to this. Look into Hydra and other stuff. I believe we are all slowly shut down (the unjabbed too) and whatever they are spraying lately just adds to that. What can we still do? This all sucks and i love you all.

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Brilliant, absolutely brilliant release. Thank you. In her LBA video, Kelly Bacher sees what appears to be a kiwi.

About to purchase a microscope with a friend and do LBA training. Inspired.

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the big Question is, how do we detox this out of our bodies? even if we had the funds to do the regular EDTA therapy, it shows that once you come in contact with a vaxxed person you are back to square one and I've also heard that EDTA is also made from highly toxic chemicals so what gives? Plus, the hydrogels are in everything so regular detoxing has to be part of our daily lives. Has anyone heard of Tony Palleresco and the anti- nano device that is made with a bucket, copper wire and electrical charge.?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVyfRVq_SC0 His channel is called: "herbsplusbeadworks". Tony was talking about the hydrogels 10 years ago before we knew about it and mentioned it is in everything because they are spraying it on us so anything grown in the ground is also sprayed. :( Others are making more sophisticated versions of this device but charging upwards of $1k (the people in a video Ana posted on another thread - video called "anti nano device). I'd love to hear how others propose that we can daily detox in the form of supplements as well. i've been heavily researching this but it is hard to know what/who to believe. Thanks in advance. and by the way I have detoxed morgellons and some kind of nanotech parasite, I pulled it out of my skin after taking liposomal zeolite so I 100% believe all of this is true. We all must have so much of this stuff in us. If you don't know Jesus its a good time to start believing that we are truly in spiritual battle, the world is run by people who are known Satanists but we do know that GOD WINS!!!

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And I bet those drawings and patents are damn old technology compared to the latest secret ones within the military.

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Supposed interaction with the 5G cell towers, could create Electronic Zombies, with no free will....

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Ana, would you be willing to check out my blood and take a sample? I’m A. Pure blood.


Keane West

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How does the system get it's power? Most likely a graphene component is probably used for the ambient energy harvesting to power these circuits. Terahertz frequencies include the infrared wavelengths we all produce as body heat and we are all surrounded by microwave telecommunication. https://news.mit.edu/2020/energy-harvesting-wi-fi-power-0327

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