This may not be a popular fact, but psychic anything and remote viewers, are nothing more than people that are being impressed by demons. If one dabbles in these occultic things, it allows demons into the mind and they can transmit pictures/locations as seen in their (demons) eyes. They can predict catastrophes, because they know what they have planned to cause to happen. This is all part of satan's kingdom to make you think you can know things that God has not provided you reason to know.

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The good news is that there are many EMFs we can control, like AC electric fields, which can wreak havoc on our bodies as they're at a low, chronic level:


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I did that spelled backwards thing. Crap. It’s legit:/ Gives me pause and more to think about. Makes you wonder. When you have odd dreams , is it just your brain in nightly cleaning mode or if we Are being messed with. Makes you wonder if tinnitus really isn’t normal and just another way to mess with people. Who knows?

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Wow this is one of your best article. Thanks!

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She is right, some of us have been going through these PSY-OPS for a long time. They started hitting me in 2014. It Is NO JOKE....

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And, behold, as thy life was much set by this day in mine eyes, so let my life be much set by in the eyes of the LORD, and let him deliver me out of all tribulation. ■ 1 Samuel 26:24, KJV, blueletterbible, verse spoken by David to Saul.

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Thanks for covering this important topic Doc.

Here's how I covered it in April - https://secularheretic.substack.com/p/the-brain-is-the-current-battlespace

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Thank you for this fantastic well substantiated Substack, Ana. This is the most important issue we are facing only a few people are talking about. The rest, even if exposed to this information, hide their head in the sand.

But I cannot think of anything more important that has to be in the forefront of the public conversation. So if you - a hypothetical person who becomes exposed to this information - think that this is something you can ignore, or put on the shelf, or let someone else deal with it, you are supporting this conversation of humans into remotely controlled cyborgs.

I know it sounds a little harsh, but the time for niceties has passed. This is the utmost urgent problem we must deal with it. Step one: expose it, make everyone aware of it, and don’t stop until everyone is. Only when we have critical mass, we can act. Take personal responsibility for the fact that we don’t have that critical mass yet!

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FYI: That backwards "illuminati" url is owned by an individual and is redirected to nsa.gov. Anyone can do this. I have several website names at work redirected to our main webpage.

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That "www(dot)itanimulli(dot)com" comment even freaked me out....Takes you right to the NSA. Put on that full armor of G-d people.

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Dear Anna,

Re "itanimulli."

Anyone who owns a domain can have the host redirect it wherever they choose, including to the NSA website, so a redirection proves nothing (even if we very much want it to. )

"You just have to learn to see and know" also applies to the ability to spot a hoax/prank, as this case appears to be. See https://12160.info/profiles/blogs/itanimullicom-ltlt-the-facts.

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I think I am about to find out about the multiple voices apparently residing somewhere in my "head"...well, usually it only takes one more....that seem to need to discuss every damned thought these days.

But then...I have been wrong. Quite often. My inner bitch usually saves the day. You know what she says?

YOu know what she says!!

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The fact that multiple people like yourself and I are writing on topics of the spiritual means that the revelation is occurring

You mention the Demiurge. I just wrote this article today and why Gnosticism is the Christianity that’s needed for today:


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What I find so 'funny', would be 'amusing' if not so 'deadly', is that after ALL that's been done, is going on,

we're still here!! I don't think, please correct me if I'm wrong in this?, all that much of the population is


I had heard and read about electronic transmissions years ago which really hurt, bothered, harrassed one

young man, but this was rare then. Likely more now, but still, insignificant statistically. Not demeaning

individuals or suffering because I know about suffering also.

And I'd really expect Ana to be a target since her work exposes what's going on. Whistleblowers,

those at the forefront, I'd expect are under great attack and definitely need to consider how

to proceed to be able to also have a life themselves, which they certainly deserve!!

So, THIS tells me, and I know there are many views on this, that God IS alive and well on Earth,

keeping the light going. This tells me we have EVERY reason to HOPE, and know that if

we RESIST the devil, that the devil will flee. As Peter said, though, 'you have not yet resisted

unto blood', as he would do, and the majority of apostles did. It does sometimes come to that.

We DO need to be aware, so that we can pray against these things. Maybe that recurrence of an

illness is a fabrication, and we resist and it will fade.

I think all doctors must provide the files of their patients, if requested, is this true? I'd say that

unless they DELETE the file, it's ON FILE to be read. And this is how these agencies find

things out.

It can be very hard work, but I also believe that it can be good to become our own physician,

if possible, unless very pressing situations arise because there are always exceptions.

Heartfelt thanks for presenting to us, and I hope we all are willing to share some of this

with others we know, to help wake them up.

The more people we wake up, the less effective these things can be because we will

find antidotes to all of this. Mankind always has.

Blessings to all, and prayers for Ana's protection in her ventures.

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I need help. I don’t know exactly how I was targeted, but I know I became of special interest when my perpetrators discovered that I was sexually abused as a very young child and into my teenage years. I am living Cathy O’Brien’s story in many ways, but remotely. I am 55 and my v2k identifies itself as the CIA. They tell me that I am damaged and that my mind has been split into several personalities because they want to “heal” my memories. I undergo sexual and verbal abuse and horrible dream manipulation since 2022. I had been hearing the voices since 2021 but I thought they were neighbors. They have unearthed buried memories and make me relive the trauma. They can even bring forth smells and sounds associated with memories from childhood. I have been regressed and and I’ve felt like a child again while awake and conscious. This is horrendous and I don’t know if I can take any more of this for much longer. It will not stop until someone helps me. I can tell I’m in a constant trance. I do not have a strong support system and I have lost all my retirement funds. I do work currently, which is a miracle. I am a teacher and I have to smile and work daily to pay the bills.

I want to try chelation and the David Ruble jammer. I am saving for all this. What else can I do?

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Shakespeare was an ease for me in school; my teachers could not understand how and why, and I could give insight that had never been written on the matter. ■ I was a musician as a child, but approaching adulthood I went into the visual arts where I could make my own decisions; music was as good as following the page and director. Arts I did not have to sit in a chair or be on a stage. From about three to ten, I was not able to speak, from three to fourish I believe I did not even make a sound, not even a grunt. Years of speech therapy and once I received Jesus at the last week of being nine, I could talk. No one in my family said anything about it, but me over hearing three teachers in fourth grade say in the hall, "Margie can talk!" It brings tears to me now, it was such a confirmation I have not forgotten. M

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