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Very interesting information. One more piece of the puzzle that began around end of the 19th century by a handful of people. I began researching this in 1985 after my first child was born. After reading, "The Case Against Vaccination" I chose not to vaccinate either of my children. They grew up healthy, happy, never rebelled, and they both graduated high school two years early and went on to college. They are successful, happy adults now with children of their own. I have often wondered how much 'not being vaccinated' has contributed to their intelligence, health and success.

Further research led me to discover that the in 1909 Rockefeller Group, and the Carnegie Group, actually came together and decided that they would “reform” medical education in America. Dr. Robert Scott Bell tells us that: “At the time of the late 1800’s, early 1900’s, 20th century, medical schools taught a lot of different things. There were homeopathic medical schools. There were naturopathic schools, there were eclectic herbal-type medicine schools. There was not ‘one way’, but what happened was the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations were interested in establishing the ‘one way’. How would they do that? Well, they would get ahold of the education system and create a medical monopoly by basically eliminating all competition to patent petrochemical medical education. That is the Flexner Report of 1910, as it became known. Abraham and Simon Flexner were hired to do this. It was a preordained commissioned report. Dr. Darrell Wolfe continued: "Predictably those schools that had the financing, churned out the better doctors. Oh, wait a minute... or should I say, the more "recognized" doctors. In return financing, the schools were required to continue teaching course material that was exclusively drug-oriented with no emphasis on natural medicine. By 1925, over 10,000 herbalists were out of business. By 1940, over 1,500 chiropractors would be prosecuted for practicing quackery. The 22 homeopathic medical schools that flourished in the 1900’s dwindled down to just two by 1923. By 1950 all the schools teaching homeopathy were closed. In the end, if a physician did not graduate from a Flexner-approved medical school and receive an MD degree, then he or she could not find a job anywhere. This is why today MD’s are so heavily biased towards synthetic drug therapy and know little about nutrition, if anything." ~ Excerpts taken from the docu-series; The truth about Cancer.

There is much more to the story, but one thing I believe is happening now; these few people that have controlled the masses, are continuing to be exposed, and will be brought to justice. We will win the fight for freedom in the end. Thank you for being a part of that journey! Blessings, Debra McClory

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I just watched a fascinating presentation in which Vera Sharav exposes the role of the meningococcal vaccination in the 1918 flu epidemic:


My maternal grandfather was orphaned at five after both his parents died in their twenties during the epidemic. I know they were injecting soldiers with the meningococcal vaccination but have not had a chance to research how widely it was being administered in the general populace.

What was so odd was that healthy people in the prime of their lives were being struck down while more vulnerable populations like the elderly and children were being spared. I wonder if that reflects the distribution of the vaccine or if something about it targeted people in that age bracket somehow.

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I look forward to this rabbit hole. I’ve know that not to many years ago they found intact slides from the period and that’s when they discovered it was almost all bacterial pneumonia. Never had time to look to see if a root cause. Hell, even the global war criminal little lord fauciroy was an author to a paper on this lol.


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D-na dr Mihalcea

The 1918 flu originated from an astrobiological source (meteor showers, such as the Perseids, Taurids), same as Sars-Cov-2. It was greatly exacerbated by the toxic use of aspirin and the eruption of the Katla volcano (October 12, 1918). Few researchers know that during 1915-1917 there was a worldwide pandemic of "coronavirus", actually M. avium. Sars-Cov-2 is a mycobacterium, cell wall deficient (M. avium). Then, the huge wave observed in the fall of 1918 was M. influenzae. Both these mycobacteria had started out with the Chinese plague (M. tuberculosis) of 1910. The use of an isomer, Pseudouridine, in the cmRNA vaccines (they are not mRNA), has produced isomeric spike proteins and binding isomeric antibodies. The severe cases of Covid-19 were caused by two lethal antibodies: REGN10987 and B38. The huge number of isomeric abs sabotage the immune system into producing a smaller number of normal abs (including the two lethal abs described above), this is how they claimed "you get vaccinated, you get a less severe form". But now the vaccinees have isomeric abs which are awaiting an activation. To deal with the spike proteins one needs proteolytic enzymes (bromelaine) and also quercetin. Once the cmRNA vaccine experiments had started out back in January 2020, the first variant in the lab was transmitted to the mycobacterium in the atmosphere by the use of both HeLa cells and liquid crystals (spike proteins). Kurt Blome had discovered almost a hundred years ago that bacteria communicate through radio waves, and can send electromagnetic copies of their cells. Masks are useless since the primary/main mode of transmission is atmosphere-person, the secondary (much less important) is person to person.

Omicron uses the DPP4 celullar receptor, thus it is Mers-Cov-2 and not Sars-Cov-2 (or even better, 50% of the genome of Sars-Cov-2, which is Mers-Cov, has been activated), its prion domain (unlike Delta) has not YET been activated. When it will be activated, it will become VOHC (variant of high concern). Monkeypox is still Sars-Cov-2, poxviridae is also a mycobacterium and not a virus, amino acids from M. leprae can be found in the Sars-Cov-2 genome.

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Horrifying and fascinating that what my mother, born in 1905, lived through, we are living through again today. Must find a different path forward and defend ourselves better!

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The problem with this video is that it seems the Spanish flu showed up first, then a vaccine was introduced to try and combat that flu. Right? So if the Spanish flu was not killing anybody, why would a vaccine be introduced? The doctor in the video says only those who got the vaccine died, and those that did not get the vaccine did not die. Any real evidence for that?

The doctor was right to criticize the first Fauci co-authored study. Those authors could not say the a virus caused the Spanish Flu because a virus from that era would not survive up to the time of Fauci. So that was just speculation disguised as scientific fact.

This doctor seemingly cannot understand the 2nd study Fauci was a co-author on. Fauci and his co-authors are saying the virus caused the initial infection which led to a bacterial infection. That's similar to COVID. Few die directly from the COVID virus overwhelming the body, they die later from what the virus does or a reaction to the virus. The virus is often gone or greatly diminished by that time.

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