RFK Jrs Childrens Health Defense site recently had a video w/Jonathan J Couey, Phd where among other things he mentions how the transfection agents (aka: vaccines) get past the barrier membranes and have had notable effects on the brains of laboratory animals.

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Wow and OH MY GOSH.!

I do not have "proper words " to say just how much valuable INSIGHT and education Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea delivers.

This PODCAST is beyond FANTASTIC , and I urge all to listen!.

Yes, it contains ADVANCED science (morgellons, hydrogel, polymer clots, quantum dots, human MAC addresses, and even religious insights of the dark elite madmen)

BUT Dr. Ana is such a fantastic communicator most lay people will benefit GREATLY and UNDERSTAND .

I FOLLOW a way too many Substacks, but this is rapidly becoming my GO TO NUMBER ONE - don't miss it.

Dr. Ana, AGAIN I don't even have proper words to express my deep felt love and admiration of your VITAL WORK and teachings .


I knew SOME of this decades ago, from mynMILITARY officer "insider experience", and yes, a proffesion that teaches humans to KILL on a daily basis. Itself is sickening .

It's no surprise to me that almost all veterans have serious scars we finally acknowledge as PTSD.

The asvance of science has allowed POWER MONEY SEEKING elites, and yes militaries (look up USA PREP ACT ) to enter into very satanic darkness of population control and instant and largely untraceable termination of masses of people. Imagine using science advances to kill and or billions.

This is a mind so dark that God, or honesty or values, morals and ethics do not exist.

Yes, without any doubt - this is a sad sad state of our world, but I believe YOU Dr. ANA are TRULY an angel- that is teaching and telling people HOW TO TAKE back and SAVE HUMANITY .

God bless and may St. Michael who has watched over me, and all the angels KEEP YOU SAFE .


It's a little slow to begin and a few commercials thrown in distract (fast forward ) BUT THE SUMMARY of education on many science topics all rhe way to religious beliefs is literally FANTASTIC

Again thank you Dr. Ana


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On rumble a guy named nonvaxer420 has many videos to correlate 100% what Ana is saying as well. It falls under IEEE 802.15 and all chapters in it.

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"Bombshell ! Nanoparticles can induce Stroke Epidemic : Georgetown Scientist"

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Sign the Health Freedom Bill of Rights ■ https://childrenshealthdefense.org/community-forum/health-freedom-bill-of-rights/


1Right to no medical mandates: It should be unlawful to mandate any medical protocol, experimental drug, medical procedure, medication, device, biological agent, toxin, radioactive exposure or medical treatment on anyone under any circumstances.

2Right to no discrimination: It should be unlawful to discriminate against anyone based on their medical or healthcare decisions.

3Right to informed consent without interference: Doctors violate informed consent the moment they withhold information from a patient that would allow the patient to make an informed decision concerning treatment. Doctors should abide by the age-old adage to “first do no harm.” Hospitals and doctors should be prohibited from using coercion, fear tactics, or various means of compensation to entice a patient into any medical treatment. Violating informed consent should subject doctors and their hospitals, institutions and companies to criminal and civil liability.

4Right to personalized care: Hospitals should be prohibited from unreasonably denying the use of legal treatments.

5Right to exclude third-party interference: We should protect our healthcare rights against any mandates from the World Health Organization or any other international body.

6Right to access medical care: No pharmaceutical company or medical institution should mandate a person’s vaccine or health history status as a precondition to admittance, treatment, or right to intervention/therapy.

7Right of free movement: Health/vaccine passports should be prohibited. People’s ability to travel should not be restricted based on medical status.

8Right to a medical advocate: Patients should have the right to choose a medical advocate and the right to receive visits from advocates, family members, and their personal doctor if and when admitted to a hospital. A minor, elderly or incapacitated patient or any patient with special needs should have the right to be accompanied by a parent/guardian for the duration of their stay. If a patient wants to leave the hospital against medical advice (AMA), or their advocate or healthcare proxy makes such a request, the hospital should immediately release or transfer the patient, according to the patient’s request.

9Right to protections from unlawful quarantine: It is unlawful to force any citizen to quarantine without due process.


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Sep 26, 2023·edited Sep 26, 2023

Ana you are 100% correct. I have seen all this technology and have video of it. See profile picture.

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Neurorights in Chile. Maybe more countries need legislation like this. That is, if it's enforceable.


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I never thought that an MD would do more research on the Deep State than I would....

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The magnetite (iron) in our brains is regulated by magnetic fields - why it's so important to not have too much, or too little iron or other heavy metals, and shut off the electricity at night as EMFs magnetize to our home wiring. Even blenders can set us off:


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It looks like vaccine carried a lot of junk.

Unfortunately thousands died because of the side-effects of vaccine. Because they skipped clinical trials

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More importantly, it can inflict a chemical non compos mentis on the unsuspecting that will see them incarcerated in a mental hospital like the Soviets used to "control" their politically incorrect.

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The link to the MP3 no longer works. Can someone send the new link so I can share the info?

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Does the US gov’t possess secret technology that tortures human brains? ■ A U.S. government listing from 2004 clearly says that such technology to be used to torture human brains (without describing it as torture) was achieved many years ago, and it was suggested that such technology be used by 'law enforcement.'


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Mp3 audio of intetview with Dr. Ana has a broken link.... Now

Worked initially .?

Anyone have a direct link without going through site registration .

If so please post.

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Sep 27, 2023·edited Sep 27, 2023

This Interview is no longer available! Did you take it down or did a provider remove/block it?


SEP 26, 2023…

“The Vax Doesn't Just Atteck The Body, It Can Control The Mind! My Interview With Dave Hodges On The Common Sense Show”

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Btw the link to the MP3 is broken... Can you fix it please?

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